Israel: “Africans are Not Refugees” and Deportations Lawful

The approximately 40,000 African invaders illegally resident in Israel—and due to be deported from the Jewish ethnostate within the next few months—are not refugees but illegal immigrant job seekers and their deportation is in line with international law, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced.

Israeli Defense Force soldiers drag away an African protester.

Speaking at the weekly Israeli government cabinet meeting, Netanyahu dismissed criticism of the plan to deport the Africans “to a third-party country” which has yet to be finally revealed, but is believed to be one of two central African states, Uganda or, most likely, Rwanda.

“We are not taking action against refugees,” said Netanyahu. “We are taking action against illegal immigrants who come here for work purposes. Israel will continue to be a shelter for true refugees and will eject illegal infiltrators.”

The Israeli parliament has already approved an amendment to Israel’s appropriately named “Infiltrator’s Law” which ordered the closure of the Holot concentration camp in southern Israel—an isolated camp where large numbers of the African invaders had been corralled.

The forced deportations of the Africans—mostly Eritreans and Sudanese—is due to start in March.

Netanyahu said that the arrangements being made to facilitate the deportations “guarantee personal safety for those who exit Israel. They receive approvals allowing them to live, work and integrate into the country. If they want, they can also return to their home countries. They are receiving significant financial aid from us.”

“The arrangements I describe here are approved by the justice system and are continuously supervised by officials from Israel and the third country. I have approved additional funds to accelerate the examination of requests for asylum in Israel. This policy is perfectly in line with the Supreme Court’s orders and with international law, and therefore the claims voiced against us are baseless.”

Israel’s Population Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA) has already started filling approximately 100 new positions to start carrying out the deportations in March, with some salaries as high as NIS 30,000 ($8,800) per month for a two-year contract.

PIBA estimated that the deportation will cost an estimated NIS 300 million ($86 million), including an “exit grant” of $3,500 to each African who leaves and, in the cases of those destined for Rwanda, a reported payout of $5,000 per head to the Rwandan government.

Rwanda and Uganda have already accepted about 4,000 Africans who signed a document saying they had “willingly left” Israel.

The Rwandan government has in the interim attempted to clarify its position with regard to accepting the deportees by announcing that it would accept any African from anywhere who came “voluntarily” to that country.

In a series of Twitter posts, the Rwandan government said in an official statement that “Rwanda wishes to reiterate its firm determination to contribute, as much as possible, to the issue of men, women and children who find themselves on the treacherous road of exile.

“Rwanda’s position on migrants, wherever they may originate from, was informed & shaped by a sentiment of compassion towards African brothers & sisters who are today perishing in high seas, sold on the markets like cattle or expelled from countries in which they sought shelter.

“Rwanda is ready to help in whatever limited way it could, by welcoming anyone arriving at its borders in need of a home, voluntarily and without any constraint.

“In reference to the rumors that have been recently spread in the media, the Government of Rwanda wishes to inform that it has never signed any secret deal with Israel regarding the relocation of African migrants.

“In this regard, Rwanda’s policy vis-à-vis Africans in need of a home, temporary or permanent, within our country’s means, remains ‘open doors.’”

Earlier, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said on his Twitter account that the “desperate situation of African migrants in Libya was deeply disturbing. Rwanda remains prepared to provide sanctuary for those migrants who wish to come here or through here.”

Thus the situation appears to be that Israel is to get all the Africans to “agree” to “voluntary” deportation to Rwanda. Those who do not agree to this “voluntary” deportation will just be thrown in conventional prisons where their lives will be so miserable that they will—sooner or later—just “agree” to the “voluntary deportation” just to get out of jail.

It is a policy which is almost guaranteed of success, and in achieving the Jewish ethnostate’s declared aim of keeping Israel purely for racially-descended Jews.

* The European Union has recognized asylum claims for 90 percent of Eritreans who apply for refugee status and 56 percent of Sudanese, according to the European Stability Institute. Israel has recognized refugee status for one Sudanese and ten Eritreans, out of tens of thousands of applications, a rate of less than 1 percent.

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  1. Because the leader of Rwanda has now officially welcomed all his African “brothers” the world over who are seeking “asylum”, it can no longer be justified that they be funneled into White countries. There have always been many safe nations for them to reside in (including their own) but now, a formal offer has been made by the head of state that none will be turned away. Whites need to make a LOT of noise about this. Rwanda is the answer for all those Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese, Ivory Coasters, Senegalese seeking safety and freedom.

    1. Considering the recent history of Rwanda, I doubt most Africans would dare want to live there, but…I’m not saying I particularly care. As long as they don’t come to the west, I don’t care where they go, penguins can offer them Asylum in Antarctica for all it matters to me.

  2. Israel is a nation of immigrants, yet Blacks are not even permitted to donate blood in Israel.
    Israel is now going into a multicultural mode which must take place. Goyim are going to ensure that this will happen.

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