“Israel Anti-Boycott Act”: Jews Want to Imprison Americans Who Oppose Israel

The Jewish lobby in the U.S. Congress has introduced a law which—if passed—seeks to imprison for up to 20 years and issue fines of up to $1 million to any American who dares to propose or support a boycott of Israel on account of the Jews-only state’s suppression of the Palestinians.
Single loyalty U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (left) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The proposed law, H. R. 1697, is officially sponsored by the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), and was first introduced to the Senate by the Jewish Senator  Ben Cardin (real name “Kardonsky”) and several other Jews in Congress.
The Act’s “short title” is the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act,” and, according to its official description, aims to “to amend the Export Administration Act of 1979 to include in the prohibitions on boycotts against allies of the United States boycotts fostered by international governmental organizations against Israel and to direct the Export-Import Bank of the United States to oppose boycotts against Israel, and for other purposes.”
In other words, the bill seeks to include the proposing and implementation of boycotts of Israel (an international campaign known colloquially as ‘BDS,’ short for boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions) under the auspices of the already existing Export Administration Act, which grants the President the right to control U.S. exports for reasons of national security, foreign policy, and/or short supply.
According to the official website of the Bureau for Industry and Security, the criminal penalties for infringing the Export Administration Act “can reach 20 years imprisonment and $1 million per violation.”
According to a detailed report by the Washington D.C.-based Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep), the bill is the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s top 2017 lobbying priority.”
In addition, IRmep says, the “other key problem with the Israel Anti-Boycott Law is that it inserts Israel into places it has no right to be – at the very center of laws protecting U.S. national security, trade and that moderate expansive presidential economic powers during emergencies.”
Because it is yet another case of Congress trying to write foreign policy – like the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 – the proposed law relies upon a stalking horse, in this case the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as its central authority.
The 1977  International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) limits presidential authority to regulate commerce after declaring a national emergency in response to any unusual and extraordinary threat to the US which has a foreign source.
The IEEPA itself falls under provisions of the 1976 National Emergencies Act (NEA), which governs how such special presidential powers to declare emergencies are to be invoked and then limiting their duration, through annual renewal requirements.
A 1973 Senate report on “emergencies” still in effect at the time under NEA listed bona fide but fading threats to the United States, such as the 1933 banking crisis, the 1950 emergency of the Korean War, and a 1970 postal workers strike.
“Israel’s growing international ostracization, which is generating worldwide grassroots calls for boycotts, is not a US emergency. Rather, it is a direct result of Israel’s brutal settler-colonial policies and increasing global awareness of Israel’s activities,” the IRmep report continued.
IEEPA has been misused in the recent past. After 9/11, IEEPA was invoked to block assets of accused “terrorist” organizations. This resulted in the formation of a new, secretive, AIPAC-backed office in the US Treasury Department that immediately struck down charities such as Al-Haramain, Benevolence International, Global Relief, and Kind Hearts with little due process.
 Javed Iqbal was arrested through Treasury Department complaints of violating IEEPA for broadcasting Al-Manar over his cable network in New York City to offer viewers a counterpoint to typical US televised narratives during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.
Charges against Iqbal could not be defended based on free speech, since he was charged with material support for a global terrorist entity (Hezbollah). Iqbal was sentenced to almost 6 years in jail.
According to IRmep, “beyond subverting the First Amendment, which it is clearly intended to do, the Israel Anti-Boycott Law (IABA) inserts Israel into Chapter 56 – Export Administration section 4607, making Israel the only specifically designated foreign country in a trade law designed to advance US – not foreign – commercial interests.”
 The IABA “suddenly makes US policing of foreign countries possibly interested in BDS, blocs such as the European Union and the UN, a US national security interest and problem – which they are clearly not – by placing Israel at the center of the US Export Administration Act of 1979, the IRmep analysis continues.
The IABL amendments seek to ban organizations like the UN from compiling and distributing lists of companies doing business in territories illegally occupied by Israel.
“What US national interest is served by banning transparency over illegal Israeli activity? No interest,” the IRmep report said.
“The bill’s “rule of construction” mandates “nothing in this section shall be construed to alter the established policy of the United States or to establish new United States policy concerning final status issues associated with the Arab-Israeli conflict, including border delineation, that can only be resolved through direct negotiations between the parties.”
Translated into English, this means that Israel and its lobby can continue to use the US as a diplomatic lever, but Palestinians cannot employ UN, the EU or other allies in the international community, as a comparable counterweight.
“There are many reasons why Israel might want the US to rewrite laws designed to advance America, to protect Israel against economic backlash. Few Americans are served by such meddling. So why do members of congress such as Ben Cardin quietly foist such laws on their constituents (and fellow Americans), to the extent of threatening fines and prison time?” the IRmep continued.
Among Ben Cardin’s top 20 year 2017 donors, 86 percent of the individual contributors administer, ran, or belong to Israel affinity organizations, including Howard Friedman, a former president of AIPAC. Among his top non-Democratic Party PAC contributors in the top 20, two are pro-Israel stealth PACs, providing 31 percent of his top-20 2017 PAC revenue. Members of the Israel lobby, not Marylanders, are Cardin’s top constituent on such matters.
“Although mainstream media and congressional attention is raptly fixated on Russia as America’s biggest foreign agent threat, the Israel Anti-Boycott Law is yet another harsh warning that until the Foreign Agents Registration Act is properly enforced over Israel’s agents, including those already ordered to register such as AIPAC, Americans can expect escalating attempts by the lobby to curtail their governance, economic freedom and liberty,” the IRmep report concluded.

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  1. This is the wedge in the door for the jews to (eventually) make criticizing them in any capacity a crime. Americans MUST vehemently resist this. We have every right to speak our minds, and as an extension of free speech and expression, assist in promoting those organizations or movements that align with our convictions whether that be via membership, participating in a protest or march, a boycott or anything else. Even the ACLU wrote an open letter to the Senate condemning their version of this Soviet-style law, S. 720. We MUST contact our senators and representatives about this. Even though they work in the interest of a foreign government, enough blowback from the people who actually vote to put them in office may convince them to drop this issue. Not an appeal to the Constitution, but saving their jobs through re-election might do the trick. We HAVE to make noise on this. If we lose our voice, we lose everything.

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