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Israel Bars “Refugees,” Builds Wall—While Jews Support “Refugee” Invasion of Europe

In yet another astonishing display of hypocritical Jewish Supremacism, the Israeli government has refused to accept any “refugees” from Syria or Africa—and is building a new wall to keep them out—while Israel-supporting Jews in Europe and America continue to demand that non-Jewish countries accept all Third World invaders without question.


According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Israel “won’t accept refugees from Syria.”

The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying that “We are beginning today the construction of a security fence on our eastern border, as a continuation of the security fence that we built on the border with Egypt, and which will join up in the end with the security fence that we built on the Golan Heights.

“The aim of the fence is to replicate what was done on the Egyptian border, where the completion of the security fence has for all intents and purposes stopped the flood of illegal migrants into the country.”


An earlier statement from Netanyahu’s office quoted the Prime Minister at a cabinet meeting saying that “Israel is a small country, a very small country, that lacks demographic and geographic depth. Therefore, we must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism.”

In fact, Israel has also made it illegal for any non-Jew, as racially defined by that state, to immigrate to Israel at all, no matter where they come from.

Israel has therefore taken all the necessary steps it needs: the erection of physical barriers, arrests, deportations, and refusal of entry to all illegal immigrants to preserve its “demographic”—in other words, to preserve its identity.

Yet Israel-supporting official Jewish organizations outside of Israel—including, but not limited to:

– the World Jewish Congress;

– the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in America;

– the Board of Deputies of British Jews;

– the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF) in France; and

-the Zentralrat der Juden in Germany;

have all called for European nations to “accept” the very same “refugees” that their own country, Israel, has rejected.

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The World Jewish Congress, in an official statement penned by its Deputy CEO for Diplomacy Maram Stern, announced that “closing Europe’s borders is not the right answer to the refugee crisis”—even though Israel has done precisely that.


The WJC goes on to say that it would be “immoral” to close the borders, adding that “Europe needs to act now. It needs to act as one, and not each country separately and differently. It’s high time for a united march towards more responsibility. Our answer can’t be to close the doors. Not only would it not work, it would be immoral.

The WJC, of course, has an entire division devoted to “supporting Israel”—which, as outlined above, has “closed” its borders—the very act that the WJC has called “immoral” if carried out by any European nation.


In America, the Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Jonathan Greenblatt, said in a formal statement that:

“As Jews, we are particularly affected by the images of men, women, and children forced to flee their homes to save themselves only to find they are unwanted anyplace else. World leaders must not turn their backs on the fundamental commitment to refugee protection and should work to settle these families in a humane and just manner.”


At the same time, the ADL fanatically supports Israel and has an entire section devoted to explaining to its supporters how to defend Israel.


But Israel has, as outlined above, just announced policies which are in direct contradiction to the ADL’s call for world leaders not to “turn their backs on the fundamental commitment to refugee protection”—and is busy building a huge wall to keep these “unwanted” refugees out.

In Britain, the Board of Deputies of British Jews issued a statement which started off with a quote from the Bible: “You must not oppress foreigners. You know what it’s like to be a foreigner, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt (Exodus 23:9),” and went on to quote Senior Vice President Richard Verber as calling on governments to “act with compassion and care towards our fellow human beings.”

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Once again, this appeal is directly opposite to the policy adopted by Israel—which the Board of Deputies unequivocally supports (see “There’s a growing army of grassroots groups working to defend Israel” October 21, 2014)—but for some reason, the Board of Deputies sees fit to apply the biblical “welcome the stranger” rule only to non-Jewish countries—and ignores it in Israel’s case.


In France, the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (Representative Council of Jews in France, or CRIF), has issued a statement calling on “European leaders to address this issue [the ‘migrants’] with humanity and compassion.”


In another article penned by Marc Knobel, the Director of Studies at CRIF, he urged Europe to take in all the “refugees,” saying a “a common European response is necessary to ensure additional facilities: reception on arrival, assistance in the examination of asylum cases as well as identification of solutions for people in need of international protection.”

CRIF-second article

But Israel, which the CRIF supports with a section titled “Stand by Israel” has refused to even let “refugees” in, never mind give them a “reception on arrival” or “assistance in the examination of asylum cases.”


In fact, Israel routinely deports any “asylum seekers” who have managed to slip through the fence, and has an immigration policy designed to exclude all non-Jews.

This contradiction does not seem to bother CRIF or any of the other Jewish organizations.

Finally the Zentralrat der Juden (Central Council of Jews) in Germany, has also expressed its support for that country to accept all “refugees”. In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (“Die Aussagen Seehofers bergen eine Gefahr,” July 24, 2015), the Chairman of the Central Council of German Jews, Josef Schuster, said that Germany “should include people who are fleeing civil war in their country, as are currently the Syrians.”

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The Zentralrat der Juden is, needless to say, a fanatic supporter of Israel, which, as shown above, has adopted exactly the opposite policy which the Jews in Germany demand for that nation.

The Jewish hypocrisy is therefore blatant and staggering: on the one hand, all the official Jewish organizations support Israel, which has completely rejected the Third World invasion; while, at the same time, those very same Jewish organizations have demanded that their European host nations take in all the Third Worlders that Israel has rejected.

Why would they support one policy in Israel—which they know to be in that nation’s interests—but support exactly the opposite policy for European nations?

*The financing for Israel’s wall is being drawn from the $11 million per day that the US government gives the Jews-only state.


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    1. Of course Bibi not dumb stupid to even consider taking in so called refugees from syria because they’ll always be infiltrated by mujahajin masquerading as refugees, whoever wrote the article is either a moron or jihadist!

      Look at what’s happening now in Germany, Belgium, France, etc., muslims are like vicious snakes.

      1. You, Israel troll, are responsible for what’s happening.

        You don’t fool us. And we won’t forget you.

  1. It’s understandable that Israel wouldn’t accept these refugees, because whatever happens between Israel and Gaza, or Israel and the West Bank will most probably cause a rise in anti-Semitism within the Syrian and Iraqi refugees. It’s any government’s duty to make sure that the citizens of their country is as safe as possible. A rise in immigration from Syria and Iraq would mean that there is a strong possibility for violence to occur in Israel, if something like the conflict that occurred in July 2014 was to happen again.

    1. @ Jack : “It’s any government’s duty to make sure that the citizens of their country is as safe as possible”.
      Indeed, but ensuring your safety by inciting and funding turmoil and upheaval for the citizens of so many other countries in order to achieve it is unforgivable.
      Zionist Jews actually believe they`re a special race, a one -off, altogether superior in every way as regards their own particular characteristics, traits, and attributes.
      `God`s gift` just about covers it.
      Netanyahu and Barbara Lerner Spectre are typical advocates for Zionism, adept at pushing their spectacularly creepy brand of supremacism on we lesser beings.

    2. Jack, using your philosophy, no country should take those refugees. Yet why is it that Europeans are “wrong” for wanting to protect their own citizens while Israelis are “right” ? It’s a double standard; one that is steeped in the hatred that is anti-gentilism.

      1. Moronic jewish supremacists like jackass cannot see his own tribe’s duplicity.

        He thinks that the ethnocentric ravings of thousands of years ago rabbis “reveal” that jews are “exceptional” and different than all others.

        Thus, they have a “right” to be two faced back stabbers.

    3. Jack the retard,

      If “its a government’s duty to make sure the citizens are as safe as possible”, then why do these hypocritical jewish frauds tell europe to open their borders?



  2. Isn’t the differnce jewishness and Zionism. Isn’t it correct that many Jews disagreed with the enforced creation of the Israeli state and will not go there. I read somewhere that the mass movement of ME populations to those countries with large Jewish populations would force their dispalcement to Israel.

  3. Israel’s hypocrisy suggest they would like to see more European blood spilled. Close all European borders now !

    “closing Europe’s borders is not the right answer to the refugee crisis”—even though Israel has done precisely that.

    1. For as long as American Jews have run America with their money, they have controlled presidents past and present and will control presidents of the future.
      There will be no peace in the middle east until Netanyahu is replaced by a more moderate, sympathetic and wise leader with foresight and compassion. I would like to say a lot more but my wife said I must stop swearing.

  4. Why would Israel choose to allow more Arabs into its small nation when even the Moslem nations refuse to do so? The invaders, as you call them would prefer a larger welfare nation, such as Europe or America. Learn from Israel. Those cushy welfare countries are slowly loosing their language, culture, and borders. Loose these things and you have no nation. Each nation has to choose its own path to either prosper or perish

    1. You miss the point of the article, which is the hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists. Any grassroots effort by Whites to “define our own borders”, as Netanyahu puts it, is quickly demonized and quashed by Jewish-led hatemongers. Meanwhile, these same groups often support a racially “pure” Israel run by Ashkenazis, which is ironic considering Ashkenazis are themselves a heavily mixed, bastardized people with no proven connection to the Hebrews of the Bible.

      The end result is Jews demanding garbage for others but gold for themselves.

    2. Okay, then why does the USA and Europe (and any other nation) have to accept Jews into their nation when they won’t let in ANY gentile – Christian or Moslem or other?

  5. Very obviously they dont want any refugees, they, with the help of their American puppets have created the mess in the middle East and are happy to see the mass exodus pof refugees fleeing to Europe, they will probably do a bit more land grabbing once the fighting has ended and the resistance to them will be too weak,

  6. How much more evidence do we need that White-hating Jew supremacists are practicing nothing less than White genocide?

  7. Unfortunately it takes magazines online or not such as these to point out the obvious brutal truth of the matters at hand that other random editions and posts would not dare show due to the politically incorrect theme park conditions of the world we call our information highway today ! It is refreshing to see the truth no matter the consequences especially when Jewish hypocrisy and racism mix with the very lives of the very people who are sent abroad to Europa simply because Israel gets 2 get her cold shots in along with her latest resolves of the day every chance she get,s ? Merkel should be getting get well cards compliments of Netanyahoo lol another Jewish supremacist …….

  8. The Kalergi Plan calls for the extermination of the indigenous European people by way of cross-breeding with non-Europeans – specifically, the Muslims and Africans. Wouter Bos and some Netherlands politicians caused the murders, rapes and assaults of Europeans by Muslims and Africans by allowing those Muslims and Africans into Europe; they are also GUILTY of attempting to commit genocide by carrying out the Kalergi Plan; therefore, Bos and some politicians are GUILTY and should be PROSECUTED. Google: Barbara Lerner Spectre.
    West Europe needs a George Washington NOW to do what George Washington did in America .


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