Israel Bombs anti-ISIS Forces in Syria

The Israeli air force has bombed a town on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus used as a transit point for the Lebanese Hezbollah group—part of the military alliance fighting ISIS.

The Bashar Al-Assad government confirmed the latest Israeli strike, but observers point out that the Syrians are unable to retaliate because they cannot afford a second front against the Jewish ethnostate while still fighting ISIS.


According to a report by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Israeli jets fired two missiles from Lebanese airspace toward the outskirts of Damascus early on Wednesday.

“In an attempt to divert attention from the successes achieved by the Syrian Arab army [against the U.S.-backed terrorist forces], warplanes of the Israeli enemy launched two rockets on Damascus countryside at dawn on Wednesday,” SANA quoted a military source as saying.

“The Israeli rockets were launched from the Lebanese airspace and fell in al-Sabboura area in the western countryside of Damascus, indicating that no human causalities were reported.”

SANA said that the attack was a “desperate attempt by the Israeli occupation entity to raise the deteriorating morals of the Takfiri terrorist gangs after the heavy losses they have suffered in many areas, especially in the western countryside of Damascus.”

Damascus residents reported on social media hearing loud blasts around 2 a.m.

The attacks come on the heels of major advances against the American-backed “moderate rebels” in the west of the country, which have echoed the successful advances against the ISIS-led forces in Aleppo.

Earlier, SANA reported that “considerable advances have been made in reconciliation and settlement efforts in a number of towns and villages in Damascus Countryside.”

The towns and villages of “Khan al-Sheeh, Zakiya, Kanaker, al-Kisweh, al-Husseiniyeh, al-Tibeh, al-Muqailibiyeh, and Drousha farms” in the western and southern countryside of Damascus had all been “clear[ed] of weapons and militants and resolving the legal status of misled individuals as per the amnesty decree no. 15 for 2016.”

“Back in August, an agreement was implemented to clear the town of Daraya from weapons and militants, and during the past weeks reconciliations were achieved in Qudsaya, al-Hama, and al-Muadamiya which led to restoring security and stability to them,” the SANA statement added.

The Israeli air force often attacks targets in Syria, using the excuse that they are actually attacking Hezbollah units operating inside that country.

Hezbollah is high on Israel’s hate-list since its successful defense of Lebanon during the Israeli invasion of that country in 2006. That 34-day conflict saw a few thousand Hezbollah fighters ward off a 10,000-strong Israeli invasion, and destroy five large Israeli battle tanks in the process.

Since then, any Hezbollah military activity, even that of fighting ISIS alongside the Syrian government, is regarded as a military move against Israel.

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