Israel “Causes ISIS”: House of Lords Peer

Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians is a “major reason” behind the rise of radical Islamism and ISIS, and “Jewish power” is the cause of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s troubles, a member of Britain’s House of Lords has declared—provoking an immediate response from the Jewish lobby calling for her dismissal.

Jennifer Tonge used to be a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) until 2005, when she was made a life peer as Baroness Tonge, which entitles her to a seat in the House of Lords.


Above and below: the Israeli bombing of Gaza serves to radcialize Muslims all over the world against Western countries controlled by the Jewish lobby,

bombing of gaza

Speaking in the House of Lords last week, Baroness Tonge pointed out that British taxpayers pay for the Palestinian authority in the occupied West Bank to “keep law and order in the territory that Israel occupies.”

“Why,” she continued, “do we pay for this? Why is Israel not paying for its occupation?”

She went on to point out the reasons for the radicalization of both the Palestinians and the broader Muslim population of the Middle East, and those Muslims living in Europe who feel a kinship with the Palestinians:

“The children of Palestine do not need to be told to react against what is happening to them.

“All around them they see cruel and humiliating treatment of their parents at the checkpoints.

“They experience poverty and a shortage of food.

“Settler violence occurs on a daily basis, damaging crops and fields, homes and water supplies.

“Added to this are house demolitions, families being made homeless, incursions into schools, and damage to playgrounds and open spaces—and I have not even mentioned Gaza yet.

“Nobody does anything about Israel’s flagrant breaking of international law and the Geneva Convention, or its total lack of respect for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Israel signed, by the way, in 1991.

“I assure noble Lords that the great danger for Israel is that by treating children in this way, she is creating a generation of terrorists who will have a justified grudge against Israel and the countries who support her—beware.”

Baroness Tonge said that she had recently met Members of Parliament from Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, “and some other countries.”

“All of them were supportive of the Palestinian cause and some wondered whether their Governments should sign trade agreements with us after Brexit if we fail to live up to our responsibilities towards the Palestinians.”

“That is an interesting thought. The treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh. That was also agreed by people from all over the world in that meeting last week.”

Although she was careful in her remarks to express support for Israel and Jews generally, merely mentioning facts about the cause of Islamic radicalization is enough to drive the Jewish lobby into a paroxysm of hate.

For example, in an article in the Times of Israel, it was revealed that Board of Deputies of British Jews vice president Marie van der Zyl said it was “another House of Lords debate and another outrageous speech from Baroness Tonge on the Middle East,” adding: “It is time for Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron to expel her once and for all from the party.”

In a separate statement, the Jewish-run “Campaign against Anti-Semitism” (CAA) said that it “cannot expect [her] to apologise, as she means it. It is now time for her to be expelled not just the parliamentary party, [but] from the House of Lords.”

Mark Gardner, a director at the Jewish “Community Security Trust” (CST)—a semi-vigilante group offshoot of the Board of Deputies of British Jews—said that this comment was the “latest in a long line of provocative statements that will cause offence. As with all political parties, it is for them to decide if they want to be associated with such behaviour.”

Tonge also enraged the Jewish lobby by sharing on Facebook an article by one of the world’s best-known ex-Jews, Gilad Atzmon, in which he pointed out the Jewish lobby was behind the current campaign to unseat the elected leader of the Labour Party because he had also dared to call out Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

According to the Times of Israel, the article forward by Tonger quoted Atzmon as saying that “British Labour is the current target of an intensive exercise in Jewish power. The Jewish Lobby and media are openly silencing criticism of Israel and Jewish power.”


In 2010, Tonge was sacked as her party’s health spokesperson after pointing out that Israeli troops sent to Haiti to help in the aftermath of a huge earthquake had engaged in large-scale organ trafficking—a practice which has in fact long been associated with Israel and its medical fraternity. In August 2014, for example, the New York Times admitted that there was a “disproportionate role” of Israelis engaged in the world organ trafficking trade.

Baroness Tonge has long been a thorn in the side of the Jewish lobby in Britain, being one of those few liberals who genuinely expect the Jewish lobby to be consistent in its calls for “social justice.”

Tonge, like Corbyn, fails to understand that the Jewish lobby is quite happy to call for racial equality and forced integration in European states, but at the same time supports Israel—which outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and has a Jews-only immigration policy to ensure that it remains majority Jewish in nature.

Tonge and Corbyn are thus perpetually amazed to find themselves the targets of the Jewish lobby’s attacks, while at the same time supporting the leftist policies which the Jewish lobby demands that they follow.

Tonge, Corbyn, and their leftist fellow-travellers have yet to grasp that there is one rule for the Jewish lobby, and another rule for the non-Jews—and anyone demanding consistency from the Jewish lobby will instantly be accused of “anti-Semitism.”

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  1. Yes.

    But someone like Jenny Tonge – from reading some of her idiotic comments about brexit in this article – doesn’t seem like a friend of white people.

    She sounds like a rabid immigrationist.

    I wonder if she would argue so passionately about the indigenous English people ethnically cleansed from Bradford etc or the Pakistani rape gangs operating in Yorkshire?

  2. Well said baroness tonge,very unusual for a british MP to speak the truth about israel. The british government is a wholly owned franchise of tel aviv,witness its grovelling politicians with their banners ”friends of israel” .Take note of how zionist jews are banning third world refugees from living in what they call their state,while shouting for europe/britain to take more,the plan of course is to empty Syria and colonise it with zionists who are already drilling for oil in syrias golan heights,GENIE oil owned by cheney,murdoch,rothschild as reported some time ago.The people of britain and europe should take a long hard look at who they are electing in power the traitors are self evident.BEcareful of the newspapers you read you are financing the propaganda that will be your downfall.BARBARA SPECTRE on youtube will explain what the plan is ,not even a secret…….terry

  3. As ‘terence booth’ says, it’s very unusual. I don’t think she’s an MP, though; probably in the House of Lords she’s more insulated from Jewish parasites. I’d guess any MP who said that would be booted out prontissimo.

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