Israel Denies US Extradition Request for Jew Threat Maker

Israel has formally denied an extradition request made by the U.S. government for the Jew arrested for making thousands of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers in America.

According to a report by Israel’s Channel 2 TV service, that country’s State Attorney’s Office told the U.S. Justice Department that although the 18-year-old is suspected of committing crimes in 10 countries, he will be tried in Israel.

“Despite the refusal, there has been no rupture between the U.S. and Israeli justice ministries,” Channel 2 went on to boast.

In addition, Channel 2 revealed, the Jew hacker was blackmailing a Republican senator in the United States. Details of the blackmail will be revealed shortly, the report said, but appeared to involve the attempted framing of the senator through the delivery of drugs to his residence.

Furthermore, it was also revealed by Channel 2 that the Jew had been paid for his services via bitcoin. More than two million shekels (US$ 553,289) were found in a bitcoin account held by the Jew.

Israel is clearly covering up for the threat maker’s activities, and has already released without charge the 18-year-old Jew’s father, saying that he was “not aware” of this son’s activities.

This is, however, extremely unlikely, given that the father works in IT, and had helped purchase the large antenna which was used to hack into wifi networks, not to mention the sophisticated equipment which the three-year-long campaign used.

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  1. Heaven forbid this POS get the justice he deserves. But ya know, 6 bazillion makes a good excuse for just about everything.

  2. And was anybody NOT expecting this? Kid probably works for Mossad along with his dad. Got to continually create sympathy for Jewish people, and continually conflate Jewish people with the Israeli state to keep the scam going.

  3. According to Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL his kid is a rabid anti-Semite. You wonder how he could keep a straight face while saying that.

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