Israel gets $3.1 Billion “Aid” from Bankrupt USA

The power of the Jewish lobby over the American government was dramatically demonstrated this past week with the passing of an omnibus spending measure which included a massive $3.1 billion “aid” to Israel—even though the US national debt stands at in excess of $18 trillion.


The Israeli-based Times of Israel could hardly contain its glee in reporting that the US Congress had earmarked $487 million for Israel’s missile defense and $40 million for a new tunnel detection program, remarking in its headline that “Nobody in Obama administration [is] looking for a fight with Israel in 2016.”


The package passed by the House with a 316 to 113 vote, and the Senate with a 65 to 33 vote, contained a number of measures, not only that of aid to Israel. This caused the split in the voting pattern—something which would not have occurred had the bill been for aid to Israel alone.

According to the Times of Israel, the passing of the aid package earned “accolades from the pro-Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee.”

The Times of Israel also ungratefully pointed out that this year’s “aid” package allocated $132 million less to Israeli missile defense than that of the previous year, as the “US provided $619 million in 2015 toward the Iron Dome program, the Arrow 3 long-range interceptor program and David’s Sling mid-range rocket interceptors.”

The Jewish paper went on to admit that the higher previous year’s “aid” was due to the fact that the Jews had used the missile program more during their murderous campaign in Gaza during 2014, saying that:

“Sources familiar with the funding package said that last year’s missile defense spending was unusually high due to the use of Iron Dome missiles in July 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.”

In total, Israel is on course to receive $3.1 billion in “foreign military funding,” consistent with the amount delineated in the US-Israel 10-year “Memorandum of Understanding.”

According to the live US Debt Clock, the outstanding public debt in America as of December 22, 2015, was $18,800,532,035,727.38.

The estimated population of the United States is 322,022,100, so each citizen’s share of this debt is $58,382.74.

According to the Israeli embassy in San Francisco, Israel has a GDP of $202.1 billion, a GDP Per Capita of $28,400, a GDP Growth Rate of 4 percent, and exports worth $45.76 billion.

There is therefore no “need” for “aid” at all—but the power of the Jewish lobby over the American government ensures that this Jews-only state, which uses DNA tests to restrict immigration, forces the already bankrupt US to plunge further into debt to keep the Jewish state armed.

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  1. Talk about sucking the blood out of a Nation. A typical examples of a paracite, they will move on when the last drop of life blood has been drained out of its victim.

    1. That is exactly what it is, a parasite, but it has infected most of western society and the hosts are no longer in control of their actions.

  2. Muslims have a value. Article 21g of the Statutes of the Bank for International Settlements (of 20 January 1930; text as amended on 27 June 2005) allows this bank to “buy and sell negotiable securities other than shares for its own account or for the account of central banks.” Article 2 of The Treaty of Tripoli June 4 1805 places a value of about 8.5 ounces of gold for each Muslim so if anybody wants to collect any of the debt from the USA they might get a few boatloads of Muslim gentlemen as payment.

  3. Israel is about the size of the state of New Jersey. Imagine if all the money sent to Israel was sent to New Jersey at the expense of all the other states because Jerseyites were somehow deemed more important and were chosen by some god to receive eternal monetary tribute from the lesser states who are set up to serve New Jersey. Basically, Israel doesn’t need this money but will demand it as a tribute paid from servant to master.
    This doesn’t even touch on how many billions of shekels Israel also demands and receives from so many other countries.
    Israel is a command central for the international criminal web and network of NWO although it doesn’t have a central base. It’s receptors are in every city, like a nerve network, New York, D.C., Boston, Chicago, Paris, London, and on and on.
    The only nuclear threat and threat to peace in the middle east is Israel and the entire globe is in dire jeopardy from this international crime syndicate that call the shots in our sold out governments, brainwash the people with the control of the media and takeover of Universities, and control the nation’s wealth through the usurpation of the central banks.
    Israel truly is a bloodsucking parasite that needs constant replenishment and apparently will never be satiated, lying all the while, as it’s victims pile up in mountains of corpses and tons of bombed out rubble.

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