Israel Gets “Largest Military Aid in US History”

American taxpayers will soon be giving Israel around $40 billion—the “largest military aid package in US history”—according to National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Making the announcement at this week’s American Jewish Committee Global Forum in Washington, Rice said the 10-year package will “constitute a significant increase in support,” providing funding to update Israel’s aircraft fleet and strengthen missile defenses.


As reported in the Israeli Haartez newspaper—but swept under the carpet by the controlled media in the US, Rice told the Jews that the new military aid agreement between the two nations that is currently being negotiated will constitute “the single largest military assistance package—with any country—in American history.”

Before the previous “deal” between the two countries came to an end last year, Israel had asked the US for a 50 percent increase in its aid to the Jews-only state over the next ten years.

The Jewish lobby-controlled US government has agreed to the “request” and will now hand over an estimated $37.5 billion and $40 billion throughout the coming decade.

The cash handout comes even though almost all US government services have been ordered to be cut back, and the nation’s deficit is rising once again. According to a report in Forbes, the federal deficit is “quickly approaching $500 billion,” and the US national debt is currently over $19.258 trillion.

In other words, the US government will have to “borrow” this money which will be given to Israel, while at the same time cutting services to Americans who pay the taxes.

To add insult to injury, Rice also went out of her way to assure the Jewish lobby that no matter who was in the White House, Republican or Democrat, Israel would always come first, saying that

Our commitment to Israel, as always, transcends partisanship.

When Israel was barraged by rocket fire in 2014, the vote in the US House of Representatives to support Israel was unanimous.

The vote in the US Senate was unanimous. That doesn’t happen much these days.

But, as the Members of Congress here tonight could tell you, Israel’s security isn’t a Democratic interest or a Republican interest—it’s an enduring American interest.

She also addressed the perception that Barack Obama had been “anti-Israel,” telling the Jews that:

So, when President Obama calls America’s commitment to Israel’s security “unshakeable,” that’s not just talk. It’s the nearly $24 billion the United States has provided since President Obama took office to help maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge.

It’s the F-35s Israel will receive later this year—the only nation in the Middle East with this advanced aircraft.

It’s the billions we’ve invested in jointly developing and procuring Iron Dome and other missile defense technologies.

As we speak, Israel and our Department of Defense are developing anti-tunneling technology, the so-called “Underground Iron Dome.”  So, Israel’s enemies are on notice: If you come at Israel by land, by sea, by air—even under the earth—you will lose.

As evidence of Obama’s support for Israel, Rice went on to say:

President Obama is fiercely devoted to Israel and to the well-being of the Jewish people. I know because I see it every day. I watched him as he slipped a folded prayer into the cracks of the Western Wall.

I stood with him as we ran our hands over the charred remnants of rockets in Sderot.

President Obama has met with Prime Minister Netanyahu 16 times—more than almost any other leader.

Last December, President Obama hosted President Rivlin as he lit Hannukah candles at the White House—the first time an Israeli president has done so at the White House.

Just a few months ago, Vice President Biden visited Israel again for a series of high-level meetings, which Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly called proof that our “relationship is strong in all areas.”

Rice went on to say that the “security cooperation between the United States and Israel doesn’t stop there.” According to Rice,

Our Special Forces train together. Our air forces and navies drill together. This month, American National Guard troops are traveling to Israel for a joint disaster response exercise.

And, as the person who briefs the President every day on the threats we face around the world, including in the Middle East, I can attest that our intelligence sharing is at an all-time high.

She then went on to discuss the details of the new “aid” package:

President Obama is committed to ensuring Israel’s security not just for the remainder of his time in office, but for years to come.

Israel currently receives more than half of the United States’ entire foreign military assistance budget.

And, we’re discussing a new agreement with Israel that would guide our military assistance until 2029.

Even in these days of belt tightening, we are prepared to sign the single largest military assistance package—with any country—in American history.

It would constitute a significant increase in support, and provide Israel the funding to update much of its fighter aircraft fleet, substantially enhance the mobility of its ground forces, and continue to strengthen its missile defense capabilities. That’s what we mean when we say Israel is not alone.

Rice also added that the Obama administration believed that the “only road to “sustainable security for Israel and to dignity and self-determination for the Palestinians is two states for two peoples,” and that a “one state solution posed a threat to the Jewish nature” of Israel.

In other words, Rice—and the US government—supports a political solution for Israel and Palestine which comes down to creating two ethno-states, based purely on racial definitions.

This is a policy which Rice, the US establishment—and the Jewish lobby—would vehementl

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  1. Well after all, it is our obligation to do all we can for God’s darlings. (And they all look so goddamn hot too!) I can hear every Christian Zionists right now shouting, “Praise be to God! Oh Hallejuia! Thank you Jesus!” Unless they are speaking in tongues in which case they’ll be saying, “Asporhifsanjayaspumoniintrafordinklemeier!”

  2. Quote: “the US government will have to “borrow” this money which will be given to Israel”

    Yes, but ALL money issued by the Federal Reserve is “borrowed”. Every single cent that is in circulation is borrowed into circulation. US citizens income tax is used to pay this illegal usury! However it can never be repaid because that money also incurs interest.

    US citizens are paying the Jewish Mafia Federal Reserve interest on the $40 billion FOREIGN AID(!!) and funding their illegal Jewish state!! You couldn’t make this stuff up. It is totally INSANE. The US politicians are destroying their childrens future.

    1. You mean the taxpayer’s children future. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing to worry about the US politicians’ children future.

  3. Politicians hate their own people whom they are supposed to represent! Israel is trying to destroy the EU and the US with unfettered, forced immigration of muslims who are our enemies!

  4. Wow! American taxpayers must be as phenomenally rich as Croesus to keep the greediest teat suckers in history happy !

  5. Just a qiuck daily reminder from the mainstream media that Jews controlling the American foreign policy – is a conspiracy theory. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  6. the greatest nation of the world from 1945 till the cabal’s murder of JFK, since then reduced more and more to the a mere tail of the fish whose head is the small numbered tribe that holds wall street, the international financial system, “education” system, the international media, entertainment industry etc etc.

    but not very precise metaphor, once this fish head has plans in the timetable to run the genocidal extinction of all their nowadays useful “cowan” zombie slaves once they get robots to the the menial work for them.

    so the zombie slave tards will discover just like the Palestinians and so many others that fell on their reptile claws which side have been committing for real the holocausts through thousand years.

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