Israel Has Bombed Syria more than 200 Times Since 2017, Jews-Only State Admits

Israel has admitting to bombing Syria on more than 200 separate occasions since 2017, all part of the Jews-only state’s efforts to hinder the Syrian government’s campaign to stamp out ISIS and other Western-backed “moderate” rebels that country.

Syrian air defenses shoot down an Israeli missile over Hama last week. (Source: SANA)

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Israeli air force had conducted strikes against 202 targets in Syria since 2017, using some 800 bombs and missiles to do so.

The 202 targets hit in the Israeli airstrikes since 2017 were mostly shipments of advanced weaponry, as well as military bases and infrastructure, the IDF said—contradicting the official Israeli government claims that these strikes were supposed to be against “terrorists  aiming at Israel.”

On Tuesday last week, the Jews carried out a new attack in the Hama area, two days after reports of another attack on a base near Damascus.

A report in the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) revealed that Syrian air defenses “intercepted Israeli aggression with warplanes that infiltrated on a low altitude from west of Beirut into the north targeting a number of military sites in Tartous and Hama.

“The source added that the army air defenses downed a number of the hostile missiles and forced the attacking warplanes to flee. Earlier, SANA reporter said that the Syrian Air defenses downed five of the Israeli missiles.”

Despite the Jews’ best efforts, the Syrian war is drawing to a close as the government of Bashar al-Assad, aided by the Russian air force, takes the remaining areas under Islamist control.

The last major “rebel” center is Idlib, which is allegedly according to all reports is preparing now for a renewed offensive by Assad’s military.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump warned the Syrian government not to attack Idlib as this would be a “grave humanitarian mistake.”

This “warning” was quickly dismissed by the Kremlin, which issued a statement saying that Idlib was a “nest of terrorism.”

“Just to speak out with some warnings, without taking into account the very dangerous, negative potential for the whole situation in Syria, is probably not a full, comprehensive approach,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The presence of militants in Idlib was undermining the Syrian peace process and making the region a base for attacks on Russian forces in Syria, Peskov added.

“A fairly large group of terrorists has settled there and of course this leads to a general destabilization of the situation. It undermines attempts to bring the situation onto the track of a political-diplomatic settlement,” he said.

“We know that Syria’s armed forces are preparing to resolve this problem,” he added

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  1. Let’s look at Israel in a detached way.
    It’s a tiny country that’s surrounded by huge hostile neighbours. Including the Syrians.
    Israel’s little population is strongly divided. Not just politically. Not infrequently, the Israelis seem not to like each other very much. Just as all European nations do in regard to their own countrymen and other Europeans.
    In spite of their cockiness and seeming disregard for other nations, in order to exist, the Israelis must depend on the US and Europe.
    With Europe falling into pieces and the US weakening greatly, Israel’s future doesn’t look bright. In spite of its nukes and high-tech gadgets. It seems the Israelis have long been aware of the prospect. And so they’ve been trying to strengthen Israel’s position for possible unfavourable events ahead. At times brutally.
    They may not be able to act so forever.

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