Israel Launches New Missile Attack on Syria

The Israeli air force launched a new series of missile attacks on Syrian army bases outside Damascus this week, bringing the total number of stab-in-the-back attacks on the anti-ISIS Syrian government forces to over 100 since the conflict in Syria started.

A press release by the Syrian army issued via the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the Syrian air defense network had “confronted a new attack by the Israeli occupation entity on one of the military positions in Damascus Countryside.”

General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said in a statement that “warplanes of the Israeli enemy on 3:42 am on Wednesday fired several missiles from inside the Lebanese territories on one of our military positions in Damascus Countryside, and the air defense intercepted the missiles and destroyed most of them.”

The statement added that this “outrageous aggression comes in framework of the desperate and repeated attempts to raise the morale of the terrorist organizations which are collapsing in all areas and to encourage terrorists, the tools of the Israeli enemy, to continue their attacks against civilians, particularly in Damascus and its countryside.

“The Command affirmed armed forces’ readiness to confront any attack and to foil it and to continue the war against terrorism till eliminating it and restoring security and stability to all the Syrian territories.

“The Command held Israel fully responsible for the dangerous repercussions of its repeated and uncalculated hostile adventures.”

The region attacked was identified as Jamraya, which lies just over seven miles northwest of Damascus, and is home to several military positions and a branch of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC)

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