Israel: Likud Election Campaign Feature anti-African “It’s us or them: Infiltrators versus Hebrew City” Posters

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is fighting the Tel Aviv local government election campaign with a poster showing blacks waving an Eritrean flag contrasted with a Star of David flag with the words “It’s us or them: City of Infiltrators versus Hebrew City”—an image and slogan which if used by non-Jews anywhere else would cause the Jewish lobby-controlled media to be up in arms over “racism.”

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, the posters have been put up by Likud’s Tel Aviv faction in south Tel Aviv ahead of the October 30 municipal elections.

The anti-black poster takes the form of a split screen, one half with an image of Africans waving an Eritrean flag above the words “city of infiltrators” and the other half with an Israeli flag under the words “the Hebrew city.”

Another poster being used shows a Palestinian holding his flag above the words “the Islamic Movement in Jaffa” contrasted with the same Israeli flag image and “Hebrew city” slogan.

Along the bottom of both poster the words read “Only the Likud, the Right of Tel Aviv.”

The Likud faction in Tel Aviv is headed by Tel Aviv deputy mayor of Tel Aviv Arnon Giladi, who told The Jerusalem Post that the posters were “not racist.”

“I am a third generation resident of Tel Aviv. My grandchildren are fifth generation. Entire neighborhoods are being chased away by illegal infiltrators… We demand to expel everyone who came illegally and send them back to their homelands. We in Likud are trying to preserve the Jewish Zionist traditional character of this city. What is wrong or racist about it?”

Likud deputy mayor of Tel Aviv Arnon Giladi.

The Jewish lobby controlled media in the west has, of course, been completely silent on the Likud campaign, despite it featuring widely in Israeli media (here and here, for example).

If however, any party anywhere else in the world had to put up posters and campaign with a similar slogan and image—or, if some party put up a poster saying “It’s us or them: Jews versus Non-Jew City,” this same media and the Jewish lobby would be screaming “racist” and “anti-Semite” from the rooftops, and calling for immediate action to halt and stifle the perpetrators, or have them arrested for “racial incitement.”

It is, as usual, one set of standards for Jews, and another set for non-Jews.

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