Israel Moves to Tighten its Racial Purity Laws

Israel has moved to tighten its racial purity laws with the main Rabbinical authority in charge of training rabbis upholding its ban on performing marriage ceremonies between Jews and Goyim—while at the same time, the Israeli government has announced a new law which will squash all legal challenges to its biologically-based  Jews-only racial immigration requirements.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has reported that the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), which trains rabbis for the Conservative movement, said it is committed to keeping its ban on clergy from performing “interfaith” wedding ceremonies.

The JTS said that a marriage in Israel “is not only a celebration of a couple, but a commitment to the Jewish covenant” and that therefore marriages between Jews and non-Jews would remain illegal.

Currently, it is illegal under Jewish law for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel, but recently some left wing Jews have tried to get this changed.

A statement issued this week by the JTS came in response to the announcement last week by two rabbis who belong to the Rabbinical Assembly, the international association of Conservative rabbis, that they would begin officiating at such ceremonies.

“We understand the arguments made for our clergy to officiate at interfaith weddings, knowing that they come from a place of genuine concern for bringing near individuals and families who are or might be estranged from the community and tradition we love,” the statement, published on its website and first published in the Forward.

“However, we believe — and the data confirm — that by far the most effective path toward building a Jewish future is to strengthen Jewish identity, beginning with the Jewish family.”

The JTS statement said that for the seminary and its partners in the Conservative movement, “the wedding ceremony is not only a celebration of a couple, but a commitment to the Jewish covenant. Its opening blessing thanks God for infusing our lives with holiness through the mitzvot, and its closing lines connect this marriage to the rebirth of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. Such statements can be said truly only if both partners identify as Jews.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has inserted legislation known in Israel as the “Haredi conversion bill” into the agenda of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation set for this coming weekend.

The law has been promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s orthodox coalition partners in the Israeli Knesset—upon whom he depends to keep himself in power—and will give the country’s Chief Rabbinate a final legal monopoly on “conversion,”—that is, deciding who is a Jew and who is not.

The legislation has been formulated by the Interior Ministry at the direction of Interior Minister and Shas chairman Arye Deri.

The proposal determines that only conversions performed by the State Conversion Authority under the guidance of the Chief Rabbinate will be recognized for the purposes of citizenship via the Law of Return and registering as Jewish in the Interior Ministry.

It would permanently prevent Reform, Conservative and some Orthodox converts – who converted in Israel and are not yet citizens – from obtaining citizenship under the Law of Return.

The bill would circumvent a ruling last year by the High Court of Justice that ordered the state to grant citizenship to converts who converted through non-state, Orthodox rabbinical courts.

It would also preemptively circumvent an expected ruling by the High Court on a similar case regarding the right of Reform and Conservative converts who are not citizens to obtain citizenship under the Law of Return.

It is thought likely that the court will rule to award such converts citizenship; the timing of the new legislation is likely an attempt to prevent such an eventuality.

• The Jewish lobby in America and all European countries are, of course, always at the forefront of opposing any parties or individuals who would dare suggest that Europeans be allowed to maintain their racial identity.

The Jewish lobby even has a host of organizations devoted to opposing and attacking any non-Jews who they would class as “racist” just for wanting to duplicate Israel’s sensible laws. Jewish extremist organizations come in many forms, some posing as “civil rights groups” (such as the SPLC or ADL), while others take on the guise of “anti-racist” or “anti-fascist” organizations.

All of these groups, of course, all fanatically support Israel, which implements the very same policy which the Jewish lobby so vehemently opposes in European countries.

This hypocrisy is so blatant that it cannot be by accident or coincidental—and is clearly part of a deliberately duplicitous effort to promote the racial destruction of European people while simultaneously preserving the racial identify of Jews.

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  1. I fully understand the notion that a lot of people in the pro-White community push, regarding the hypocrisy exhibited by jews who relentless demonize and try to guilt trip Whites who oppose race mixing – but then turn around and advocate for their own race to oppose mixing themselves out of existent.

    David Duke, for example, constantly points out the laws in Israel which prohibit marriages between jews and non-jews – and winds up sounding like he is some kind of Social Justice Warrior who actually condemns jews for doing precisely what is necessary for them to ensure their racial survival. Duke brings this subject up on almost every radio show he does, and he never seems to pursue it to what should be it's logical conclusion – which is that there is nothing whatsoever wrong or evil or racist about ANY racial group choosing to restrict it's dating, marriage, and reproductive behaviors to members of it's own racial group. Duke just tries to use this double standard as a means of criticizing jews, as if they are guilty of being 'racists' for having these laws. He should be congratulating and praising jews for being intelligent enough to not want to mongrelize themselves and simply say that Whites should have the same right to discriminate in favor of their own group.

  2. You do realize Duke does not congratulate Jews' in this double standard because of Jews in world and foreign affairs are actively pushing rampant immigration, open border policies throughout the West, right?

  3. "Anonymous"…. Jews are in power and white genocide is their plan. So If there's any question involved it's the White Question…. What do we Whites do in response to the Reality of white-genocidal jewish power?

  4. "He should be congratulating and praising jews for being intelligent enough to not want to mongrelize themselves and simply say that Whites should have the same right to discriminate in favor of their own group."

    What!!!??? The jews deserve praise for nothing. They're so hyped up about not mongrelizing because no one has brainwashed their public with constant media messaging about miscegenation, as the jews do 24/7 to White countries in the west through TV, films, books, advertising, etc. Funny thing is, the jews are ALREADY mongrelized containing much admixture from others races, including 13% or more of negroid DNA.

  5. The hypocrisy of jews in both Israel as well as in europe and the US is beyond comprehension. The very idea of preservation of the future peoples of european heritage is viewed with utter disdain while the very people who breed the disdain call for separation of their own people and laws prohibiting breeding putside their racial and religious group. It's hard to believe that the same group on the one hand can tell all the people of europe and america and all other places where there are more whites than non whites that it's their responsibility to the world and to peace to interbreed with other racial groups in order to end racism and so called white privlige while they themselves maintain laws in israel that dictate that jews not be allowed to breed with any non jews. If european christians even alluded to the idea of this type of behavior the very anti racist defense groups the jewish people have set up through the years would come after them for racism . This whole thing of do as I say and not as I do is a problem with some of the jewish population and is not a good thing as a whole for any group when it comes to being respected by anyone else.

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