Israel: New Ethnic Cleansing Law

The Israeli government has taken yet another step forward in its program to ethnically cleanse the occupied West Bank of Palestinians with a new law called the “Regulation Bill” which has passed its first reading by the Knesset.

The law legalizes houses built by settlers on private Palestinian land, and forces the robbed Palestinians to accept whatever payment is offered to them, regardless of actual land value.

The law is designed to steadily annex the land seized illegally by Jews in the ongoing colonization of the West Bank—an area which the Jews call by the biblical names of Judea and Samaria.

The West Bank territory, which includes East Jerusalem, currently has an estimated population of 2,785,366 Palestinians, and approximately 600,000 Jews—all of whom have simply moved onto the land, even though the settlements are blatantly illegal under all international laws.

The Regulation Bill says that if these illegal Jewish settlements were built “in good faith,” that if the settlers “did not know” that the land they were building on was privately owned by Palestinians, or the settlers had received assistance from the Israeli state to build their houses, then they will be allowed to stay permanently.

In other words, this law effectively justifies and legalizes the illegal settlements, and, as the leader of the right-wing religious Jewish Home party—and current Minister of Education in Israel—Naftali Bennett, accurately stated: “Today, the Israeli Knesset shifted from a path to establish a Palestinian state, to a path of extending sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. Let there be no doubt, the regulation bill is what will spearhead the extension of [Israeli] sovereignty.”

The law also forces Palestinians who have had their land illegally seized by the Jews, to accept whatever offer is made to them—or take nothing at all.

This latest example of Jewish extremism has, of course, been largely ignored by the Jewish Lobby-controlled mass media, which always covers up Jewish supremacism and Jewish racism as best it can.

Just last week, the head of the Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Goldblatt, was in Israel to report to his fellow Jews about “anti-Semitism” in America.

Goldblatt gave the usual “warnings” about “growing anti-Semitism” and described the “alt-right” as a “new name for an old idea—white supremacy.”

He also attacked Steve Bannon of Breibart News, saying, “one of the main cheerleaders of this movement will sit in the West Wing, literally down the hall from the Oval Office” under a Trump presidency.

As expected, Goldblatt had nothing to say at all about the Regulation Bill, which is unquestionably one of the most racist and supremacist Jewish laws of the last ten years, instead reserving his hypocritical venom for white people alone.

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