Israel: Non-Jewish Schools Being “Starved into Oblivion” by Anti-Gentile Racism

Non-Jewish schools in Israel—many of them hundreds of years old and predating the Zionist state—are deliberately being “starved into oblivion” due to Jewish racism which seeks to drive them out of the country, Christian and Muslim school leaders have said.


According to a report on the NBC News site, almost all of the 33,000 students and teachers at independent Roman Catholic-run schools in Israel are out “on strike” in protest against what they say are “drastic elementary school budget cuts” by the Israeli government.

Father Abd al Masih, the director of the Christian schools network, said budget cuts had been gradual but relentless, reducing state funding of Christian elementary schools from 75 percent six years ago down to 29 percent this year.


The budget cuts are part of a deliberate plan by the Jewish state—which already outlaws any immigration which is not Jewish by race—to drive out the remaining non-Jewish element in that country, most of whose ancestors were there long before Israel’s foundation in 1948.

According to the NBC report, Al Masih and others accuse the government of “trying to starve Israel’s 47 Christian schools into oblivion, forcing them to become state schools in exchange of government funding.”

Although the number of pupils in these schools are a tiny minority of the total school age-going population in Israel, they produce 30 percent of the students in Israeli higher education—more than four times their percentage among the Israeli schools. (This fact shows, incidentally, that the oft-repeated claim that “Jews are cleverer” than Gentiles, is actually untrue.)

The NBC article explained:

A senior adviser to the Assembly of Catholic bishops in the Holy Land, accused the government of “stupidity or racism” in deciding to cut the funding.

“Those schools produce around 30 percent of the students in Israeli higher education—more than four times their percentage among the Israeli schools,” said the adviser, Wadie Abunassar.

“I would expect the Israeli education ministry to hand them a prize, not cuts, since their graduates go into universities and subsequently into the work force thus contributing to the economic growth of the state.”

A Muslim mother, Rula Azar, was then quoted, explaining why she and her two children were taking part in the “school strike:”

“It’s my right to choose which school I want my children to go to, and it’s our right to have those schools… with full budget,” said the 35-year-old teacher in Ramla, Israel. “We are Israeli citizens, respecting the law; we believe in equality and these are the values we teach in these schools.”

Azar added that she shows her children to “love others and that there is great value in the Israeli society, which contains quality, freedom,” but in her heart believes the government’s moves stem from racism.

The Israeli government however knows that it can bring these independent schools under full state control by denying them funding, forcing them to either accept Jewish control or close down. The excuse that the Israeli government uses is that these schools are private, and that they therefore cannot expect the same level of funding as state schools.

This is however, another lie, as the private Jewish Orthodox schools get the same level of funding as the state schools, as Azar pointed out:

“I am aware that as an Arab there is a discrimination and racist law against us, which I am trying to hide from my children,” she said. “It happens only to Christian schools. Meanwhile, Jewish Orthodox schools, which are also ‘recognized, non-official schools,’ get the full budget.”

The NBC article continued:

Parents, students, and teachers have demonstrated outside government ministers’ offices to protest cuts and what they say are years of discrimination, including barring primary school teachers from participating in training courses and limiting the percentage of tuition the schools can charge families.

The active discrimination against non-Jewish schools is but one example of how the Jewish state actively discriminates against non-Jews in Israel, contrary to the many claims made by pro-Israel apologists over the years.

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  1. Christians have had centuries to explain to the world about the ‘Talmud’ and other disgusting bigoted and violent texts. Christians have had people familiar with the language, and presumably had information on Jews and so-called Jews, and the history of Jewish behaviour, including mass lies of the Holohoax type. But they’ve done absolutely nothing to enlighten the world. I hope they enjoy their descent to zero finance. It’s just what they deserve.

  2. Ahh…the good old Jews showing their generous,open, caring, humanitarian side once again.
    Where would we be without them ?

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