Israel Orders Global Pro-Saudi Lobbying: Leaked Cable

The government of Israel has ordered all its embassies around the globe to lobby their host countries to support of Saudi Arabia and its efforts to destabilize Lebanon, a leaked diplomatic cable has revealed.

The cable—published by the Israeli TV Channel 10—is the first formal confirmation that Israel and Saudi Arabia are colluding to stoke unrest in the Middle East, a plan that forms part of a broader effort created by the international Jewish lobby to protect Israel.

The cable, sent by the Israeli foreign ministry, says that the Jewish diplomats must stress Iran and Hezbollah’s engagement in “regional subversion”—even though it is clear that Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are the ones who have invaded, bombed, uprooted, provided military support to assorted “rebels” and ISIS in the region.

Channel 10 said in its report that ambassadors “were asked to convey an unusual message of support for Saudi Arabia in light of the war in which it was involved in Yemen and Egypt.”

Channel 10 said that following the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’d Al-Hariri, Israel was “embarking on an exceptional international struggle against Hezbollah’s participation in the internal politics” of that country.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese party which was raised and armed to defend that country against the repeated Israeli invasions of Lebanon, and its remarkable defeat of the 2006 Israeli attack has earned it prime “hated status” among the Jewish lobby internationally.

Hezbollah—and the Iranian government—were the only two Middle Eastern groups to put troops onto the ground in Syria to fight ISIS and the fake “rebels” (who all turned out to be ISIS-aligned) –further earning the hatred of the Jewish lobby.

Channel 10 said that the telegram instructed all Israeli ambassadors “to appeal to the highest echelons and to convey the message that the countries of the world must oppose any combination of Hezbollah in a future government in Lebanon.”

As the Channel 10 report admitted, this is “a relatively unusual directive because it concerns internal political matters in another country.”

The leaked cable instructed Israeli diplomats “to stress that the Hariri resignation shows how dangerous Iran and Hezbollah are for Lebanon’s security”.

The diplomats were told to appeal to the “highest officials” in their host countries to press for Hezbollah’s expulsion from the Lebanese government.

“Hariri’s resignation proves wrong the argument that Hezbollah participation in the government stabilises Lebanon,” the cable says.

It further called on Israeli diplomats to back Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen, emphasising that the missile directed at Riyadh required “more pressure on Iran and Hezbollah”.

The cable comes as Saudi Arabia escalated its rhetoric against Iran and Hezbollah. On Thursday this week, the Saudi foreign ministry told its nationals to leave Lebanon immediately after it accused Hezbollah earlier in the week of “declaring war” on the Kingdom.

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