Israel Pays Jews $9K Each to Help Forcibly Deport Africans

The Israeli government has announced that it will pay individual Jews $9,000 each to help forcibly expel the 40,000 African invaders currently inside that country and who have been given three months to “voluntarily leave” the Jewish ethnostate.

According to a report in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, at least 140 Jews, given the title “inspectors” and “investigators”  will be hired, “some to work for the voluntary repatriation program and others to enforce laws against asylum seekers and their employers” as part of the expulsion program.

“The Population and Immigration Authority is offering a bonus of up to 30,000 shekels ($8,700) to civilians willing to temporarily serve as inspectors in the expulsion of asylum seekers,” the newspaper said.

Last Sunday, the Israeli government published a notice that it is hiring 100 inspectors on a temporary basis for terms of two years, from March 2018, as well as 40 investigators for the unit that examines asylum requests, the report continued. The notice says the inspectors would work in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Thirty would work as part of what the government calls a voluntary repatriation program, “Yetzia M’Ratzon.”

The job, explains the announcement, would entail holding hearings for the asylum seekers; interviewing and documenting the ones prepared to leave “voluntarily”; coordinating and issuing travel papers and coordinating flights; accompanying asylum seekers; and monitoring their reentry to their countries or origin or elsewhere.

The other inspectors would be involved in enforcement of laws against asylum seekers and their employers. Their job would be to find them, record their stories and investigate the employers as well.

The job requires a high school education. “Experience in combat or security is a plus,” the advertisement states.

Those hired would get personal contracts and “appropriate pay” as well as a bonus that can reach 30,000 shekels – payable at the end of the employment term. Staying in the job for a year will gain the employee a 20,000-shekel bonus.

Punitive steps against those ordered to leave, and their employers – who could face fines – will start from April, the authority said. The 3,500-shekel bonus for leaving Israel will be gradually reduced starting in April as well.

  • The entire Israeli expulsion program has been almost completely ignored by the West’s Jewish lobby-controlled media, with only sporadic reports slipping through, and always without condemnation. This is in marked contrast to the controlled media’s hysterical condemnation and attacks upon any European parties or individuals who dare to suggest that Europe has a right to remain European.

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  1. Look at the lengths they are willing to go to to keep their national homogeneity. It’s quite natural, but they attack any other nation, even small European countries, who wish to do the same. In fact, they wish the opposite on us to the point that every pro-immigrant loudmouth in Europe is a Jew. Funny how in Ireland it’s always JEW Alan Shatter and JEW Ronit Lentin who insist that tiny Ireland open it’s doors to immigration. Now a muslim terrorist stabbing (never before) and a muslim has sexually molested a middle aged Irish retarded man on a bus. In Sweden – which they’ve destroyed – it’s Barbara Spectre Europe is now going into multicultural mode… SAYS WHO? Germany has a scumbag Jew named Grigor “Nazi’s don’t like to have children” as if all Germans are Nazi’s 3 generations later and 3 fucking trillion dollars later? Norway is also getting the Jewing immigration specialty – from a Jew named Kohn (Norwegian for Cohen I guess” and there are countless others. My favorite is Sarkozy – married to an ex-Italian supermodel mind you – who has declared in a video that it is not a choice, but an obligation for which more coercive measures must be introduced, that the French need to interbreed with the Africans in France. Not him though, as he is one of the chosen and thus he gets the ex-supermodel cat lady. The balls on these ones never cease to amaze me. Or should I say Chutzpah? It’s more authentic.

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