Israel Starts Using DNA to Check for “Jewishness of Immigrants”

Israel, which already has one of the most racially-restrictive immigration policies in the world, is about to introduce DNA testing to ensure that no non-Jews from Russia enter the country, according to an announcement from the Prime Minister’s office in Tel Aviv made at the end of July 2013.


According to an article in the Times of Israel, Russian-speakers who want to make “aliya” will in future need a DNA test.

This development is the surest sign yet that Jewishness is not a cultural construct, but a biological one, and also further evidence that the “Khazar theory”—which would have introduced non-Semitic elements into the Jewish gene pool—is incorrect, as proved by earlier DNA evidence.

According to the Times of Israel, “would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove [their] Jewish bloodline” and will be “subjected to DNA testing to prove their Jewishness.”

The announcement said “many Jews from the FSU [Russia] who were born out-of-wedlock can be required to bring DNA confirmation of Jewish heritage in order to be allowed to immigrate as a Jew.

“A source in the PMO told Maariv that the consul’s procedure, approved by the legal department of the Interior Ministry, states that a Russian-speaking child born out-of-wedlock is eligible to receive an Israeli immigration visa if the birth was registered before the child turned 3. Otherwise a DNA test to prove Jewish parentage is necessary.

“A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the decision to require DNA testing for Russian Jews is based on the recommendations of Nativ, an educational program under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office to help Jews from the FSU immigrate to Israel.

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“The issue cuts to the heart of Israel’s Law of Return, which allows anybody with a Jewish parent, grandparent or spouse to move to Israel and be eligible for citizenship. Determining who is a Jew — a definition which has evolved along with the religion’s many streams — has led the interior Ministry to create a somewhat byzantine system of checks and rules and has sometimes led applicants, especially converts to Judaism, to fight for the right to immigrate in Israeli courts.”

This demand for DNA tests for immigrants to Israel contrasts dramatically with the demand for open borders made by all Jewish organizations in America and elsewhere.


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5 thoughts on “Israel Starts Using DNA to Check for “Jewishness of Immigrants”

  1. Wow,,,, declare yourself the chosen people, take property of others, put them in gulags and then test their DNA… who is doing this? Hitler? Oh wait…

  2. Jewish DNA at this point is mostly contrived, a way to create a racial identity to shore up the in-group supremacy Mafia known as Judaism. THere was nothing distinct about the tribes compared to other semetic people. Jews have been reproducing with Euros for years. Even my mom, never had a Jew in the family, has so-called “Jew” DNA. She’s Italian.

  3. carlos augusto da cruz novo

    - Edit


    I’m J-M267 cohen
    I say many Spaniards who descended from Jews and Italians as well.
    DNA testing is important in the loss of documents


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