Israel Throws First Africans in Prison for Refusing to be Deported

The first seven African invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” in Israel who have refused to be deported have been thrown into prison, Israeli media has boasted.

Africans detained in the Saharonim Prison.

A report in the Jerusalem-based  Times of Israel said that the Eritreans—who all refused to be deported to Rwanda—were arrested and transferred to the Saharonim Prison on Wednesday, after the Interior Ministry gave them a choice between indefinite detention and deportation.

The report added that a further 750 African invaders being held at the Holot concentration camp began a hunger strike, refusing both food and water.

Quoting one Abdat Ishmail, who was described as a “de facto spokesman” for the invaders,  the  Times of Israel said that  there were currently about 1,000 Africans in Holot, most of them Eritrean.

Ishmail said that his countrymen in Holot were “devastated” by the imprisonment and planned to protest on Thursday morning in front of Saharonim prison.

Currently 600 invaders have been given notice that they must decide between deportation and imprisonment in Saharonim. A group of 200 Eritreans in Holot was notified on January 17 that they had 30 days to decide. The original deadline for their decision was on Friday, which the Population Authority extended until Sunday to avoid conflict with Shabbat, the Israeli newspaper added.

An additional 400 asylum seekers who came to renew their visas in Bnei Brak were notified, starting on February 4, that they had 60 days to decide between deportation and imprisonment.

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees is still negotiating with Israel and foreign governments to resettle the invaders in third countries deemed by the UN to be “safe,” possibly including Western countries.

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  1. Hunger strike? Those Eritreans have no idea who they’re dealing with. The jews will watch them starve to death and be glad for the entertainment.

  2. I wonder how they can deport illegal immigrants if the migrants refuse to name their country of origin, and they are not carrying documents that prove their country of origin. Obviously if they speak their mother tongue that will indicate the country of origin, but what if they speak English?

    Another problem is the governments of their countries of origin refusing to take them back if it cannot be proven that they are citizens of that country. I wonder how the Jews propose to deal with that problem.

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