Israel Votes Down Homo Rights—Again

The Israeli parliament—the Knesset—has once again definitively rejected a raft of laws promoting “marriage equality” for homosexuals, lesbians, and “transgenders,” even as the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in America is at the forefront of promoting those very same laws in the US and elsewhere.


As reported by the Haaretz newspaper in Israel, the Israeli parliament last week voted down a number of bills promoting “LGBT rights.”

The defeated bills include measures to establish civil unions, provide government benefits to the same-sex partners of fallen soldiers, prohibit homosexual conversion therapy, and mandate training for health care professionals in “LGBT issues.”

In terms of existing laws in Israel, homosexuals, lesbians, or “transgender” deviants cannot marry, adopt children, or have surrogate pregnancies in Israel.

Israeli Health Minister Litzmann telling the homosexuals that they are sinners

Israeli Health Minister Litzmann telling the homosexuals that they are sinners.

Speaking in the Knesset during the debate, Israel’s health minister, Yaakov Litzmann, invoked the biblical story of the golden calf in expressing his rejection of the pro-LGBT bills, calling them sinners.

Litzmann said that “In this week’s Torah portion they made the golden calf… Moses came, descending from the sky, after he was given the Torah. He saw the calf, he saw the dances . . . And Moses returned to God and said: ‘Please! This people have committed a grave sin.’”


At the same time all this was going on the Anti-Defamation League Jewish lobby in America—which has an entire section devoted to supporting Israel—has been at the forefront of promoting homosexuality, lesbianism, and “transgenderism”—among Gentiles.


In a special section on its website, the ADL boasts that it has

“a longstanding commitment to protecting civil rights, and has been a key partner in advancing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights . . .

“At the federal, state, and local levels, ADL has advocated in support of anti-discrimination statutes, for strong and inclusive hate crime and bullying prevention laws, and for marriage equality.”

The ADL goes on to boast that it has filed

“amicus briefs, on behalf of itself and nearly two dozen religiously-affiliated civil rights groups,” challenging all laws in the US which “defined marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman.”

The ADL also boasts that it has promoted homosexuality all around the world, saying that its “commitment to and advocacy on behalf of LGBT people does not stop at our nation’s borders,” and lists its activism in Nigeria and Russia as examples.

However, the ADL is, of course, completely silent on Israel, and on Litzmann’s “sinner” comments, even though that Jewish organization is the first to attack any Christian clergyman who uses the bible to oppose homosexuality.

Once again, it seems that a clear and blatant double standard is at work: What is outlawed in Israel is made law in Gentile nations—one set of rules for the Jews, and another set of rules for the Gentiles.

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  1. One can only admire the Israelis for standing firm against the abomination of homosexual “marriage”.

    Well done you have the support of the silent majority

    1. Yes, they are correct. But then one has to wonder why the Jews in America and elsewhere, who all support Israel, are promoting homosexual “marriage” for the non-Jewish nations?

      1. Wonder no longer… Jewish orthodoxy has the highest birth rates in the world. Their Torah promises them they will displace the peoples of the world. They therefore promote homosexual marriage / abortion / birth control, etc. because it lowers birth rates for the gentile nations. It is a reversal of the Levitical prohibitions geared toward eventual total population displacement of the gentile nations which has been promised to them by God.

        1. As far as I have bothered with their junk, Jews are promised about 1,000 servants each. No doubt there would be virgins and little children to be raped, in accordance with Jewish ‘ethics’, too. This suggests their target can only be .1% of the world’s population. But maybe their inbreeding has prevented their noticing this fact?

  2. Methinks the Jews who live in America are quite different from the Jews who live in Israel, and each regards the other as an embarrassment.

    After the destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70, Judaism evolved into and survived as a subversive, anti-national religion. Inside Israel, which was founded by socialist progressive atheists of Jewish ethnicity, it is evolving back into a national state religion.

    1. If the Jews in America and the Jews in Israel are “quite different” then why do the Jews in America all support Israel? Like the ADL and so on? I think you are missing the point here. The truth is that they want one set of laws for their own people in Israel, and the very opposite laws for the non-Jews. They know very well that homosexual “marriage” is part of the destruction of the family unit, and that is why they outlaw it in Israel. But at the same time, they promote in in non-Jewish countries, precisely because it is so harmful.

    1. That’s a really good point. All the Jewish pro-homosexual organizations in the west and their lobbies in the western governments have put sanctions on Putin over this issue … but they are completely silent over Israel’s measures…. double standards once again.

  3. The jews implement what the see as baneful, onto others, and reserve that which they think of as good only to themselves. The thing is, stopping them from marrying won’t turn them into straight men. So the orthodox jew, like always, uses up a whole lot energy over nothing really – just mentally insane neurotics.

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