Israel Will Forcibly Deport All Non-Jewish Illegal Aliens After Court Ruling, Government Says

The Israeli Justice Minister has announced that Israel will shortly be introducing a law which will forcibly deport all non-Jewish illegal aliens—including all “asylum seekers”—from the Jews-only ethnostate following a High Court ruling in that country which approved Israel’s current deportation program, but limited it to those “volunteering” to leave.

According to a report in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel, the High Court of Justice on Monday allowed the Jewish ethnostate’s government to continue with its policy of deporting all illegal invaders from Africa back to Rwanda or Uganda—irrelevant of their original country of origin—but said that that state cannot jail those who refuse to go for more than 60 days.
The Jewish judges unanimously rejected a petition by human rights groups against the deportation practice, but said that the “deportations could only to be carried out with the agreement of the illegal aliens.
Previously Israel had detained “refugees” in an open prison in the middle of the desert for up to 12 months, imposing such harsh restrictions upon them that many chose to be “voluntarily deported” just to get out the Jewish state.
The Times of Israel further reported that following the new court ruling, Israeli officials said they would amend the law so that the invaders could be deported without their consent.
“The High Court removed from the state the ability to pressure the illegal infiltrators,” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was quoted as saying. “It turned the [migrant’s] lack of cooperation into a reward. We will fight this until we achieve the necessary results.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backed his justice minister up, saying that “We will need to pass a new law that will permit us to enforce these agreements,” adding that this was one of a three-pronged policy against the nonwhite invaders.
The other two include the fence built between Israel and the Sinai to “prevent infiltrators” and the agreement that Netanyahu worked out with Rwanda to facilitate the deportations.
The Israeli policies are in direct contradiction to the “open borders” policies endorsed and propagated by all Jewish organizations, synagogues and religious bodies in non-Jewish countries in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
At the same time, all of these Jewish bodies support Israel. The hypocrisy is too blatant to be coincidental, and must be deliberate: Jews support “open borders” for non-Jewish countries, but “closed borders” for their own country.

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