Israel: Zero African Invaders in 2017

Israel’s “aggressive” anti-invasion measures—including the building of border walls and a refusal to entertain any patently bogus “asylum” claims—have resulted in a total halt to the African invasion in 2017, official figures have revealed.

In an article in the Jewish Press, titled “Israel Planning Aggressive Measures Against African Illegals,” it is revealed that the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority (PIA) said that “the 2017 has seen no new infiltration by illegal migrant workers.”

At the same time, the report said, quoting Israel Radio, “more than 4,000 illegal residents have left the country voluntarily.”

Additionally, at the beginning of 2018, the PIA “will inform thousands of infiltrators from Eritrea that should they not leave Israel within three months, they would be imprisoned.”

The report said that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear to the PIA that he expected a large number of illegal infiltrators to leave shortly.”

“The first infiltrators to be deported will be men who had been detained in the Holot facility in the south, which was slated for closing in three months by an act of the Knesset,” the Jewish Press report continued.

“The next time the detainees arrive in the PIA offices to renew their visas, they will receive a notice ordering them to leave the country.”

The Jewish Press added that at present, “Israel is home to an estimated 40,000 infiltrators from Africa, including 27,000 from Eritrea, about 7,500 from Sudan, and 2,500 from other African countries, who live with an estimated 5,000 children born in Israel.”

In the first phase of deportations in 2018, “each African illegal migrant will continue to be offered a grant of $3,500 to leave. This amount will be gradually reduced over time, as the program picks up speed,” the report said, adding that according to PIA data, “between 2014 and September, some 15,800 Africans have left Israel.”

  • At the same time, the  Israeli government has announced a boycott of the new Austrian government for its declared policy of ending illegal immigration to that European nation.

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