Israeli Arms Sales Top $5.7bn

Last year Israel sold in excess of $5.7 billion worth of military hardware to nations around the globe—while raking in at least $3.1 billion in “foreign aid” from US taxpayers.

This means that American taxpayers are in effect subsidizing the Israeli arms industry—even though America is technically bankrupt and has to “borrow” this money and repay it for decades to come.


The Israeli arms sales of $5.7 billion are up from the $5.66 billion sales they made in 2014—a year in which the Jewish state also raked in over $3 billion of “aid” from American taxpayers.

The largest portion of the military exports was upgrading aircraft and aerospace systems, comprising 14 percent of all new contracts, with radar and electronic systems coming in second with 12 percent and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  (UAVs, or “drones”) at 11 percent.

The bulk of the Israeli exports were to Asia and the Pacific, comprising nearly 50 percent of the total earnings, $2.3 billion; with Europe coming in second at $1.6 billion, according to the Israeli International Defense Cooperation Directorate.

One of the largest drone sales was to India, in a deal worth $400 million, in which Israel sold ten of the armed Heron drones to the Indian army.

India also receives “aid” from the US taxpayers to the tune of at least $91 million per year—and in previous years, even more. In 2010, for example, the US gave India $126.7 million in “aid.”

Nonetheless, Israel still takes the lion’s share of US “aid” primarily because the Jewish lobby has an iron grip over the American government.

US “aid” to Israel is going to increase from 2017, going up to nearly $5 billion per year.

At the same time, the US government started building a secret army base in central Israel for untold millions. The new base is being built in response to an alleged Iranian missile threat.

According to the Israel National News, the base, which is already in advanced stages of construction, will be fully manned at all times and prepared for emergency situations.

The base is linked to the US army’s radar facility in Dimona—where Israel keeps its nuclear weapons which makes it illegal in terms of US law to even receive “aid.”

It is however in the field of drones—and armed killer drones—that Israel has made best “use” of US “aid” subsidies.

According to a 2014 report, Israel is now the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of killer drone aircraft. Between 2010 and 2014, Israel delivered 165 units across the globe. The US came second with 132, followed by Italy’s 37.

Since 1985, Israel has accounted for the majority (60.7 percent) of drone exports worldwide.

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  1. OK ….. who knows what about who – when – and how ?
    Everything about this `aid` and `arms` business stinks to high heaven…..which is where we all risk being blown to if the current mob of madmen running the world asylum aren`t stopped in their tracks damn quick.

    1. Of course our representatives approve this aid to Israel and most likely get a “kickback” for their loyalty! Never underestimate the power of a bribe.

  2. No mater how much we complain or criticize, the big guys will do what they need to do to maintain their hegemony no mater how many people die in the process. This is been the rule in the human race over millennia.

    1. That’s right , they all swear their loyalty to Israel, even Donald Trump. Hillary is receiving most of her money from Israeli sources.Americans elect them and then pay back the lobbyist. isn’t America great.

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