Israeli Attack as Aleppo End-Game Nears

Israel has launched another devastating airstrike in Damascus in a desperate attempt to thwart the final defeat of the terrorist “rebels” in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The latest Israeli attack took place on an airport in Damascus near Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s personal home on Wednesday morning.

Israeli missile attack on the Al-Mezzeh Airport, west of Damascus.

The Syrian Arab News Agency reported that the “Israeli enemy launched at 3:00 a.m. Wednesday a number of surface-to-surface missiles from inside the occupied territories to the west of Tall Abu al-Nada (hill) that landed in the surroundings of al-Mezzeh Airport west of Damascus.”

The attack was part of the “desperate attempts of the Israeli enemy to support the terrorist groups and raise their deteriorating morale,” SANA added.

“This attack will only make the Syrian Arab Army even more determined to cut off the hands of the terrorist agents of the Zionist entity, which should be held fully responsible for the repercussions and consequences of these criminal attacks.”

SANA concluded that the attack “came a week after the air force of the Israeli army fired from the Lebanese airspace two missiles on al-Sabboura area in the western countryside of Damascus, in an attempt to divert attention from the successes which the Syrian army has been making against the terrorist organizations.”

The Israeli attack came as Syrian army forces, backed by ground units from Hezbollah and Iran, ousted the ISIS and other U.S., U.K., French and E.U.-backed “rebel” terrorists from Aleppo’s Old City area.

After terrorizing inhabitants of the city for years with torture, and murders of the most demented kind, the terrorists have now played a “humanitarian” card and have asked for a five-day “ceasefire” to allegedly allow remaining civilians to be evacuated.

This cynical ploy—clearly aimed at seeking “world sympathy”—is an attempt by the shrinking terrorist forces to shore up their collapsing front line by seeking time to bring up reinforcements.

More than 30,000 civilians had already crossed over into safe areas set up by the Syrian government-held west Aleppo.

The Syrian government’s seizure of the Aleppo Old City area has reduced the terrorist’s control of Syria’s largest city to around a four square mile area in the south, and its fall is now inevitable.

The Syrian government has repeatedly offered the terrorists the opportunity to leave the city, and even sweetened the deal by offering “amnesty” to the non-ISIS factions.

Despite many thousands taking up the offer, the terrorist leadership has refused to give in, even as their much-vaunted “headquarters of the revolution” has been reduced to a few blocks.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was quoted by Haaretz newspaper as saying that his country’s ongoing attacks against Syria are aimed at preventing “Hezbollah from smuggling weapons of mass destruction”—a deeply hypocritical claim coming from the only state in the Middle East that is actually in possession of such weapons.

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