Israel Adopts African Expulsion Program

As expected, the Israeli cabinet today unanimously adopted a program to expel all their 40,000 fake African refugees to Uganda—regardless of their countries of origin—and indefinitely imprison those who “refuse to leave.”

According to a report on the Israeli Channel 10 News, the Holot concentration camp in southern Israel—where many of the African invaders have been kept awaiting this solution to what Israel calls its “infiltrator” problem (and what liberals call a “refugee” problem)—will be closed within three months, and not the four originally planned.

“According to the unanimously adopted ministerial plan, illegal residents will have to choose between entering an ordinary prison and leaving the country,” Channel 10 reported.

It added that the Israeli Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, said on Twitter that “Holot has become a hotel for the infiltrators that does not discourage infiltration” any longer—in other words, giving the Africans shelter and food was actually encouraging them to stay.

Channel 10 reported that after the closure of Holot, all “persons who are staying illegally in Israel will have to choose between entering a regular prison and leaving the country.”

“Leaving the country” means being expelled to Uganda, where Israel has been dumping Africans for over a year already, irrespective of the invaders’ countries of origin.

Channel 10 added that at the end of August, the Israeli Supreme Court held that although “there is no impediment in principle to transferring asylum seekers from Israel to another state,” it is forbidden to imprison them for more than 60 days in case they refuse to be transferred.

Erdan wrote on Twitter that the time constraint imposed on the government by the High Court of Justice had made the facility ineffective.

“Holot was established so that the infiltrators would stay there indefinitely. The facility has become a hotel for infiltrators at the expense of the public at a cost of 240 billion shekels every year and does not encourage their departure,” Erdan tweeted, later adding that in fact the facility cost 15 billion shekels every year, and not 240 billion.

Erdan also wrote that “the decision to close the Holot facility will be implemented only after it appears that the policy of removing infiltrators into a third country has being realized.”

He added: “I intend to increase by any means possible the rate of infiltration of infiltrators to a third country and not to allow them the comfort of the Holot center. This is the route set by the government.”

The Israeli government will bring in new rules to circumvent the court decision, and all the fake refugees in Israel will soon face being imprisoned in regular jails indefinitely, or “choosing” to be deported to Uganda.

Israel is the only country to have fully implemented a real policy to deal with the current fake refugee invasion from the Third World.

The Jewish ethnostate has correctly recognized that a mass population transfer from the Third World will destroy Israel’s racial and cultural make-up, and has built walls all around that state to physically halt the invaders from getting in.

Now, the second stage of their policy will be implemented: dealing with the fake refugees and invaders already inside Israel—by expelling them under conditions under which they will have no choice but to “choose” to leave.

Notwithstanding the fact that this twin-legged policy is correct—and the only way to deal with the fake refugee invasion—the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in America and European nations still insist that white nations must adopt the exact opposite policies, and welcome all these fake refugees into those nations.

The Israeli government has even gone a step further by funding the official Israeli aid agency, IsraAID, which stationed “dozens” of full time paid staffers along the Greek coast at the time of the mass fake refugee invasion of 2015 to “provide material aid and support” to the Third World invaders coming ashore, and to help them on into Germany.

This blatant hypocrisy is always covered up by the Jewish lobby controlled media—which is also the reason why the latest Israeli government decision will not be announced to the world by the large media outlets in America or Europe, despite it being public on Israeli TV and other Hebrew language outlets.

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  1. The ‘official AID agency’ of Israel is as phoney as the ‘Official Aid’ fake charities and NGOs in Britain, intended to flood Britain and Europe with aliens. It’s essential to erase Jewish influence.

    1. It’s the same in the U.S. Nearly of the “aid” agencies are front organizations for human trafficking into the country, mostly with religious names, to deflect suspicion or fool the public into thinking they’re doing God’s work. Behind the scenes, they’re not nonprofits but instead get 95-98% of their funding directly from the U.S. government. Some of them are the Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Conference of Bishops, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, etc.

      1. Its the same in Oz. Now many of th e pro mass immigration demonstrators screaming to ‘let them all in’!! are charities and churches whose main govt income is derived from settlement work once they arrive. Aussies here are claiming loud and clear to the media ” SYDNEY IS FULL ! ” . They are sort of right – more accurate is ” Sydney is dying”. Overcrowded with foreigners gobbling every thing in sight , there is a white flight , while the NSW govt herds in 80,000 more ( Asians ) every year. Nice.

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