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Israeli “Opened Slovakia’s Door for Iraqi refugees”

An Israeli political consultant pushed nonwhite Iraqi “Christian” refugees on a dozen European nations before “using his contacts” to get Slovakia to accept them—but refused to consider trying to get them asylum in Israel.

Aron Shaviv and Benjamin Netanyahu

Aron Shaviv and Benjamin Netanyahu

Aron Shaviv, who orchestrated Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent election campaign in Israel, runs a company called Shaviv Strategy and Campaigns, which claims to be a “global political-strategy consultancy specializing in winning election campaigns on behalf of the center-right” and delivers “winning Presidential, Parliamentary, Municipal, and referendum campaigns to political leaders from across Europe and globally.”

According to an article in the Israeli-based Times of Israel titled “How an Israeli opened Slovakia’s doors for Iraqi Christian refugees” (January 25, 2016), Shaviv was the person who arranged for the Iraqi Christians, driven out of their northern Iraqi hometown of Qaraqosh by ISIS, to be resettled in Slovakia.


The Times of Israel reported that when Shaviv was approached by activists trying to find the Iraqis asylum somewhere, he started “combing through and contacting his network of political connections. The team tried at least a dozen countries before getting a hearing in Slovakia.”

“My policy was the path of least resistance—the first country that showed any kind of positive leanings was Slovakia,” Shaviv told the Times of Israel.

He said that it was important in Slovakia, still a very traditional Catholic country, to get both the Vatican and its local religious authorities involved.

“We thought that the right approach was to get the Slovak church to take ownership and say these are our people,” said Shaviv.

And after many trips to the Vatican, it came on board in saving its Iraqi Catholics.

“The determining messaging that got them to really identify and take ownership was that this is the last Christian community on earth that speaks the language of Jesus,” Shaviv said.

Shaviv said that several factors contributed to the Slovakian government’s willingness to accept the refugees. For one, although it was the first European Union country to state it was not willing to accept Muslims during the massive waves of migrants and refugees reaching European shores in 2015, like all EU countries, it must fulfill a refugee quota.


Iraqi Christians demonstrate in Germany.

Of course, it would never enter Shaviv’s head to offer these Iraqis refuge in his own country, because Israel legally forbids immigration by non-Jews, tests potential immigrants by DNA to make sure they are Jewish, and outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

Shaviv is not the only prominent Jewish activist busy bringing in nonwhite Christian refugees into Europe, and diverting them away from Israel. The recently deceased British Jewish Lord George Weidenfeld set up the “Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund” in July 2015 specifically to bring them to Europe.



    1. Couldn`t agree more, Angus. `
      Weidenfeld is another of those “all heart” Jews doing Europe a huge favour. `His` fund – other people pay – to offload even more turd worlders and he comes up smelling of roses.

  1. January 31 1943 was a time I have thought about for many years and mostly about Hitler’s mind set at the time. How could he live with a policy that included the death of a few hundred thousand Germans? and still not change his plans for the future. Today the same resistance to change is destroying Europe and a refusal to accept the Treaties, Conventions, Covenants, Declarations and Statutes of the UN something leading to a similar disaster. When will the servitude raised over the taxes of European peoples be denied to the invaders, and they get no handouts? will it be when the invaders numbers be thirty or sixty million or more? The question is when will the commie loonies be unable to feed the aggressors due to a lack of resources?

  2. The UN is just a talking shop, very little action comes out of it. 1968 is the only year that a British Soldier was not killed in some conflict or other – and former terrorists have been given a State visit to UK. So let’s remember that it is action that speaks louder than words and all the resolutions made at the UN does not guarantee peace across the globe.

    1. Incredible British arrogance ! Yes, Bryn and all those killed British soldiers died far from UK, right ? They went armed and uninvited to kill and rape civilians of other countries. Can you name the places where those so called “soldiers” died ? Rather, let me guess; Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Syria etc.
      What they were doing there ? Nobody invited them.
      And after the centuries of merciless and bloody British foreign policy and colonialism, you have a nerve to complain.

  3. What point is this article making? Are they not real Christians or not Catholics or are Iraqi Christians as bad as Sunnis? The language of Jesus was Aramaic SFAIK from Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion”. On the face of it they deserve some help. What am I missing here?

    Editorial note: You are missing two points:

    1. Israelis are once again facilitating Middle Eastern “refugees” to come to Europe while denying them access to Israel, because they know that importing racial aliens is the quickest way to destroy their own homogeneity, and

    2. It does not matter at the end of the day what “religion” the nonwhite invaders are. What matters is their race. Do you want Europe to remain European or not? If so, then you cannot allow nonwhite invaders in, no matter if they are Christians or Muslims. As has been said many times before, the answer to the invasion is to close the borders and halt the conflict at its source, not allow the entire Third World into Europe.

    1. I am not in position to speak about the Israeli government, but it is a fact that the Jewish elite living in Europe definitely embraces Europe’s invasion by people from MENA countries.

    1. There are already more Gypsies Jews n Bratislava than any other city in the world. Slovakia richly deserves the addition of a few thousand lice-infested camel jockeys to panhandle and steal from locals and tourists.


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