Israeli Parliament Says No to Homo Child Surrogacy, Upholding Ban on Homo Marriage

The Israeli parliament has voted down a proposed law to allow homos to have children by surrogacy, upholding their earlier decision to outlaw homo marriage.

According to a report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Israel’s Knesset rejected a bill “to extend surrogacy to single men and same-sex parents” this week during a preliminary reading in a 49-41 vote. In July, the Knesset passed a surrogacy law that expanded eligibility to single women.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voted against an amendment to include same-sex couples and men, saying it was out of fear that a vote in support would bring down the government.

Four coalition members voted for the legislation: the Likud’s Amir Ohana, who is gay, and Sharren Haskel, head of the “LGBT Knesset caucus,” and Kulanu’s Merav Ben-Ari and Tali Ploskov.

Zionist Union lawmaker Itzik Shmuli, who is a homo, on the Knesset floor called on Netanyahu to “look me in the eye” and “tell me how is it that Yigal Amir can [be a parent] and I can’t?” (Amir, a right wing Jew who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995 because he was too “left wing,” fathered a child with his wife during a conjugal visit in prison in 2006).

In 2015, the Israeli parliament’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted down a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against “LGBT” people in any way.

In 2013, a bill aimed at blocking discrimination on religious grounds and allowing for civil marriage regardless of race, sex, citizenship, and religion, was defeated in the Israeli parliament.

“The Freedom of Religion and Conscience Bill” was rejected by a 56 to 21 margin in its preliminary reading in the Knesset.

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  1. Amazing Jewish hypochrisy on display. In every country they infest jews promote two things Globalism (Ran by them) and Homosexuality (For the Goyim and jews not welcome in Israel).
    The Globo-Homo leftist agenda is a term goyim pass around to discuss the main focus of extreme far left marxist jews.

    Since jews view your ability to be considered jewish, if a jewish lady gave birth to you. Would gays be considered a dead end line of jewery since it is not creating any more jews at a time when jews in Israel are being out bred by Palestinians? Now jews don’t want a two state solution or for Palestinians to have the right to exist in Israel because they can do demographic math figure out like in American Whites soon the jews will be a minority in Israel.

    It could be jews are smart enough to see the connections between pedophillia and the gay community? It is prevelant now with the rise of drag tots and gay parents openly sexualizing their children and turning them into gays at a young age. Prior to puberty. That was the preferred male of the bath house gay males for centuries in many human cultures. It’s written about in human history going way back. Even Anne Rice created a couple vampires in her fictional history vampire books based on this pedophile model. One of the reasons I stopped reading Anne Rice, her pedophillia and her fixation with it really bothered me, like the gay community fostered in America by jews.

    To bea fly on the wall of those back room talks in Israel would have been great inagine the gay bashing and gay jokes that went on their. Every jewish friend I have had in America is usaully 2-3 times more racist than people on Stormer websites, and open about it towards gays, muslims and christians.

    Being and athiest and a biologist I can appreciate (or selectively breed out unwanted traits) and notice differences in others and I thought at first jews were persecuted, after a few years of friend ship and getting to know/study them I quickly realized it was the other way around. Jews feel entitled to persecute everyone else for every one of the 190 countries they have ever been kicked out of. Intlicting and promoting homosexuality in goyim through their media is just another form of persecuting goyim.

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