Israeli Subversion: Corbyn’s Call Blacked Out

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s formal request to the British government to investigate Israeli subversion of U.K. politics has been completely blacked out by the controlled media—providing conclusive evidence of the Jewish lobby’s stranglehold on media outlets in that country.

At the same time—and in strong contrast to the U.K.’s controlled media—Jewish and Israeli newspapers have given blanket coverage to Corbyn’s appeal, thinking that non-Jews will not read their publications.

Corbyn’s call for an investigation follows the four part series undercover investigation by the Al Jazeera television station into Israel’s manipulation of U.K. politics, titled “The Lobby.”

During that investigation, it was revealed that the Israeli embassy in London has political officers assigned to directly interfere in party politics in Britain in order to ensure that all important party structures and officials—including members of parliament—are all pro-Israel.

These subversive measures include the illicit funding of pro-Israeli organizations, and planned campaigns to smear anyone who appears to be pro-Palestinian as “anti-Semitic.”

The third show in the series, for example, titled “An Anti-Semitic Trope” actually showed the Israeli ambassador to Britain speaking directly to the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) group at a closed meeting at a recent Labour Party conference, instructing them on how to smear anyone who supported the Palestinians.

Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev was secretly filmed instructing JLM members—who included members of parliament—to attack pro-Palestinian activists as supporting “racists, homophobes , misogynists, and reactionaries,” saying that this was an “important message” which was highly effective in silencing criticism of Israel.

This, and other revelations, which included the filming of the Israeli embassy’s senior political officer discussing how to “take down” Conservative Party MPs that Israel did not like, finally prompted Corbyn into action over the matter.

The Labour leader wrote a formal letter—in his capacity as leader of the opposition in the British parliament—to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, requesting a formal investigation into what he called “evidence of attempts to undermine the integrity of our democracy.”

Corbyn’s letter to Theresa May read as follows:

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to you following the exposure of an Israeli Embassy official discussing how to bring down or discredit a government Minister and other elected politicians because of their views on the Middle East.

Many members of Parliament and the public will be concerned at this evidence of attempts to undermine the integrity of our democracy.

I am sure you will agree that such improper interference in this country’s democratic process is unacceptable, whatever country is involved.

Members of Parliament must have the freedom to hold and express a view, without fear that they could be subject to attempts to discredit them by diplomatic or other representatives of another state.

I am concerned that the Foreign Secretary has stated that he considers the matter closed.

This is clearly a national security issue. I would therefore ask that you treat the matter as such and launch an inquiry into the extent of this improper interference. It is only on that basis that Parliament and the public will be reassured that such activities will not be tolerated by your government.

Given the public interest in this important matter, I am releasing a copy of this to the media.

Corbyn released his letter via Twitter, obviously hoping that it would be picked up by the media—but, of course, it was completely blacked out, in exactly the same manner that the controlled media has treated all but the initial announcement of the Al Jazeera series.

In strong contrast, the Jewish media has given considerable coverage to Corbyn’s statement:

Prominent reports of Corbyn’s letter appeared in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (“Labour’s Corbyn calls for investigation of Israel’s influence in British politics”), the Israel National News Arutz Sheva (“Britain’s Corbyn: Investigate Israel’s ‘improper interference‘”), the Jewish Daily Forward (“Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Probe of Israel Embassy’s ‘Interference’ in British Politics”), the Jerusalem Post (“UK’s Corbyn Calls for Investigation into Israeli Meddling after Embassy Row”), and the Times of Israel (“Labour leader wants probe into Israel’s influence on UK politics”).

The Jewish Algemeiner reported that Corbyn’s call had been rejected by May (“UK Prime Minister Theresa May Rejects Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Call for Probe into Israeli Political ‘Interference’”).

The contrast in coverage between the media aimed at non-Jews and at Jews provides a highly instructive lesson in how the Jewish lobby attempts to control news directed at Gentiles, and it is only thanks to the Internet that this duplicity can be fully revealed.

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