Israel’s “Blacklist” Prevents Jews Marrying Non-Jews

The Israeli state keeps an official blacklist of people not racially Jewish enough in order to prevent them from marrying Jews—and investigates the racial ancestry of at least 5,000 people every year to make sure that they comply with that country’s anti-intermarriage laws, it has emerged.

News of the blacklist—which has been kept secret until now—emerged after a Jewess immigrant from Russia was denied permission to marry a Jew in Israel by the rabbinical authorities, according to a report in the Times of Israel.

The Jerusalem-based newspaper said that the rabbinical authorities in Israel—who control the marriage licensing body—hold the blacklist of families “deemed not Jewish.”

They do this in order to counter what the Times of Israel called an “intermarriage threat”—that is, the “threat” of Jews racially miscegenating with non-Jews.

The newspaper quoted the example of the Russian Jewess in question to illustrate how the anti-miscegenation laws in Israel are enforced.

The Jewess, using the name “Yael” in the report, was barred from marrying in Israel, along with her mother and older brother.

Although Yael and her family had “long ago immigrated to” Israel, their “lineage did not check out with the state religious authorities,” the newspaper revealed.

Yael said that the Tel Aviv rabbinical court had ruled that she was not Jewish, pointing to “inconsistencies in her family’s paperwork.”

“Yael’s grandmother, who said her documents were lost during World War II, was listed as Jewish on the birth certificate of her daughter, Yael’s mother, but as Belarusian, or not Jewish, on the birth certificate of her son. Also, Yael’s mother was listed as Belarusian on her immigration paperwork and as not Jewish on Yael’s birth certificate.

“Yael knew she would have to prove she was Jewish,” the Times of Israel continues, matter-of-factly, as if a law prohibiting intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews was the most normal thing in the world.

“But she never expected that trying to get married would turn into a nearly yearlong investigation of her family,” the report continued.

According to the Times of Israel, the rabbis who “control marriage in Israel have become increasingly stringent about checking who is a Jew,” and “more and more marriage applicants have been sent to rabbinical courts to be vetted.”

This “vetting” means that anybody wanting to get married in Israel to a Jew, has to prove that they are racially descended from Jews to the satisfaction of the rabbinical authorities.

Just last month, the Times of Israel revealed, “those courts claimed the authority to put marriage applicants’ families on trial, too.” The Jewish newspaper went on to explain that:

Anyone found not to be Jewish is added to a marriage “blacklist,” as happened to Yael and her family.

Because Jewishness is passed down from mother to child, the rabbinical courts bring in siblings or matrilineal relatives of marriage applicants and typically issue a ruling that applies to everyone.

The Times of Israel said that this had “been going on for least a decade and routinely for the past year and a half,” and that the rabbinical courts “investigate about 5,000 people for their Jewishness each year.”

Occasionally, the applicants who are ruled to be not Jewish enough appeal the decision, but on December 12, 2016, the “Supreme Rabbinical Court ruled the rabbinical courts were legitimately acting under a legal mandate to combat intermarriage,” the report added.

The Times of Israel said that “the Chief Rabbinate began regularly checking the Jewishness of marriage applicants and others in response to the mass influx of immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s.”

“Over the decades,” the paper continued, “the Chief Rabbinate’s worry about intermarriage has only grown. The checks became official policy in 2002.”

The Times of Israel approached the Rabbinical Courts Administration for comment, and the response received provided further illumination into the process:

Rabbi Shimon Yaakovi, an attorney who directs the Rabbinical Courts Administration, defended the Supreme Rabbinical Court’s ruling and said the rabbinical courts had to uphold Jewish law.

“We can’t have someone walking around wrongly thinking he’s a Jew, and his family and friends believing it,” he said.

“I understand people’s need to be part of the Jewish collective in Israel, but there are rules, and if we don’t obey the rules we undermine halacha. Judaism is not being measured by feelings.”

Even though Israel-supporting Jews all over the world are always among the first to attack any European who wishes to preserve their racial identity, they also always ignore Israel’s laws in this regard.

For example, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which claims to be the world’s largest organization “fighting hate,” has a special section devoted to discussing the Nazi Nuremberg laws of 1935, in which it says that

“The Reichstag adopted the Nuremberg Laws, which declared that Jews could no longer be citizens of Germany. Marriage and intimate relations between Jews and those of ‘Aryan’ blood were declared criminal acts.” (Nazi Germany and Anti-Jewish Policy, Anti-Defamation League).

Israel’s marriage laws are in fact identical to the Nuremberg Laws, even down to the point of investigating people’s racial ancestry and criminalizing marriage between Jews and non-Jews—but the ADL and all other Jewish organizations ignore these facts and will defend Israel to the last.

The ADL even has a whole section of its website devoted to defending Israel from criticism, and provides what it calls “key facts” to supporters on how to defend the Jews-only state.

This blatant hypocrisy is also reflected in the Jewish lobby-controlled mass media, which always focuses intently on any manifestation of what they call “white supremacy” or “racism” from Europeans, but who simultaneously ignore and cover up the overt Jewish racial laws in Israel.

  • Ironically, no one of any rational mind would want to deny Jews the right to preserve themselves and maintain their racial identity.

This is a demand which any healthy people or race would want for itself, and Jews cannot be faulted for having set up their state in a way which preserves Jewish identity, racial homogeneity, and fights miscegenation.

A problem only arises when Israel-supporting Jews stridently oppose any other people or race who demand this exact same right.

It is this blatant, malicious, and deliberate hypocrisy which remains a constant source of agitation—and is something which will not stop until Jewish behavior changes.

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  1. Such nauseating hypocrisy. This article needs to be shared around the world. It’s so fascinating that the Rabbi says that “Judaism is not measured by feelings.” Well then, I guess being an American or a Brit or a German shouldn’t be measured by “feelings” either, especially notions of “nationality” simply because one has a passport with the name of a particular country on it. Race is the only basis for a nation, which is peoplehood, and clearly, they know that. Even so, I wonder if they’ll be letting those Ethiopian black Jews or the Kaifeng Jews from China intermarry with the Ashkenazi anytime soon. “Pure” race, indeed. Jewish genes are more scrambled than a Denny’s breakfast special.

  2. This is actually good news, hypocritical as it is. They get to keep their gene pool with all those weird diseases like Tay sachs, etc. They should go even further with their edict: ban all Jews from intermarrying worldwide. They’re chosen to be together.

  3. No wonder the jews have been hated for
    over 5000 years. Name a place where there
    are a significant number of jews and there
    is no trouble.

  4. Even rubbing shoulders with us goyim might pollute them and we wouldn’t want that. Deport them all to israhell and let them keep their DNA “pure” but let them also know beyond any doubt that they must keep their noses out of our business.

  5. Jews intend their “selfish gene” remains forever undiluted .
    Far wiser than Merkel`s `Come one, come all, come help yourselves` crap to all and sundry.

  6. It is far beyond hypocrisy – jews hate whites and are actively at work destroying the white race. What has to be done is becoming quite obvious.

  7. Not so much ‘ hate’ – Jews actually like to think of themselves as hated…more of an antipathy for hypocrites and liars which is a natural function of this kingdom we call earth.

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