It Is Colonialist Racism to Force First World Standards onto the Third World

The overthrow of the first democratically elected Egyptian government in a military coup just a year after taking office has once again illustrated the reality that it is little short of colonialist racism to force European First World standards and norms onto the non-European Third World.


The coup in Egypt followed mounting protests against the Muslim Brotherhood dominated government—but what the protestors seemed to ignore was that (now ex) president Mohamed Morsi won the election in what foreign observers agreed was generally “free and fair.”

The ability to bring down a government at the whim of unelected military leaders is a story all too familiar with observers of the decades-long attempts to introduce First World systems into the Third World.

Critics of this policy have long pointed out that all societies—which include all cultural manifestations such as forms of government, art, infrastructure, societal cohesiveness, and much more—are merely reflections of the people who make up those communities.

As such, each community develops its own unique value system, and it is nothing but colonial paternalism and racism to expect one particular society’s standards and norms to be forced on, and maintained by, another racially different society.

In this way, those who seek to enforce “democracy” onto nations and races to whom its psychological and cultural underpinnings are inherently foreign, will always find their efforts confounded by events such as those happening in Egypt today.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are not expected to take the coup lying down, even if their leadership has now been arrested.

Some have threatened to “take revenge”—an implication that the situation might yet erupt into armed conflict.

Whatever happens in Egypt—ultimately one more chaotic Third World disaster is neither here nor there in the global scale—one thing is clear: the Third World is inherently unable to create or maintain First World standards.

This has implications regardless of geography, as the Third Worldization of Detroit and other American cities has also clearly shown.

The lesson of Egypt’s “democracy” has been to show that First World culture, identity, standards, and norms can only be maintained by a First World population.

The political implications of this are obvious, and the urgency for an exclusively European territory mounts with every passing day.

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  1. First world countries are not allowed to show third world countries the right ways to do things and teach them anything because it is wrong but if they make a mess of their own countries and expect financial help from the first world it is demanded? Why don’t we just leave the third world alone have nothing more to do with them and let them die in their own pathetic mess.Solve the first worlds problems by spending that money spent on ungrateful third world countries in their own coutries and going even further forward and building prosperity for their own nations. Screw the third world countries they deserve what they are getting.

  2. Multi culturism isn’t working, especially trying to assimilate third world people with first world ones! Even in S.Africa, it’s the whites on the receiving end now but we don’t see that in the media. The whites built up S.Africa and now the blacks have destroyed it! Uganda is just one example!

  3. Seems to me that first world standards should be what the “developing” countries are aiming for, but I guess not. Fact is the “developing” countries are not developing and have no intention of developing, only of invading first world countries to bring them down to third world standards.

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