Italian Patriots Sue Commie Milan Mayor

Italian patriots under the leadership of “Brothers of Italy” (Fratelli d’Italia, FdI) party president Giorgia Meloni are taking the communist mayor of Milan to court for racial discrimination against Italians for his plan to subsidize immigrants to the tune of €400 per month—while denying any sort of similar aid to local people.


According to an announcement by Ms Meloni—a member of the Italian parliament since 2006, and a former Minister of Youth in the fourth Berlusconi government—the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, has drawn up a plan to pay €400 per month to any household willing to host a nonwhite invader in the city.

This move, she said, is illegal and the FdI is taking Pisapia—a prominent member of the Communist Refoundation Party (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, PRC)—to court.

“The reason,” Ms Meloni said, “is simple: Article 42 of the Immigration Act of 1998 stipulates equal treatment and civil rights, and prohibits any public authority from discriminating against Italian citizens by giving immigrants priority access to social services.

“In the same way, a public authority cannot take measures that only provide social services for immigrants and exclude Italians. FdI is ready to defend the principle of social justice and to demonstrate each time that Pisapia’s move is an act of discrimination and racism against the Italian people,” she added.


Nonwhite invaders at the Stazione Centrale Square, Milan.

Matteo Salvini, the increasingly popular leader of the anti-invasion Northern League (Lega Nord, LN), said in his reaction that “Pisapia gives €400 per month to those who embrace a ‘refugee’. Bu the Milanese poor get nothing! This is crazy stuff! It is discrimination against needy Italians.”

The communist mayor’s plan was published on the Milan municipality’s website on December 30, 2015. According to that document, “host families must be resident and domiciled in the City of Milan.”

“Priority will be given to those families who have gained previous experience of forms of [refugee] reception and/or foster care,” for the subsidies, which will be paid €350 per single “guest” or €400 for a “family.”

Giuliano_PisapiaIn a press release which accompanied the announcement of the plan, councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino—who represents Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party (Partito Democratico, PD, which was formed out of the “Democrats of the Left” party, the official heirs of the original Italian Communist Party)—said that “Milan is innovative with its new forms of hospitality and social inclusion of migrants.”

He boasted that his city had given “aid and assistance to 87,000 people, including 17,000 children” over the last two years as they had “passed through Milan.”

Families who wish to participate in the plan “must be willing to participate in a training program lasting about two days, after which they will be interviewed by a psychologist to compare the motivations of the various family members and verify the suitability of the reception.”

They estimate that the length of stay for each invader will be at least six months. “The accommodation must be located within the municipality and must be suitable for use for residential use. In particular, the host families will make available a bedroom dedicated exclusively for the guests/visitors and ensure the use of sanitation and a minimum of furniture for storing clothes and goods for personal use.”

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  1. Fantastico – a lot of people tend to forget that the racial discrimination works both ways.
    Bravo tutti fratelli italiani !!!

    1. At last, there are some people that have had enough of being classed as second rate citizens, in their own country and there are many English, that feel the same way, I am sick of racial discrimination, against the natives of my country and it is time, we made a stand and took action. Great news, I hope other EU countries will do the same

      1. The UK socialists abuse the “vulnerable person” classification to give immigrants priority treatment. I would like to know by what stretch of the imagination is any Muslim a vulnerable person? I never saw a group more organised and capable of fighting their own battles.

        1. Totally agree with your politics dunroamin, but I think your comments about
          them being capable of fighting their own battles are a bit of a flight of fantasy.
          I’ll admit they can shoot straight but that’s about it, in battle array against even a
          second rate enemy, they’d cut and run, that’s why the current middle east is a
          bit of a kerfuffle, and proxy war. The Iranians can fight because they are not Arabs
          but Persians, the rest are crap!

  2. I hope there will come a time when supporters of ‘Communism’ will be prosecuted for support of mass killings in the past. Why should they get away with support for mass murder?

    1. I hope so, too, and I hope the traitors flooding white nations with nonwhites soon stand before a firing squad.

  3. Has anyone considered this simple fact:

    Western governments create and enforce laws “Equal Opportunities” “Affirmative Action” to prevent a TV show or a Football team etc… from being TOO White. Yet they dismiss White extinction “Genocide” as an irrelevant non-event. So the same establishment that creates laws against not enough non-Whites in a TV show, also demands open borders and assimilation in ALL and ONLY White countries and dismisses the obvious consequence as irrelevant.

    Our leaders are openly saying: Not enough ethnics in a TV show = BAD. No Whites anywhere = 0

    There is a contradiction here so obvious that any decent lawyer would bet his life on a conviction. And any decent detective would be happy to go ahead and make the arrest.

    It’s right there. We NOW need to start pushing for the Arrest, Trial & Imprisonment of the treasonous leaders of our respective White countries.

    Does anyone else get it? The argument is OVER!

    1. Good point – this so called “affirmative action” actually backfired big time in the States. They focused on issues such as education and employment, granting special consideration to racial minorities and in many cases it caused nothing but problems for the very supposingly “discrimated” against individuals and the estime of many schools. Funny, isn.t it?

  4. Hillbrow is a part of Johannesburg and shortly after the Nelson Mandela period began in South Africa it became fashionable to hijack buildings and force of numbers and violence ensured its success. Then default on municipal accounts became the norm. There is personal liability for the violation of Treaties, Conventions. Declarations, Covenants and Statutes of the UN so the Mayor is personally responsible for any misappropriation of funds under his control. Giving the citizens funds to third parties is something that can be claimed back from the Mayor. See The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Article 8. 2b xvi Pillaging a town… And Article 27 Irrelevance of official capacity. It also is covered by Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.

  5. Great news, I hope they succeed. Discrimination works both ways. I’d like to think we could do the same in the UK but I won’t hold my breath…………….

    1. It would be great here in the U.K.if some one any one had the guts to take this on board. If our vunerable were given a home and money and every thing else that goes with it. That we would get first choice schools docters ect but no we are way down the list.Because other countries have barbaric leaders we are expected to take in their people its got to stop.

      1. There are people in the uk who have the guts to stand up against the wrong descisions being made, but we are not allowed to mention them , the controlled media and lefties try and stop us from having a voice….

  6. It takes guts to say the things other people won’t say. Remember great christian men abolished slavery at a time when it was political and career suicide to even attempt it. They faced derision, expulsion and scorn.
    The modern day slave traders are socialist/communists enslaving millions to the welfare class to endless dependency and slavery to the social welfare government. Its a bit like the hotel california. You can check in to that system but you can never leave. If you can’t speak freely in the UK just as Germany is also heavily censored by Merkel then already your status as a citizen is revoked or being revoked. Then you have no choice but to shout from the rooftops and unite and protest and vote them out or stand in line at in the slave que and sell your soul to social slaverers. The only reason the rights of ethnic citizens of Europe are being exploited is because you have let them do so. Something stinks anyway. Plenty of money to favour non citizens but none to solve unemployment? Ridiculous!!!Enough people say no they will be forced to change or elect someone else. They can’t kill you for speaking? And if they do well then you under occupation by a tyrannical state.

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