Italian Pro-Invasion Italian Mayor Arrested for Immigration Fraud

Italy’s world-famous pro-Third World invasion mayor, Domenico Lucano from Riace—who was listed by Fortune magazine as one of the “world’s greatest leaders in 2016”—has been arrested for immigration fraud and the hundreds of African invaders staying in his town illegally have been rounded up in preparation for deportation.

African invaders demonstrate in Riace after the arrest of the town mayor on immigration fraud charges.

The move to close down what the pro-invasion controlled media called the “Riace project” was taken over the past weekend by Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, according to the La Repubblica newspaper.

The move follows Lucano’s arrest earlier this month on charges of involvement in organizing “marriages of convenience” for asylum purposes. The far left mayor is currently under house arrest in his own town.

Lucano also made himself guilty of corruption charges when he skipped a tender process to award a trash management contract to a local co-operative which was employing the African invaders—a clear breach of the law.

Salvini welcomed Lucano’s arrest and the shipping out of the African invaders as “proof that the government of change has declared war on the immigration business.”

“Those who commit crimes will pay, and we cannot tolerate irregularities in the use of public funds, even when the excuse is being used to spend it on immigrants,” Salvini added.

There were 430 Africans in Riace, making up just under one-quarter of the residents. It is not year clear where the Africans will be sent, but Salvini has vowed to ship most of them home.

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  1. The more I read of all this sort of news, the more I become convinced that the use of Armed Forces in The Mediterranean should have been authorised before they entered Italian waters. Sorry, it may mean a lot of casualties but as we all know, there are only two reasons these illegal immigrants are leaving their own countries, the first is that their leaders are so corrupt that there is never going to be an improvement in those countries and secondly, they are the biggest gutless excuses of the male species because they won’t stay and get it sorted out themselves BUT leave their families to an uncertain life.

    1. These immigrants are low IQ, and in most cases totally unemployable, the first world does not need or want.
      Some are also carriers of disease, and almost all are brought up to believe that it is perfectly acceptable to abuse, rape, beat and even murder women. They truly believe that they are superior to the female species, and this will never change, its deeply ingrained in their personality.

      They are not coming to work, they are invading to take over our countries because they have destroyed their own. They will pillage from western, first world civilised countries all that they themselves could never achieve back home. They are here to rape, pillage and murder their way through civilised societies, reducing them to the same sh*t pile that they have abandoned.
      What they fail to understand is that once they have destroyed our successful countries too, there will be no where else for them to run to, and they will then perish.
      We will all perish if we do not keep out, and deport them.

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