Italy: 10,000 Invaders in 2 Days

At least 10,000 African invaders have landed in Italy in the first two days of this week—mostly being brought ashore by the Italian navy and leftist organizations.

The sharp increase in numbers is a direct result of the lawlessness which prevails in Libya, and the pro-invasion policies pursued by every Western European nation which encourages the Africans with offers of welfare.


The International Organization for Migration said in its latest overview that no less than 105,000 invaders had now reached Italy by boat in 2016, most of them setting sail from Libya.

Favorable weather conditions this week have seen an increase in boats setting sail. Some 1,100 invaders were picked up on Sunday and 6,500 on Monday—and the influx is showing no sign of abating.

Italy has been on the front line for three years, and more than 400,000 invaders have successfully made the voyage to Italy from North Africa since the beginning of 2014.

The 6,500 invaders brought ashore on Monday were all picked up only 13 miles off the Libyan coast, meaning that the EU’s navies are now doing the smugglers’ work in assisting the invasion.

According to reports, Italian naval ships and “vessels from non-government groups” took part in the operation, carried out off the Libyan port town of Sabratha on Monday.

Groups such as “Proactiva Open Arms” and “Doctors without Borders” helped take on some 3000 Africans who had been traveling in about 20 small wooden boats.

many boats

In images and video, the invaders—all from Eritrea and Somalia—cheered as the rescue boats arrived, with some jumping into the water and swimming toward them while others carried babies onto the rescue ships, reports said.

Their boats did not even have enough fuel to make it out further than a few kilometers, making it clear that the smugglers now know that the Europeans will come and “rescue” them instead.

Since the illegal 2011 ousting and killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi by British, French, and American-backed “rebels,” that country has collapsed in lawlessness and different factions—one of them openly allied to ISIS.

It is not only in Italy that the nonwhite invasion is proceeding apace. In Greece, at least 460 Third Worlders landed on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Kos on Monday, in an indication that the invasion route via Turkey is beginning to open up again.

Greek authorities say the number of invaders on the islands now numbers over 12,000, and that 129 had arrived the previous day. The steady increase comes just five months after the much-touted “EU-Turkey” deal  supposedly went into force—but which has so far only resulted in a tiny handful of invaders actually being returned to Turkey.

According to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, 100 invaders arrived on Greek islands from Turkey per day in August, up from 60 in July. It said 2,307 people arrived through August 23, compared to 1,920 for the entire month of July.

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  1. 13 miles from the Libyan coast! (Face Palm) Is that new border of Schengen. Why not extend it the to border of Sudan, or even better like the border of South Africa, or even better get rid of all boarders all together, at this point who would even notice, IDIOTS!!!

    1. The white european master merkill was the one who invited all of them to come and invade europe. Its not a non white problem. Its a white problem. The white betraying the white again. History keeps repeating.

    2. They’re picking them up so close to Libya now because it’s bad publicity to have floating turds scattered all across the Mediterranean. They have basically neutralized Poseidon…

  2. It’s about time those politicians, and they know who they are, who are on the cusp of quitting their parties, or joining nationalist parties, or speaking out publicly, should do so now. This is an ongoing attack on the very democracies and the people they are expected to represent.

    1. …not to forget fried ape and cooked grandmas. I’m looking forward to meet all those nobel prize winners! So if they are 13 miles off the syrian coast, why don’t they bring them back to Isis where they came from?

  3. What’s with the Italian navy? Do they
    they have spaghetti for brains? I thought the EU had originally planned
    to send the migrants back, arrest the
    the transporters and destroy their boats. I smell soros, brussels and the
    US in this. This idiocy of the western
    EU is beyond belief. When they start
    breeding it will like cockroaches on
    fertility drugs.

  4. As usual they’re mostly males of working and military age wanting an easy life in Europe rather than stay to work and fight to make their home countries worth living in. I hope they thank the Italian ferry service.

    1. They’re young males who are entitled in their own cultures and expect the same in Europe without lifting a finger. When they don’t get what they want they will go on the rampage. The extreme violence at The Jungle camp in Calais by those who are being denied entry to the UK is a foretaste of what’s to come across Europe.

      1. Yeah? Makes the rest of Europeans sick that the Germans are still handing out cuddly teddy bears and welcome mats to the invaders.

  5. Everyone of them a doctor or architect isn’t Europe lucky. Lets face it none of these invaders want to settle in a Eastern European country they want to choose a country with generous benefits a free house and family reunion package for the rest of their extended families.

  6. “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation Europe will not survive.” — Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA News 2010

    1. Just watching the repulsive Jewish Spectre hag makes me want vomit before she even begins spewing lies about wanting to transform Europe for Europe`s sake.
      The last thing on this evil bitch`s warped and obsessive Jewish mind is the future of anywhere else but Israel.
      Along with the evil Soros and his ilk the avowed intention is to ensure Israel has supreme power over the whole region in splendid isolation.
      The rest of us can go to hell.

  7. Whey do they still pretend that there is something like a border? The only reason that borders exist is because of native Europeans. They need to control us.
    While Africans and Asians can have a free pass up to the point where they (banksters/kabbalist/ politicians/capitalists/communists) decide to make them work as hard as slaves like in the darkest of the ages.
    You know that is is one important objective because that’s why we have less and less left of our social security systems while the invaders get everything thrown at for free.
    When we (clear thinking Europeans) were no longer there , then things would get really bad for the invaders.Then the global slave state can be implemented for a 1000 years and longer. The kabbalist’s dreams coming true.
    The only positive thing about the current situation is, that the leftists and Marxists with all their disguises and their disgusting hypocritical attitude completely expose themselves as the liars as they are.
    They together with the so-called “conservatives/economists” destroyed the whole labor market with low wage jobs, ludicrous demands for simple jobs, always asking for experience and when someone had experience they said and still say “Sorry overqualified” or today in some places you hear “we have a crisis, we can’t pay you that”
    Haven’t the “conservative/economists/technocrats”created terms like “human resources” and at the same time they are spending money on humanitarian projects and do outsourcing? Can it get anymore hypocritical?
    And while this is going on more and and more immigrants from Asia and Africa, are being employed and one wonders why these people get jobs while Europeans get away empty-handed. Why do restaurants and bar owners for example do that? I never understood that. I can only explain myself that there must be either laws in place favoring the employment of non-European foreigners, an incentive to do that, probably a tax advantage or simply the greed of so-called employers in the (tourism) industry to exploit some foreigners with bad labor conditions and consequently the general standard of living goes down…Most likely I believe it’s a little bit of everything as aforementioned.
    Well as I’m writing these lines I think there was once an article of an online newspaper where 50 million Africans were being planned to be imported to Europe.

    And nowadays, aren’t getting many people high-level-paid jobs in different industries and administrations because they knew someone who was already working there or knew a good friend, uncle, party member, and/or brotherhood guy?
    It’s hardly about merit anymore but how good someone is connected. The better connected the easier one gets a WELL remunerated job.

    Any wonder why things are going down the drain, even though we have lots of people with university degrees running around? More than 50 years ago we had less university degree guys and things were far better for people.
    So we can see a university/college degree doesn’t mean necessarily anything. It’s always depends on the ability of a person to think outside the box. To be capable to discern important information from unimportant one.

    That’s the inner child who asks the rights questions to get to the source. I say that is the born mystic the one who always discovers something with his or her rich inner life. If these people would be organized together then we were to make in 10 years an advancement of 1000 years.
    And I hope that more and more Europeans are getting aware of it, as they are the carriers of this flame. Not any other race has this ability.

  8. If Europe is to survive, then the EU must go.

    If the Italians are stupid enough to ‘rescue’ these invaders – then in Italy the invaders must stay. The Italians should not be permitted to contaminate the rest of Europe with *their* filth.
    Bottling up the invaders in Italy – which, in the long run will cause the Italians to ‘see sense’, can only be achieved by the dissolution of the EU and ‘open borders’.

    Currently, the Italians are creating just a big disastrous mistake for themselves as they did in 1940 when Mussolini foolishly declared war on the British Empire.
    It will end in the same cataclysmic way for the Italians. Italians seem to have a knack for destroying themselves at regular intervals.

  9. What will europe do with all these brain surgeons,aircraft engineers and the like soon every european/brit will have their own personal doctor enriching them……..terry

  10. Of cos they all want to flock here. Germany giving 300-400 eur per month free money to them op top of housing , medical, education and pensions. Thats a huge magnet.

  11. What the Hell are we supposed to do with hundreds of thousand of unintelligent, unqualified, unemployable black Africans? We don’t need them, we don’t want them. Their supposedly “seeking a better life” translates as “having a tilt at the welfare honeypots of Northern Europe”. They only keep coming because they know from “refugees” already there that should they manage to get in illegally (particularly to multicullturalism-obsessed Britain), insanely, the welfare honeypot is freely offered without question – housing, free medical care and cash payments. Until the welfare tap to illegal immigrants is shut off, and permanently, this chaos will only intensify.

    But, sooner or later, as we are dealing with violent savages, it will have to involve brute force, and someone will die. Unavoidable.

  12. This is the EU Border Protection Agency, Frontex, in action. Someone needs to be answerable and held to account for the taxpayers’ money spent on the pretext of ‘protecting’ the EU southern borders. Why not just send in the marines and turn the migrant boats around? If this was done a few times, word would soon get around and the swarms of migrants would soon stop. Or is this too simple and not costly enough?

  13. Italian citizens must demonstrate in front of the American embassy in Rome, asking the Obama and Hillary Clinton to take every refugee coming from Libya. Those two criminals are the prime responsible for the catastrophe of refugees Italy and Europe are facing now. Will the Italian citizens do it in front of the American embassy or against their government? I do not think so, because the Italians are the most stupid and ignorant people in Europe, otherwise the would have demonstrated against this invasion.

  14. Ah yes italy,the soft underbelly of Europe, where else would you invade ?A never ending supply of third world trash lured by welfare and free sex in sweden …..terry

  15. Someone from the USA is also here, I see! Obama and Hillary and their Marxist gangs need to be sent far, far away. Or into the inner cities here. Live there, no protection, nothing to make their life cushy while they spew their bile into the vast wasteland that is their toilet, which is making our world pure sewage as they seem to want to do. I really am amazed that people in power are just so stupid to think that bringing horrid people into a country, state, city or town anywhere is good idea! Oh, and subsidizing them as well financially! And forcing those who live there to welcome the scum and, “embrace” them. WTF! Europe, we are looking at what is going on with you but much of our MSM news glosses over it Why can’t we learn that this is not a good idea at all! The liberals and SJW, PC bleeding hearts have to go here in America. Obama, Clinton and their “powers that be” have caused so much shit. They have enabled and fomented this disaster, and I do not apologize in saying that the USA is influential, and our decisions as a nation count internationally. It is time to get these rats out of office, out of international politics and out of any sane person’s life. Period. I have no idea what’s coming but it doesn’t look good any way you look at it.HAPPENING NOW: Hillary has just said that we have to be, “patient and humble”! Oh dear God the woman must go, she is the US Merkel as Trump says. I do not want to see my country and community invaded by idiots! I do not want to see my country’s economy become more strained and more pressure placed on our police/border patrols/judicial system/jails/shelters/school systems/housing availability/medical/food stamps/CRIME/ you name something bad, and that’s what is going to happen. We have our own problems and why invite more. Honestly, I can’t believe the EU or ANY country would buy into this Globalism and diversity brainwashing bs. What were they thinking?! Seriously, the USA is going through this right now with weirdest and most enlightening election I have ever seen in my 50 yrs in politics. Hopefully, most of us are waking up and are waking up fast.Europe. I’ll tell you that thanks you right now for being the first to start falling. We don’t get enough MSM (main stream media) coverage for most of us to see what’s going on unfortunately, but there are tons of us who get it. I wish you guys luck over there. Stand up for yourselves and Shout! We will hear it here. I promise.

  16. Just get ready to defend yourself by whatever means you can find. Here in Norway its still legal to carry around a handfull of dirt you just cant throw it at anybody because you might hurt their feelings. Lol It doesnt matter though because if the law doesnt allow defense of ones family then the law will have to be broken. PERIOD.

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