Italy: 2,074 Seaborne African Invaders Land in One Day

The ongoing African invasion of Europe continues to speed up, with 2,074 Africans landing in Italy in just one day.

The mass invasion—by Third Worlders who have absolutely no right to claim asylum anywhere, and who are motivated purely by what they can get by way of charity handouts from liberal Europeans—is aided and abetted by the “rescue” missions run by private leftist charities and naval units from various European states.

An Italian coast guard spokesman told media that on Friday last week, 19 such “rescue operations” by his nation’s coast guard, or ships operated by non-governmental organizations, had plucked the 2,074 invaders from “16 rubber dinghies and three small wooden boats.”

The fact that the Africans were in such small vessels shows once again that they do not even have to cross the Mediterranean, but only have to set sail from the coast of Libya before being picked up by the Europeans and transported in comfort and safety to Europe—instead of being dumped back on the nearby African coast as they should be.

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) boats Prudence and Aquarius pulled 1,145 invaders from nine different dinghies alone, that organization said.

According to a “rescue operation” by the Phoenix, a ship of the rescue group Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the invaders “struggled to stay afloat after they slid off their rubber boat” and “video footage showed rescuers jumping into the water off the coast of Libya to help them”—a direct admission that the “rescues” are being carried out within sight of the African coast.

Reuters photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi, who was aboard the Phoenix, confirmed that all the invaders were from “sub-Saharan counties.”

Those pulled from the sea by the MOAS and MSF ships, and by the German NGO Sea Eye and the German Jugend’s Iuventa, were transferred to Italian coast guard ships, and then taken to Italian ports.

According to the International Organization for Migration, nearly 32,000 invaders have made use of the free taxi service to illegally land in Europe so far this year.

The EU’s border control agency, Frontex, has accused donor-funded vessels of doing more harm than good by sailing off Libya and acting “like taxis,” and Italian prosecutors have suggested they may have links with traffickers.

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  1. THIS is why brexit just had to happen.
    Ignore the incessant propaganda, Britons should be proud for voting for brexit.

    Jonathan Portes.

  2. That may be why Brits voted for Brexit, but they were misinformed since ongoing massive Third World immigration and 'refugeeism' is the issue and their treacherous and hostile 'elite' have other routes to Rome up their sleeves.

    UK trade ties with EU will be replaced by a skein of international treaties and other obligations and UK's role as head of the Commonwealth will be its new focus. Not the White Commonwealth of Australia, Canada, NZ, RSA, but of teeming Third World populations.

    Consider this illustration:

    Check youtube for UK Column News 29 March 2017
    Among other topics, Brexit as Plan B for Globalism.

    The late A.K. Chesterton wrote in his last work "Facing The Abyss" the following:

    "Secondly, and to some readers this may come as a shock, we must categorically reject, as another institution of the enemy, the internationalist agency once known as the British Commonwealth. . . the clamour of the Afro-Asian members made this nebulous conglomeration of peoples, united by no common allegiance, an active agent in the dissolution of the British world system. . . . What would take the place of a liquidated Commonwealth? Here again common interests suggest the answer. The countries once known as the British Dominions – the White Dominions – not only share a heritage which finds expression in innumerable departments of life but they require the cohesion of their world system for the proper exercise of their own national sovereignty.. . . "

  3. [… comment continued…]

    And in case you think this is all abstract surmising by sceptics, here it is out of their own mouthes, UKIP as BREXIT-proponent in the run up to voting:

    'If we get out of the EU, we will be in complete control over our own immigration system and can vet anyone wanting to come and live in Britain. We will be able to create a fairer and more equal immigration system. ***We won't pick someone from Germany or France over someone from China or Africa just because the latter "aren't European enough"***.'

    And as for the latest batches of seaborne invaders from Africa, this is all planned too. Coudenhove-Kalergi or what?! John Tyndall wrote this in the late 1990s:

    "Concerning the post-war trend in which Britain, and other countries of the western world, had been thrown open to massed non-white immigration, the penetrative South African journalist the late Ivor Benson, writing in his newsletter 'Behind The News' back in the 1980s, had this to say:-

    "Commencing almost immediately after the end of World War 2, hordes of alien immigrants were deliberately brought in by the planeload from the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc., and delivered to all the main population centres – London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol, etc. – where they were immediately placed on full public assistance and provided with housing."

    This represented, in Mr. Benson's words, the first phase of the plan. Then describing the second phase he said:-

    "The continued importation of alien population elements into Europe and North America can now be clearly recognised as a gigantic, well planned and costly para-military operation, much of it routed through East Germany, the main staging post for bogus refugees flown in Soviet airliners from the Far East and elsewhere; from East Germany they are pushed out in busloads into West Germany, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland, and in boat-loads across the Baltic into Sweden and Norway, to be further distributed by all kinds of illegal means into Britain and across the Atlantic to Canada and the United States of America. Anyone who believes that all this could be the result of an exercise of personal initiative by the migrants, and all that at their own expense, would have to be naive to the point of weak-mindedness."

    This puts, in a nutshell, the reality that the massive invasion of Britain and other Western countries that we have witnessed over recent years, involving peoples belonging to cultures hopelessly incapable of proper assimilation with those of the West, is no haphazard development; it has been deliberately planned. Mr. Benson might also have mentioned Australia and New Zealand, where precisely the same planned invasion is taking place, with the object of destroying those countries' traditional British culture which, over many generations, has bound them in fraternal association with our own…."

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