Italy: Anti-Third World Invasion Parties Win 92% of Vote, Smash Race Traitor Parties

A coalition of parties whose common theme is opposition to the Third World invasion of Italy and Europe yesterday smashed Italy’s pro-invasion leftist party in the highly important Abruzzo regional elections, drawing over 92 percent of the vote against the race-traitors’ 7.9 percent.

The result in Abruzzo, the central Italian state located east of Rome, was regarded as a barometer in Italy on the forthcoming European Parliament elections in that country—and as a popularity test of the emerging center-right alliance.

Most remarkable was the result for Italian Deputy Prime Minister’s Matteo Salvini’s Lega Party, which has now emerged as the undisputed dominant force in Italian politics.

The full results of the state elections in Abruzzo were as follows:

— Lega 27.3% (party did not contest the 2014 election in Abruzzo in 2014);

— M5s: 19.4 % (22.36 % in 2014. The Five Star Movement is currently the formal coalition partner of the Lega party in the Italian government.).

— Forza Italia 10.7 % (16.67% in 2014. The party of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi);

— FDI 7% (2.9 % in 2014. The “Fratelli d’Italia,” or Brothers of Italy party, the formal heir of the Italian Social Movement (formed in 1946 by supporters of Benito Mussolini, and its successor the National Alliance);

— PD: 7.9 % (25.5 % in 2014. The Democratic Party is Italy’s largest far left pro-Third World invasion party, and was the party of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi).

The Lega, Forza Italia, and the FDI were in a formal alliance in the Abruzzo regional election, and together that alliance took nearly 46 percent of the vote.

In addition, their candidate—a FDI man, Marco Marsilio, won the election for president of the Abruzzo region with 50 percent of the vote. The far left’s candidate, Giovanni Legnini, took 31.28 percent, followed by the Five State Movement’s Sara Marcozzi with 20.20%.

The regional vote indicates that Salvini’s alliance with the mercurial Five Star Movement may be coming to an end, as the newly-emerging alliance with the FN and FDI might be enough to push him into making a “solo” run at the premiership at the next election.

In addition, the Abruzzo election is seen as confirming predictions that the populists will sweep the European Parliament elections this year in Italy. This is also expected to be the case in most of eastern Europe. Together with populist parties in western Europe, this might also portend a significant anti-invasion grouping in the European as a whole—the first time since that organization’s inception that the race-traitor parties will not have held an absolute majority.

France’s Marine le Pen, leader of the Rassemblement National (the now-renamed Front National) lost no time in expressing her congratulations on the Abruzzo result. “The spectacular result of the League’s candidate in the Abruzzo region demonstrates the Italians’ support of the policies pursued our allies. Bravo Matteo!” she said.

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  1. Methinks all is not well in Brussels at the moment. One has to wonder what the EU elite are doing now to change this onward attack of their misguided attitude to ‘DEMOCRACY’. They’ve tried for just over 2 years to stop the UK leaving and many believe that they will have spent thousands of Euros trying to bribe all manner of people to do that. The forthcoming EU elections is now going to be interesting as to the outcome.

  2. Careful Italy! The opposition will find a treacherous way to bring in illegals on medical grounds, as the pathetic, traitorous leftist Labor party has done in Australia.

    1. That’s a new one—thanks for the warning, Australian brother! Here in Blighty our treasonous politicians are busy welcoming hundreds of ISIS murderers, their wives and children back into the UK under “Operation Constrain”, which gives them free housing, education, medical care, job training, “trauma counselling” (can you believe it?), and even government grants to help them set up their own businesses. Taxi driving is a favourite, perfect for “Vehicular Jihad” and “Rape Jihad” against “war captives” and “meat”, their terms for all western women.

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