Italy Heading for Record Invasion Year

At least 168,542 Third World invaders have landed in Italy this year as of November 20, more than all of 2015, and only about 1,480 fewer than the previous record year of 2014, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

There are currently over 176,000 Third Worlders living in Italian “reception centers”—a population equivalent in size to all but 18 of Italy’s largest cities.


Males comprised 96 percent of the invasion force, while the main countries of origin are Nigeria, Mali, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea, and Pakistan.

The IOM report also revealed that as of November 16, some 7,482 of the invaders had been “selected” for relocation elsewhere into the European Union in terms of Merkel’s “refugee distribution” deal.

Based on information from the Italian Ministry of the Interior, most of the invaders waiting for “relocation” from Italy are Eritrean nationals. Of the 7,482, at least 1,757 have already been removed to other European states.

On November 15, 228 invaders departed to Germany and another 100 are planned to be relocated to the Netherlands and France in the next days.

Out of 22,775 invaders claiming to be unaccompanied minors, who arrived in Italy by November 3, 2016, at least 3,569 “Eritreans,” 167 “Syrians,” 187 “Iraqis,” and 12 “Yemenis” are also “eligible for relocation,” the IOM report said.

Relocation costs are paid from the EU budget, with €6,000 euros per head going to the country that accepts the refugees and €500 euros to the country transferring them.

According to reports from Italy dealing with invaders arriving after November 16, several thousand extra are arriving every day, including Palestinians, Lebanese, and Sudanese.

Italian police in Salerno, southwestern Italy, also recently arrested 13 nonwhites living in Italy for helping to organize a “human smuggling” network. One of those arrested is a Somali with German nationality, who was the head of the ring.

According to the Napoli Repubblica newspaper, two other Somalis have been placed under house arrest, while the remaining ten have been put in prison.

Using their legal status in Europe, the gang provided a network all the way into Germany, Austria, Demark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Norway.

They offered invaders landing in Italy—that is, those coming off the European navy ships who transport them to Europe from the North African coast—transport north so that they would not have to even apply for “asylum” in Italy.

Police said that the gang earned at least €150,000 each month from their activities, which have been in operation for at least two years.

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  1. Stop rescuing them, as soon as they leave Libya they call the Italian coast guard to come and ferry them over, its all planned and the weak EU does nothing to stop them, I remember Cameron probably the worst British PM in years state the Royal Navy and special forces would smash the people smugglers, another false threat, all they do is transport them first class to Italy.

  2. In reality Western Europe alone could already have a population of foreigners of more than 70 million. The traitorous authorities are there to control and keep us in check. Why does the FRG ( masonic republic of Germany or officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany) is now looking out for “Reichsbürger” (= people who renounce the Republic) and think the German Reich still lives on as confirmed by the “Verfassungsgerichtshof” ( Constitution court) in 1973. Not that the verdict itself much value, as power comes form the will of survival of a dedicated group of people and ultimately weapons.
    The pencil, computer and mass media communication mostly serves for already established power structures as they have the means and money to divulge information. Dissident voices can be shut down at any moment when they wanted.
    But then they would loose their “democracy veil” (which they already do) and when the soft dictatorship known as democracy is completely unveiled then they can turn it to a hard dictatorship like Stalin and Trotzki and their Banksters behind laughing at the suffering of the people and indulging in the jest-set lifestyle.
    That’s why we are losing by varies treaties like the Lisbon one or other G7 or G20 summits more and more rights because they are already transforming the world into ONE GLOBAL THEOCRACY.
    That’s the idea behind it.
    The capital of the world being Jerusalem with their Sanhedrin and everyone of the world subject to the Jewish law. Forget the Germanic/Celtic sense of justice. That’s flying out of the window.
    For this reason they want an unarmed European populous and made it difficult of us obtaining weapons. They also put a lot of effort into the anti gun propaganda knowing that an unarmed population can be slain like sheep in a slaughter house.
    Above all they infected the European populations around the world with the ideas of the Jewish Frankfurt School of equality and basically what the hippies stood for. The fruits of their work can be seen by walking on the streets or looking into your own wallet or when you pay the tax office. The amount of welfare being given and spent on foreigners is likely so large that they will never publish these figures,, at least not on a daily basis as this would likely cause more outrage. In the meantime native people are being left with some pittance and worsening work situations.

    If someone can it’s best to avoid paying taxes whenever possible or do the other thing get as much “help” as you can as we don’t know if a pension is ever going to be paid out and under what circumstances…when the neighborhood has been turned into a “fakefugee” camp or foreign country due to immigrants.

    The system is harming us in every way possible so taking defensive measures is legitimate in my eyes.

    1. I Agree 100% With your analysis and it seems the only alternative is Revolution given the extent of the brainwashing of the general population in Europe and America, if we are to save ourselves from this conspiracy! Granting this conspiracy and brainwashing exists, how is a Revolution even tenable is in doubt.The tentacles of the Jew socialist bankers, media and academia are everywhere, we can only hope for some kind of “revelation”on the part of the people, by now, an unknown entity! Thank you for your commentary, your one of the lnsightful voices in an otherwise conformist, globalist, one sided conversation

      1. Thank you for your comment Thomas. Well I think we will witness – before any revolution takes places or can take place – a positioning of the people. Due the amount of information being released in the recent years about the lies in history and some more subjects like archeology etc.. there will be those who genuinely seek the truth and those who stick to “their” opinions by their “feelings” and beliefs.
        I experience it myself. Some people can’t understand my conclusions I came to and for them I’m a nazi or fascist or simply pure evil that has been seduced by some wicked force.
        So old friendships might no longer work well because the opinions between truth and “emotion” clash with each other but the issue is that certain topics can no longer be put aside as the Europeans face war on all fronts. The worst part is mostly within our midst.
        On the hand old friendships disappear but on the other hand new friendships will be forged. It seems to me that cards are being mixed anew. There are a lot of opportunities and a lot can be done with people who have a good ideas and the will to pursue it, no matter the hardships.
        People are positioning themselves now. That will take some time but it’s ongoing. I see it in my surrounding.
        Actually the next election presidential in Austria shows how polarized the opinions within the people are
        Personally I think that the point of return for conventional ideas has long passed. That was and is the objective of the Globalists.
        It’s a good idea looking into the Celtic/Germanic folklore and what they say about this time and the people and how men and women will fall ( referring to to their values )
        I sustain the opinion that we should truly be familiar with our own past to know where to go. The sagas, and
        be familiar why Christmas tree actually was a yew tree and so on. Knowing the meaning of the costums gives
        a person an inner strength and security. That’s why they don’t teach it, because the globalists only want weak and guilt ridden Europeans.

  3. I am at a loss, as all readers would be themselves, as to the f’n difference between a people smuggler and the UN/EU/Italian Navy. The only thing I can think of is that ‘official organisations’ aren’t making a profit from this. Or are they?

  4. So, what is going to happen to the blatant fraudsters as fakers who are not eligible for ‘relocation’? – thereby given the tacit admission that they are not genuine refugees but con-artists.
    Are they going to be repatriated?

    No. ‘Not on your Nelly’. Those dirty bastards will, eventually, be given Italian citizenship, and then they will flood northern Europe. This ‘relocation’ scam is just mere window-dressing to fool the gullible public that the real invasion is being tempered.
    In five to ten years’ time when all the fuss has died down mark my words that the ‘Italian’ invaders will swamp northern Europe.
    This is what brexit was all about.

  5. They have themselves to blame for buying into the arab propaganda – tolerance, aging and socialism while their hidden agenda is invasion. So they open their doors for MASS immigration which is suicidal. Some immigration is ok but mass immigration is harmful just like taking sleeping pills or pain killers.

  6. All the borders are closed so Italy is stuck with them all, like Sweden and Germany Italy is finished, none want to work just grab benefits and housing then fly home for a holiday.

  7. When is that great Humanitarian, Dope Francis, going to throw open the gates of the Vatican state to accomodate the great unwashed masses.
    There are plenty of feet to wash & kiss Dope Francis!

  8. This has been, and still is weaponized migration. The PTB are fostering complete chaos worldwide both physically and economically.

    The end game is that the hoi polloi will be so distraught, so traumatized, that they’ll beg for relief as ‘anything is better than this’.

    Its the NWO. Every ostensible contradiction to decency and civility is nothing of the sort. Its a plan whose fruition grows ever closer.

    Nationalist rebellion, such as it stands now, was not only expected, but already planned and dealt with. Whether the best laid plans of evil dynastic globalists prevail has yet to be seen.

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