Italy: Invaders Flee from CasaPound

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders squatting in the seaside town of Ostia, outside Rome, last night fled in the face of a mass show of force by Italian nationalist organization CasaPound, supported by hundreds of locals.

The invaders had turned the town’s park into a squalid shantytown, used it as a public toilet, and had terrorized locals for months with their criminal activities—and leftist authorities had refused to act.


CasaPound—which sprang to international prominence with a 10,000-strong anti-invasion march and demonstration in Rome in May this year—announced that they were going to “clean up” the Ostia Lido Centro area after residents had asked them to help.

They said that local authorities had refused to move the invaders—many of them Africans who had landed in Italy during the ongoing boat-invasion which is being encouraged and supported by the European Union.

“CasaPound took to the streets with exasperated residents,” CasaPound Ostia leader Luca Marsella said.

“We’re not leaving until these people who have been here for months are gone. The residents are afraid. This cannot be allowed to carry on,” he added, before taking up a megaphone to lead the growing crowd.

After more than three hours of confrontation, which took place with police present, the invaders decided to flee in the face of the angry crowd.

“This is a great victory for CasaPound,” Carlotta Chiaraluce, Ostia local and official CasaPound spokesman, said.

“We said during the [recent Rome mayor’s] election campaign that we always work closely with the people. This is our strength,” Chiaraluce said.

“The gardens in front of the station at Ostia Lido Center are once again free,” she said. “They are free from an abusive camp made of mattresses, networks, tables and chairs and a bustle of foreigners who had settled in for quite some time.”

Once the invaders had fled, trucks were brought in to clean up the mess they had left behind.

A video of the action can be seen below.


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  1. It is the only way and in time will lead to much violence and death for many. Civil war is coming soon to many parts of the EU.

  2. At last the people are fighting back. May it spread throughout Europe and all the liberal scum of politicans kicked out of their countries!

  3. This is why the traitorous EU wants an EU Army! It would suppress our OWN citizens. There must NEVER be an EU army!

  4. Woo Hoo !! Wonderful news. Let the European fightback begin in earnest.
    Shoulders to wheel from here on in all you proud nationalists. Foreign freeloaders must be sent back home. Make sure Merkel, Juncker and co. get the message loud and clear. Enough is enough ! Man the barricades they`re not welcome here.
    Africa for Africans. Muslimes for Muslime countries.
    Europe for Europeans.

  5. “This is a great victory for CasaPound,” Really? If they’ve all decided to hop on a boat and go back across the Med it may be otherwise its a hollow “victory” because, like Calais, they will simply set up somewhere else in Europe.

  6. But who is providing the taxi service that brings these migrants from Libya to Italy.

    There is no way these young men should step foot in europe.

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