Invasion Down 70% as “Charity Rescue” Scam Halted

There has been a 70 percent decline in the number of African invaders crossing the Mediterranean to land in Italy since the fake “charities” were stopped from taking part in their criminal trafficking activities, new figures show.

Nearly 150,000 invaders have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year, but the number landing in Italy is down by 30 percent compared to last year, and has plunged 69 percent since July, Italy’s interior ministry has announced.

The number of invaders crossing into Spain has however more than tripled, with over 14,000 landing this year compared to 12 months ago.

The route to Italy was largely closed down at the end of June after the Italian government finally cracked down on the fake charity “rescue ships”—which were actively colluding with the smugglers by picking up tens of thousands of Africans and shipping them back to Italy.

In addition, the Italian government started propping up the Libyan coast guard, which had collapsed after the western destruction of the Gadaffi government.

The numbers of Africans still in Libya seeking to parasite off European largesse is still massive, with the UN’s refugee agency saying last month it had found more than 14,500 Africans being held by traffickers in prison conditions in and around the Libyan coastal city of Sabratha alone.

The drop in numbers from Libya does not signal the end of the Third World invasion. Arrivals from Tunisia have tripled this year, while those from Algeria doubled and those from Turkey have increased by 63 percent.

In Italy, “asylum” applications have jumped from 84,000 in 2015 to 123,000 in 2016, with more than 106,000 so far this year.

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  1. This problem will never be resolved as long as there are weak politicians across the whole of the EU who do not do what they are elected to do and that is look after their own country and citzens first and ensure their civil service thoroughly checks all arrivals and deports every one whose application for asylum is rejected immediately. The EU should have fined those ‘fake charities’ for their collusion with traffickers, but there again how can a corrupt entity do that?

  2. It wouldn’t take a prolonged defense to prove that we are only acting as any good American/European people must, while our paid- off “leaders” make what is wrong the stronger argument.

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