Italy: New Coalition Government Pledges to Kick out Half Million African Invaders

The newly-formed coalition government in Italy between the League and the Five Star Movement has vowed to expel half a million African invaders within 18 months, saying that this is a “priority which cannot be delayed.”

Matteo Salvini, head of the League party, and Luigi De Maio, head of the Five Star Movement, are expected to visit the Quirinal Palace to seek permission from Italy’s president to form a coalition government.

It is believed the leaders of the two houses of parliament will also attend the meeting, a sure sign that a final deal has been reached.

According to the coalition document published last Friday, the two parties have decided to “review” EU missions in the Mediterranean, and prevent arrivals of boats in Italian ports without “shared responsibility” from other countries.

The coalition will also seek the “reform of the Dublin treaty to force the automatic and mandatory relocation of asylum seekers among EU member states.”

In addition, the coalition will establish “temporary stay facilities” in each region to house 500,000 African invaders “earmarked for deportation within 18 months,” which, the manifesto says, is a “priority which cannot be delayed.”

The manifesto also calls for “stepped-up checks and the closure of radical Islamic associations, mosques, and places of worship through the creation of a special law.”

This coalition follows two months of tense negotiations between the two parties as they attempted to come to an agreement over the joint manifesto. Silvio Berlusconi, once thought by pundits to be on his way back to power, has lost his political standing since the election was held in early March and is now facing fresh legal trouble.

Italian law professor Giuseppe Conte, a Five Star Movement member who helped draft and finalize the deal, is expected to be named Prime Minister in the next few days.

The deal between the two parties has caused shockwaves in Brussels, not only for its anti-invasion stance, but also because it breaches EU rules on fiscal discipline.

The coalition seeks to increase benefits for the poor, cut taxes, scrap an unpopular pension reform, and persuade Brussels to use a different formula to calculate Italy’s debt burden.

The 58-page manifesto calls for “a recruitment of more police, the building of new prisons, and the clearing of illegal gypsy settlements in Italian towns and cities.”

In addition, the manifesto calls for closer links with Russia, stating that that nation should “not be seen as a threat but as an increasingly important economic and trade partner,” and states that EU sanctions on Russia should be withdrawn.

The manifesto also says that there will be a review of all Italian military missions abroad to “evaluate if they properly meet the national interest.”

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    1. It’s more of a question will they even be allowed to do it? The EU as we know will be burning the midnight oil trying to counter any threat to their demand for total sub-servience to their will. Good luck to these guys, it’s about time someone had the courage to end this debacle.

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