Italy Now Focus for Invasion

Italy is fast becoming the new focus for the nonwhite invasion of Europe following the closing of the Balkans route, with European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini warning that over half a million fake refugees are massing in Libya in preparation for the assault.

Last year, some 160,000 nonwhites invaded Italy by boat, and this year the Italian Interior Ministry has already registered 13,829 invaders, compared with 10,075 in the same period in 2015.

african invasion

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, speaking on a Europe 1 radio show, said however the number of nonwhites preparing to cross the Mediterranean was even higher.

“There are about 800,000 now waiting in Libya,” Le Drian said, adding the problem had been exacerbated by the failure to create a government of national unity in that country.

In her letter, dated March 12, Mogherini said that “people traffickers were operating freely in Libya” despite EU efforts to curtail their activities.

“There are more than 450,000 internally displaced persons and refugees in Libya who could be potential candidates for migration to Europe,” Mogherini wrote.

The EU is desperately trying to recreate some semblance of order in Libya following the destruction of that country—by EU members France and Britain, whose military intervention in 2011 brought about the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi.

Currently, there are no less than three claimants to the mantle of governorship in Libya. All three are actually just desert warlord gangs, but one has the official backing of the United Nations—even though it does not control the capital city of Tripoli, which remains in another “government’s” hands.

Mogherini said she was exploring “all possible options” that could stop the “people traffickers in Libya,” but admitted this would probably only be possible if a united Libyan government emerges quickly—something which is unlikely.

Italy has been forced to rapidly expand its invader center facilities: in March 2014, it was hosting 29,000 “asylum seekers;” by 2015 the number had risen to 67,000, and by this March to 106,000.

However, most of the invaders head north to Germany or Western Europe in search of better welfare pickings.

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  1. Time for EVERY European border to be closed and the boats sunk, if they do not return to their own countries. Harsh action yes but it needs to be done.. Enough is enough. All illegals and criminals should also be deported and to hell with the ECHR and the parasitic lawyers and lefty scum!

    1. They will not close it because they will use this crisis they created to plunder the people under more security costs, more intelligence costs, more border costs, more defense costs, more police costs etc.

    2. We have been lied to on a monumental scale for decades? Only now they can’t hide it?
      Destruction of Europe!!
      Understand this all we have ever known and loved will come crashing down? If we don’t fight back and reclaim our Ancestral lands with blood and tears? From the globalist elite and their Marxists lapdogs?

    3. This is just BS, quite clearly the dumb Italians are supporting this nonsense. Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungry, Australia are able to protect their borders. Time to cut Italy loose and let them deal with their own stupity

  2. Quote: “more than 450,000 internally displaced persons and refugees in Libya who could be potential candidates for migration to Europe”

    We can rest assured that`s a conservative guess…more like quadruple that number.
    If boatloads of Libyan leeches pitch up Europe will sink ! Bl**dy hell .. I can`t swim!

  3. Why oh why don’t great white sharks frequent those waters.After all, they are white, intelligent and endangered. Hmm. Guess we’re not the only ones.

  4. Great, the new episode of last year’s EU-Greece-Turkey story with different actors, EU-Italy-Lybia. No problemo, this one will be solved by next year as well! -.-

  5. Has anybody noticed this news comes right after Pope Idiot # 1 gave the invaders the impression that he wants them to come to Europe.

    The Pope should be elected by the people not a bunch of stuffy old religious cranks.

    I could say a lot more but then the censors would act.

  6. All of these invaders will eventually get the citizenship of the EU state they happened to impose themselves upon. In the fullness of time, all of them will be ‘legally entitled’ to up sticks and move in on England. Rest assured they will.
    For this reason, Britain must vote to leave the EU.

    1. Silly John Key wants Britain to remember their commonwealth ties with NZ, cut em loose is what I reckon, Britain is fast committing suicide like Germany and Sweden, don’t want all their third world muslim citizens here.

  7. Italy….your problems are about to get seriously worse, stop these fake refugees, sink their boats if you must.They are coming to steal, rape and plunder. I know that most Europeans living in Europe, were never exposed to these types of people and the atrocities that they are capable of doing, for centuries feeling safe in fortress Europe. Listen to a Nation that has known theses creatures for over 300 years. Your culture, your freedom, your children, will all be at risk.

    1. @Victor Quote: “Europeans killed many people from other nations in the past”
      True – always acting under orders given by our European political leaders et al.
      Another European leader arbitrarily changed the rules by inviting moslime invaders here.
      WE must change our response.
      Our `Karma` must run over and kill their dogma.

    2. Karma for the generous aid, food and medical support they’ve provided for decades? Karma for helping to create 100x as many lives as were lost through the actions of a small minority of colonial Europeans?

  8. Destroy the boats on a daily basis, and stop all lifebelts being sold anywhere in those countries. If it takes a month or six, for the message to get across, so what, “It’s Allah’s Will!”

  9. These invaders are everywhere. Europe is being given over to them by treacherous rulers.
    There is a conspiracy aimed at destroying Europe and the whole western society. It is not difficult to identify those who are party to the conspiracy.

  10. That’s a small army in that boat. ALL men, so where are the womenfolk? No doubt in the war torn country these men have fled.

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