Italy: Police “Puzzled” by African Behavior

news in brief300Italian police in Naples have said that they are “puzzled” why an African invader from Ghana started attacking and beating passers-by at random, local media have reported.

At least three people were beaten in Piazza Colombo in Licola over the weekend by 21-year-old Dawda Dibba, a native of Ghana. When police from the Giugliano police station arrived to halt the violence, the African attacked them as well. Two policemen were severely injured and needed to be hospitalized.

The opportunistic invader, who arrived in Italy last year after crossing many safe countries to parasite off European largesse, had filed for “political asylum.”

Media reports said that the police “cannot understand” why the invader chose to attack passers-by, “seeing that he was not drunk or under the influence of drugs.”

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  1. The same reason why a wolf or bear would attack a human. Wild animals’ behaviour can be unpredictable, they following their instincts, you can’t reason with them.

    1. You can take them from the jungle
      however you cannot take the jungle
      out of them. Europe and the US is in
      a mess with racial dilution pollution.

  2. And here I am thinking it’s only white people here in South Africa that think and say these things of these demons.

  3. I have traveled the world since I was a child with parents who wanted to see every corner.

    Nairobi was the saddest, most depressing and all consuming reality check of my 69 years.

    I could not wander a block from the Stanley Hotel… warned that even at noon on a busy day… my chances of survival were slim. I went a block to a tourist shop and was jumped twice by teenage boys who wanted money… I carried a small amount in a shoe.. no bag.

    Both times they smiled as they ran off… to say.. oops… no luck there.. no harm, no foul.

    I stepped over bodies with outstretched hands and bleeding, sometimes rotting limbs. I have never in my life seen such carnage… and people went about their business as though it was normal.. stepping over almost lifeless, oozing bodies.

    The news was all in English… so the outrage over boys buggering chickens and goats was another eye opener. Letters to the editor demanded that government do something to compensate people whose livestock were dying from brutal sexual attacks.

    When the Nairobi to Mombasa train derailed, I was on safari, herded by caravan from park to park… our ‘guides’ were armed with semi automatic weapons. We were told to keep our hands inside the vehicle as we made our way through villages and women pounded on the sides … trying to reach in to take what they could grab.

    When bodies were strewn across the savannah … the wildlife were feasting on dead and dying as locals saved only the whites… because they knew the blacks could not pay for care.

    Newspapers screamed of the outrage… local guides and employees of the outfitter said it was pretty standard treatment in such a poor country.

    They also said independent travel was highly risky… many Belgians and Brits still traveled independently… but many disappear in villages as they are mobbed, murdered, and tossed in the rivers.. and their belongings…. down to their shoes.. are divvied up to locals. Young boys are the look outs…. when they see independent vehicles they sound the alarm and everybody storms the vehicles…

    The animals are the hard currency that keep what little commerce they have alive. THANK GOD… but the economics of animals vs people… is a tenuous one. Should economic development begin in earnest… ALL THE WILDLIFE WILL BE SLAUGHTERED.

    Remember that the next time you read about Catholic charities or Chinese “investment’ in Africa….

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