Italy: Political Crisis as Leftist President Subverts Democracy

The incumbent leftist President of Italy has provoked a renewed constitutional crisis because he hates the two populist parties who won the recent elections, and is using his powers to stymie attempts to form a government.

Mattarella, the leftist saboteur of recent elections in Italy.

President Sergio Mattarella is using his constitutional right to “approve” cabinet appointees—normally standard practice—to refuse to appoint ministers proposed by the newly-formed coalition alliance between the Five Stars Movement(M5S) and the Lega (“League”) party.

Over the past weekend, Mattarella refused to accept the two-party coalition’s nomination for Finance Minister, the anti-euro economist Paolo Savona.

Mattarella said Savona’s appointment would “alarm” both Italian and foreign investors, risk further increasing Italy’s already mammoth debt and take Italy down the path toward exiting the eurozone, according to a DW report.

As a result, Giuseppe Conte, the populist coalition’s nomination as prime minister-designate, resigned Sunday night.

Mattarella obviously knew that this would happen, and by midday Monday, had named former IMF official and centrist-aligned Carlo Cottarelli as prime minister-designate, even though he had not even been a candidate for any party in the elections.

Luigi Di Maio, the head of the M5S, and Matteo Salvini, head of the Lega, have both announced that their parties will vote against any government being formed by Cottarelli and Mattarella in the Italian parliament.

As those two parties hold power in the chamber, there is no chance that the government can proceed much further than ordering new elections to be held.

The elections were held on March 4, with M5S receiving 32 percent of the vote and the Lega 17 percent. As a result, the DW article pointed out, “many of the more than 50 percent of people who voted for either the M5S or the League see the interference of President Mattarella as usurping Italians of their right to decide their own future in a country where many blame Italy’s migrant influx and EU austerity measures for its high unemployment and sluggish economy.”

When Cottarelli fails to win parliamentary support as prime minister, he will temporarily remain the head of a technical government until Italians return to the polls in August.

The coalition’s agreement to expel half a million African invaders—a move which is anathema to the anti-white leftists in Brussels—is obviously the prime motivation to stop the formation of a new government.

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  1. It comes as no surprise that the EU, very much behind closed doors, have their poodle as President in Italy. Let’s hope that the two anti-EU parties really go to town on how the democratic vote has meant nothing to their President. In an ideal world Italy could wreck the euro and the EU, but even money says the EU will spend a lot of public money bribing organisations so that they get their own way.

  2. Don’t they have an impeachment measure in Italy to remove the President?

    It comes down to this: Democracy is dead in Europe & most people are barely aware that it even exists anyway. Most “vote” without conscience, concern or care, simply because they’re ignorant of the outcomes of their previous choices.

    Even those of sound mind, who didn’t vote for the 5-star etc in the Italian elections, surely has to see that what the President is doing is against the will of the electorate.

    I just hope their memories are long enough to remember when they go to the ballot box again, not that I’d expect much to change.

    We here who read N.O.O need to appreciate that the establishment was never going to take this lying down, there will be worse to come yet.

  3. Communism is a difficult dog to ‘do’ in a fight. They’ve got a bagful of dirty tricks up their sleeve to win. Recall Pres socialist Tsidaris ( ?) of Greece who promised to save the Greeks from the EU and quietly joined the enemy, instead, while a plane full of 250 billion euros jetted in from B’jing, to bail them out. Wonder what Greek antiquities, Pres T sold for that sort of dosh.

  4. It is misleading to describe Mattarella as a ‘leftist saboteur’ when he is really a centerist Christian Democrat, and as such he is as much a creature of the globalists as was Matteo Renzi. As far as I can tell there is no Christian Democrat party in Italy, but Mattarella has been a founder member of the Italian People’s Party, and the Democratic Party. One interesting conclusion I drew from reading his Wikipedia article is that he has more than once initiated mergers of the so called ‘left’ with the center. In 1983 he was a member of the faction of Christian Democracy that pushed for the ‘Historic Compromise’ which meant an alliance with the Communist Party. According to Wikipedia ‘In 2007 he was one of the founders of the Democratic Party (PD), a big tent centre-left party formed from a merger of left-wing and centrist parties which had been part of The Olive Tree, including The Daisy and the Democrats of the Left (heirs of the Italian Communist Party)’ This merging of the left and center can be seen in Germany where the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats have governed as a coalition for many years.

    However establishment politicians like Mattarella are resolutely opposed to any compromise or merger with populists like 5 Star and the League due to their eurosceptism and opposition to mass immigration. Therefore Mattarella appointed technocrat Carlo Cottarelli as Prime Minister because he could be trusted not to rock the boat as far as membership of the Euro-zone goes.

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