Italy: Salvini Sets Sights on Taking over EU after his Alliance Wins Big in Italian Province

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has announced his intention to launch a major attempt to wrest control of the European Parliament away from the pro-Third World invasion bloc at that institution’s May elections—after his populist collation seized yet another Italian province from the far left.

Celebrating the victory on Twitter, Salvini said that the result in the southern province of Basilicata, Salvini boasted that his Lega party had tripled its vote in the election which had seen the province wing away from the socialists for the first time since 1945.

 “So it is goodbye to the left and now we change Europe,” Salvini said.

The regional election in Basilicata, traditionally known as the “Red Region of the South” because of the previously strong Communist/Socialist party vote, saw the election alliance between the Lega, the Sons of Italy (which runs in a direct line to the now-disbanded MSI party, which in turn was the direct successor to Mussolini), and the Forza Italia party of former premier Silvio Berlusconi, draw 42 percent of the vote. The leftist Democratic Party drew 16.4 percent, while the Five Star Movement, Salvini’s eclectic coalition partner in the central government, polled 20.3 percent, a drop of more than half from the previous election.

The election means that since 2017, seven provinces in Italy have swung from far left to center right control, including Sicily, Molise, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige , Abruzzo and Sardinia.

The real meaning of the Basilicata election is however that Salvini’s alliance is set to be the biggest winners in the upcoming European Parliament elections, scheduled for May this year. Italy currently has 72 seats in the parliament, the third largest bloc after France (72) and Germany (99).*

Salvini is forging an electoral alliance across Europe. Partners include the PIS party in Poland—set to win a majority of the 50 seats that nation holds in the EU parliament; the Fidesz party of Viktor Orban in Hungary, set to take a majority of the 22 seats that state holds; the National Rally party (formerly the Front National) in France, which currently holds 15 of France’s 72 seats, but is likely to increase its holding; the AfD in Germany, which currently holds 1 EU seat but is likely to dramatically increase its member share.

In addition, Salvini is likely to cobble together EU parliament votes from the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) which currently holds 4 seats, and the new Dutch Forum for Democracy (FvD) which holds no seats (not having contested the EU elections before) but which, based on the recent Dutch local elections, is set to take the majority of that county’s seats in the EU parliament.

Firm Salvini alliance partner the Freedon Party of Austria (FPÖ) currently has 4 seats in the EU parliament, and is likely to increase its share, while the Belgian Vlaams Belang has 1 seat, with the New Flemish Alliance, a “softer” party, as another 4 seats.

In Denmark, Salvini can likely count on votes from the Danish People’s Party, which has 3 seats in the EU parliament, while the Finns party (formerly known in English as the True Finns) in Finland have 2 seats, and are likely to increase their share of the vote as well. Sweden’s Swedish Democrats are also likely to be sympathetic to a populist bloc in the EU parliament.

When assorted smaller parties—such as Germany’s National Democratic Party (1 seat) and Greece’s Golden Dawn (2 seats), and nationalists/populists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia are added in, a potentially significant voting bloc is well within sight.

Only the leftist parties of France and Germany have, together with the socialists from Spain, Portugal, and the leftists from other states, have any real chance of stopping this new populist bloc from emerging and taking over the EU.

The upcoming elections are therefore going to be one of the most significant European Parliament elections ever held, and if Salvini’s plan comes to fruition, could see the pro-Third World invasion policies which the far left have pursued for so long, turned on their head.

* European Parliament elections are scheduled for 23-26 May. The UK is not scheduled to take part as it is on course to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. The UK also had 72 seats in the parliament, but after Brexit they will obviously have none. Half of the UK seats will be held in reserve, and the other half will be distributed out to other member states.

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  1. The corrupt EU will already be finding ways behind closed doors to stop this from happening, just like they have been doing to stop the UK from leaving altogether. The depths Juncker et all will stoop to retain their power is unmeasurable. However, fingers crossed they pull it off.

  2. I still don’t trust the EU, and I never will trust it.

    The Davos/Soros globalist establishment have the hobby of demonizing Vladimir Putin and Russia, calling them all sorts of nasty names and, absurdly, claiming that they ‘threaten Europe’.

    Mark my words – The biggest, hardest, most fanatical and rabid enemy of ethnic indigenous white Europeans is the EU – and not ‘other suspects’ whose names get regularly touted on sites such as this one.

    1. You are delusional. It is the politicians who control the EU, not the institution itself, which are the enemy of ethnic indigenous white Europeans.

      These are the same politicians who control the parliament at Westminster, as this site has often pointed out.

      Pray tell us, which is the part of the EU parliament which is anti-white?

      Is it the chairs? The microphones? The bricks? Or perhaps is it the tables?

      If Salvini succeeds in taking over the EU, you will eat your words, and the “right wing” Brits will be begging to be let back in.

      Mark my words.

      1. I read that all the laws are devised by the Commissioners and voted on by the MEP’s, which as we all know the majority are those that represent the countries that are totally pro-EU. Now that is possibly not 100% accurate, but another factor has been that the EU want ALL COUNTRIES TO ADOPT THE EURO WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS AT THE LATEST. Again, there will be those that will say that will not happen. However, many people do agree that many of the countries that were allowed in the EU produced dodgy accounts to show they fitted the criteria and everyone says Greece were the first.We can all have different opinions, that does not make me ‘delusional’, if anything it is the journalists that work in the controlled media that create a lot of this garbage because they are totally 100% pro-EU. Hell will freeze over the day the EU produce their balanced accounts, but don’t hold your breath.

        1. Of course the current majority of MEPs are far left, just like the current UK parliament. They are one and the same.

          You are missing the point: It is NOT the institution which is anti-white, it is the politicians who run it.

          If Salvini’s crowd take it over, the EU will no longer have anti-white policies.

          How much more simple can it be?

      2. We’re all entitled to an opinion, that doesn’t make us ‘delusional’. The country voted to Leave; the majority in Parliament fought the snap election to honour that result. The EU doesn’t want its second biggest donor to leave because they depended on our contribution. A large proportion of MP’s win by the biggest number of votes but the other parties combined outnumber that, should we have another election until the winner does have the overall majority? In any committee vote, 10/9 is a majority of 1 and the motion is passed. Democracy is no longer ‘government of the people by the people’. Today’s elected representatives of the people have turned their back on them and now treat them with contempt. That ‘s my opinion and I’m not delusional.

        1. You are talking about two completely different things. My comment about “delusional” was referring to the hysterical–and completely untrue–claim that the EU as an institution is anti-white. It clearly is not. The anti-white element is in the politicians elected to that body, in exactly the same way that the British parliament is full of anti-white politicians.

          What you are talking about is the British parliament’s inability to implement a Brexit plan. I never mentioned this in any sense as being delusional, so I do not know why you say this.

          1. Look.

            If you don’t define as profoundly ‘anti-white’ the FORCED relocation of tens of thousands black/brown invaders into lands which are damn near 100% white – eastern and central Europe – by EU diktat, then I don’t know what else you would define as ‘anti-white’.

            The whole EU set up is pure unadulterated evil.

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