Italy’s New African Invasion Crisis

The closing of the Swiss border to the hordes of Africans pouring into Italy across the Mediterranean has sparked a new crisis for Italy—with at least 144,210 of them now “stranded” in that country.

According to the European Union border protection agency Frontex, the number of Africans who invaded Italy in July 2016 stood at 25,300, an increase of 12 percent compared to July 2015.


Switzerland—the preferred invasion route to get to Germany—has adopted a policy of turning back all those nonwhite invaders who do not lodge an asylum request in Switzerland.

The Africans, however, all want to take advantage of Angela Merkel’s open borders policy, and have little or no interest in stopping in Switzerland.

As a result, tens of thousands have been clogging up northern Italy, turning border areas into massive camps and trashing the region.

In Austria, a government spokesman told local media that it was now “just a matter of time before thousands of Africans break through the Italian border and take an alternative route to Germany, via the Brenner Pass and Tyrol”—through Austria.

The Austrian government, the spokesman continued, is keenly aware that if tens of thousands of Africans move into Austria and try and seek admission to Germany, it is unlikely that the Germans will be able to take them.

A confidential Austrian government report, leaked to Die Krone newspaper, revealed that “Italy’s current strategy of distributing the migrants throughout the country is faltering. The infrastructure is at its full capacity.

“When Italy can no longer contain the situation, we know what to expect—almost all the African migrants will continue to Germany and they must therefore go via Switzerland or via the Brenner border north. And many are then sure of being deported back to us by Germany,” the report continued.

The Austrian government report goes on to say that the invaders are “nearly all from sub-Saharan Africa” and that “none are refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, or from Iraq.”

The assessment specifically warns of the “precarious state [of infrastructure] in Milan,” where the government provided housing has been completely used up. Thousands of Africans are camping in parks and railway stations, and the “hygiene conditions are catastrophic.”

train station

According to the Italian La Stampa newspaper, Milan Mayor Giuseppe has said that about 200 Africans arrive in the city every day from the south—and more are arriving from the north as they are sent back from the borders with France, Austria, and Switzerland.

He said that several local charities have mobilized to accommodate refugees, including the Jewish community which has accommodated 70 refugees each night at the Holocaust Memorial, near the station.

Not all of Italy’s regional authorities are working with the far-left government.

Lombardy’s regional president, Roberto Maroni—a member of the anti-invasion Northern League party, has refused to have anything to do with the plans, saying that the invaders are in Italy illegally and should be deported.

La Stampa added that in 2014, just 0.4 percent of Africans who invaded Italy by boat stayed in Italy, but this year that number has risen to at least 50 percent.


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  1. According to the European Union border protection agency Frontex, the number of Africans who invaded Italy in July 2016 stood at 25,300, an increase of 12 percent compared to July 2015.

    So the border protection agency are doing a great job.

    Instead of protecting the EU’s southern borders they are doing the exact opposite by sailing into the Med to collect these invaders and ferry them into Europe, and the people traffickers know this is how Frontex “protects” the EU borders. They are complicit in encouraging and aiding and abetting people trafficking.

    How many migrant boats have they escorted back to north Africa? That should be the measure of their success and ultimately what they should be doing, namely protecting the EU southern borders. If a few migrant boats were returned to Africa or sunk close to shore in their African waters, this crisis would soon be resolved, practically overnight.

    1. Still can’t believe members of our race can be this retarded. If they got to this point, whatever remains deserves to be monkey ganged raped and wiped out.
      Keep in mind who these people became as they now will flee the region. Make laws preventing them from holding position of any influence or entitlement to any kind of benefits even equal to indigenous population of Central/Eastern Europe.

      1. Yip got to agree with you there. Govts of these European countries are total eejits and traitors to their countries and those continuing to elect them need to be sectioned. The whole of Europe dumb enough to let them in is looking like a squatters hell hole. What squalor, who’d want to spends thousands of dollars travelling to these places when they’re dirty and unsafe like that.

  2. New foods are coming to Europe.
    Bushmeat wienerschnitzel , bushmeat pizza and bushmeat wurst. Europe
    is really screwed at this rate.

  3. It is far too late to do anything with these illegal hordes once they’re on European soil. Talk of deporting is pointless for invaders with no papers, who lie of their nationality, and with no negotiated deals with their country of origin to accept them back. The Europeans should be turning the boats back to Africa, and should have done this over the past few years. It is the only true solution. Australians have been ridiculed by the EU and UN over our ‘turn backs’ but we have no drownings at sea and very few invaders trying to reach our shores. To date, Australian has not had one successful illegal arrival in two years since a turn back policy was re-introduced after a disastrous three years of leftie Labor politics.

    1. That is commendable, but what about the Sudanese gangs pillaging Sydney and Melbourne and Australians not fighting back.

  4. Part of my comment on another article, but just as appropriate here… “People have always moved around the world to settle, even in times of peace, but immigration was very different then. After the Second World War, there was mass movement, but it was a scenario of civilised people moving from civilised countries to be with other civilised people with shared values – prepared to integrate, contribute, and respect the laws and culture of their new country…. the crucial difference with this “new” breed of immigrants is that these are not civilised people on the move, but uncivilised people from across the Third World – in many cases, no better than savages, many from backward black Africa – who are bringing with them their Third World chaos and criminality.”

    1. Even if they were civilised, there isn’t the infrastructure to accommodate them. If they are high iq immigrants they will steal the jobs of our high iq people – . So out with the lot of them.

  5. Pigs will fly before the brainwashed masses of Europe react. They will submit without any reaction whatsoever.

    They will go out not with a bang & not even a whimper.

    Any Europeans wanting emigrate will have to screened to ensure they don’t take their death wishes with them to any host countries which still have a modicum of sanity left. And there’s not too many of them left either!

  6. You have to remember that despite all the so-called ‘human rights’ bullshit that the Italians go through the motions with, deep-down, the Italians really don’t want to harbour these darkies anymore than the Austrians do – despite the garbage spoken by the pope.
    So, don’t expect the Italians to try too hard to ‘hold on’ to their ‘enrichers’.

    1. No – but they should be doing something about their treacherous politicians that let these invaders in, rather than passing the buck to the rest of Europe.

  7. Europe is on the precipice. Swan dive into full multicultural hell, with it’s screaming satanic hordes, or turn around, scream ‘No!’ and fight hard and fast. Better decide soon, as the cliff edge is narrowing.

    1. Wrong. White men will be conscripted, mugrats will receive “exemption” due maybe to fleeing warzones, or some other sh*t, and hey, there you have the perfect male replacements for all those poor pretty aryan maidens, whilst poor whitey is getting his ass blown to pieces on the battlefield. Wake the fk up white world!!!!!

  8. Let all the aliens get to Germany unhindered. All of them! The Krauts deserve them for having elected the traitorous Frau Merkel. She’s the one who ‘master-minded’ the invasion of Europe by Allah Spawn, and it’s only fair that her native country enjoy their wonderful presence!

    All Germans together now: Vielen dank, Frau Merkel, for all those wonderful Muslims!

  9. Německo upadá. Mají tetováni proti znásilnění, znak andělská křídla.
    Dnešní návštěva Merkel v ČR se setkala s obrovským protestem proti její politice.
    Něktěré servery ani nefungují. Dezinformace!
    Česká televize dezinformuje!

    Jsme mimo.
    Merkel nechce zde nikdo!
    Ani mloky.
    viz Čapek-Válka s mloky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Náš vzor!
    Prosím mysletete na nás! ..prosím…
    Soumrak bílého muže!

  10. Turn the other cheek. Bow down to the invader.
    The pope has spoken. Be meek and cower before the invader hoards.

  11. The only solution is the proven Australian one. Police the shores of the donor countries.
    Disable boats while they are within swimming distance of shore. The owners of the boats will stop this immediately. As above poster noted, you have to airdrop them on the shores of Libya if you try to deport them. They won’t tell you where they came from etc.

    Once they are in Europe it is too late.

  12. It’s never too late with the right government; what it takes to get the right government is another story.

    A directive would be posted all over social media, TV, radio, billboards etc., etc., for immigrants to travel to the nearest port in 24 hours where huge cargo ships would be waiting to transport them to Africa or Asia.

    Europe can be cleansed and made pure again.

    Traitorous Jews like Barbara Lerner Spector and Moshe Cantor would be used as slave labour in GAZA AND IRAN.

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