It’s All about Race: the Mestizo with the Anglo Name

Establishment-encouraged anti-White hatred is at the core of the  current ”Trayvon Martin killing” trial of mestizo George Zimmerman, as evidenced by the clear and obvious racial undertones and hypocrisy surrounding nonwhite crime.

The controlled media, encouraged by white-hating black “community leaders,” have hyped up Zimmerman as some type of “white racist” who murdered the “unarmed black youth” Martin in an unprovoked shooting.

The reality of the situation—namely that neighborhood watch patrolman Zimmerman is a mestizo Hispanic, and that Martin was a large black thug carrying burglary equipment and who violently attacked Zimmerman—has been completely covered up in yet another bout of frenzied anti-white hatred.

The fact is that if George Zimmerman had been named “Juan Garcia” or “Emilio Estefan,” the media would have paid the shooting only passing attention and he would be a free man today, and not facing a lifetime behind bars after a modern-day public lynching by the rodent press.

Instead, because this unfortunate mestizo has a German-sounding name, the media latched onto him as an example of “white racism” and even now, many of the major news networks refer to the shooting as an example of “whites shooting blacks.”

Yet nonwhites kill each other with monotonous regularity all over America, all the time—and these shootings only make it as far as local news stations

For example, concurrent to the time that the Martin shooting occurred, Fox News Chicago reported that there had been 38 shootings, and three fatalities in that city—all within a single weekend. Everyone of the shooters and almost all the victims were either black or Hispanic.

Yet the international media just ignored that outbreak of violence—because they could not twist it to try and blame “white racism.”

Even more telling of the anti-white hatred which underlays the media’s controllers, is the Mark Slavin case. Not one person in ten million knows who Mark Slavin is, even though he was the victim of a brutal attack just a few miles away from where the Martin shooting took place.


Slavin, a 50 year old Caucasian, was attacked by two teenage blacks, one just a year older than Martin. The two black thugs beat Slavin with a hammer, and then took him into a nearby woods in his car, where they continued the senseless racial assault.

Investigators said a witness called 911 after hearing the victim’s cries for help and seeing the beating.

The two blacks, named Yahaziel Israel and Julius Bender, drove away in the victim’s vehicle before deputies arrived and they abandoned it nearby.

Deputies said they found the victim in the woods, barely conscious and with severe head injuries.

The two blacks were charged with attempted homicide, burglary with assault or battery, and armed burglary. Slavin’s injuries were reported as “life-threatening” and he was hospitalized at Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Despite this brutal attack occurring at exactly the same time and nearly the same location as the Martin shooting, the controlled media has seen fit to cover up the incident completely—to the point of not reporting on the resultant trial or even what happened to the victim.

How different it would be if two whites had beaten a black man nearly to death with a hammer! By now, the whole world would have been informed, hundreds of times over, of the “evil racist attack” and blacks all over America would have been rioting and demonstrating against “white violence” etc.

Even now, despite Zimmerman being a mestizo, and not a white, the controlled media is still trying to incite blacks to engage in anti-white riots should he actually be acquitted of the outrageous charges against him (see “Will the Zimmerman Trial Verdict Spark L.A.-Style Riots?” in The Philly Post, 6/26/2013).

The use of numerous anti-white racial epithets by witnesses in the Zimmerman trial (see Prosecution’s Star Witness In Zimmerman Trial Refuses to Say Term ‘Creepy-Ass Cracker’ Is Racial or Offensive” The Blaze, Jun. 27, 2013), even though reported on, passed without comment from the controlled media.

This contrasts dramatically with the same rodent press’s public lynching of Southern Belle cookery celebrity Paula Deen, who dared to use the word “nigger” 30 years ago, leading to the destruction of her career and sacking by all her major sponsors.

Yahoo-News3The rule is therefore, that anti-white racial smears are fine, but God help any white person who uses any racial epithet about nonwhites.

This then, is the real lesson of the George Zimmerman trial: that the driving issue is simply one of anti-white hatred and racism, and nothing to do with “justice” or fairness.

White people had better wake up and realize that a racial war is being waged against them—and that this war is aimed at their extermination, and nothing less.

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  1. This article is spot on! Sadly, the US appears as though it is being directed down the same path as South Africa. The media is a powerful force in directing the minds of the masses. This path does not lead to a better world, but rather a more violent and racially tense situation.

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