“It’s all Theater:” Austrian Policeman Admits

The so-called “beefing-up” of “asylum seeker” admissions to Austria boasted about by that country’s far left socialist-conservative government are meaningless “theater,” a policeman working at the main Spielfeld border crossing post has told the Kurier newspaper.


Earlier, the socialist-conservative coalition government, concerned at rising anger among the Austrian public—and opinion polls showing increasing support for the anti-invasion populist Freedom Party (FPÖ)—announced that it would be “cracking down” on the number of “asylum seekers” it would be letting into the country.

The government announcement was, of course, not driven by a genuine concern over the invasion, but merely designed as a tool to try and halt the drift to the FPÖ.

According to the latest figures, at least 100,000 nonwhite invaders have claimed “asylum” in Austria so far, which makes that country the single largest recipient, per capita, of “asylum seekers” in Europe.

Part of the new plan, the government announced, was a system to capture the fingerprints of all “asylum seekers” at the border to crack down on fraud and boost security. New computer systems were acquired and installed for this purpose, at considerable cost to the taxpayer once again.

The system was also touted as being able to check travel documents, and automatically submit the fingerprints to the national police databases for comparison and double checking.

Now, however, it has transpired that this “crackdown,” like everything else the socialist-conservative government has done, is just another hoax.

According to the Kurier, the new system does not work at all like the government claimed it would. Fingerprints are only stored if the “refugee” applies for asylum at the border post.

If they are rejected on the spot—for being blatant liars or any other reason—or indicate that they wish to continue on to Germany, their prints are wiped off the system.

This is, the Kurier said, a situation that police officers at the border crossing find especially hard to understand.

“It is all a huge effort for nothing,” a policeman told the Kurier. “They could have bought an external hard drive from Saturn [a commercial computer retail chain]. This is all just theater.”

Going on to explain why the system was nonsense, the policeman said that the failure to keep the fingerprints means that anyone who has been rejected can easily make any number of new attempts to enter the country.

“We do not know whether the refugee has already been checked, because here at Spielfeld, fingerprints are the only method used to query the system,” Fritz Grundnig, spokesman for the National Police Directorate in Styria confirmed to the Kurier.

This means that even a rejected “asylum seeker” can quickly acquire new ID papers, adopt a new name, and simply apply again, pretending to be someone else.

Grundnig said that the reason for this procedure was the policy laid down by the European Dactyloscopy, or “Eurodac” system. This is a Europe-wide fingerprint database for identifying “asylum seekers” and “irregular border-crossers” which are supposed to be automatically checked against other prints on the database.

This supposedly enables authorities to determine whether “asylum seekers” have already applied for asylum in another EU member state or have illegally transited through another EU member state, violating the “principle of first contact.”

Grundnig said that Eurodac rules are that the “storage of fingerprints must be done in that country, where the entry passes into the Schengen area . . . at the external borders in Greece or Slovenia. But the full system only works when the refugee applies for asylum.”

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  1. Expressions of surprise over the inefficiency of systems to control immigration feed into the fiction that our governments genuinely wish to do so. We will see countless attempts to fool us whilst doing everything possible to implement Coudenhove Kalergi’s evil genocidal Plan.

    1. The one thing that, amongst the western nations of the EU, the Austrians have going for them is that at least their military have come out and stated that they are ready to defend the country for the sake of it’s citizens, and their children and grandchildren. Haven’t had that from any of the other countries Armed Forces which concerns me.

  2. The Declaration signed by the Plenipotentiaries of Great Britain, Austria, France, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia, and Turkey, respecting Maritime Law. Paris. 16th April 1856 1) Privateering is, and remains abolished. However Article 8.2 of the Declaration on the Right to Development 41/128 “States should encourage popular participation in all spheres as an important factor in development and in the full realisation of all human rights.” allows any person to promote the UN and its purposes and principals.

      1. It was Roosevelt’s and his Jewish-masonic brother’s idea. Even at the end of WW2 Truman didn’t speak
        of a victory of the United States and it’s allies, but that the German troops surrendered to the United Nations.

  3. Merkel and her lackeys have made Germany unsafe for Germans. Now Germans should make Germany unsafe for Merkel and her lackeys. VERY unsafe.

  4. A ‘socialist-conservative government’. In other words, a unified political class showing its true colours by closing ranks against anti-immigration nationalists.

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