“It’s Hard to Get a Girlfriend” says Invader Rapist

A Pakistani invader pretending to be a refugee in Berlin, Germany, has told a court that he carried out a rape and five other sex attacks on German women because “as a refugee, it is hard to get a girlfriend.”

Asif M., 26-years old, appeared before the Landgericht Berlin after invading Germany through the “Balkans route.”

Although he said he was born in Pakistan, Asif M. claimed that he had “fled the Taliban” (even though that organization was the government in neighboring Afghanistan) and this was why he had claimed “asylum” in Germany.

He has already confessed to all the charges, including the rape and the five other attacks, which all took place between April 29 and July 25, 2016.

His modus operandi, he told the court, was always the same: late in the evening, he would approach women alone in the street and try to strike up a conversation with them.

When they turned away or refused to talk to him, he would forcibly grab and violently assault them.

He told the court that he had refrained from committing any attacks in Greece and Austria, but when he got to Germany he had “broken down.”

“It’s hard to get a girlfriend if you’re a refugee and have nothing to offer,” he told the court by way of explaining why he had attacked the women.

He also admitted to drinking heavily and said that on the night of the rape he had also consumed marijuana.

The court had initially entered into an agreement with his defense to sentence him to imprisonment for 39 months, but after a dispute arose over his version of the rape and that of the main witness, the trial will now be resumed on January 2.

The Bild newspaper has meanwhile reported that out of the 410 registered sex attacks by nonwhite invaders which took place in the city of Hamburg on New Year’s Eve 2015, there has been only one conviction so far.

In that single conviction, a 19-year-old Afghan invader was sentenced to two years’ juvenile probation for taking part in the mass attacks on German women in the city center.

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