“It’s Invasion”: Italy’s Lega Nord

Matteo-Salvini-SpeakingThe ongoing influx of “refugees” is nothing but a deliberately planned “invasion” designed to replace Europeans with non-Europeans, Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy’s Lega Nord, has announced.

Speaking in an interview with the radio station RTL, Salvini (who has over 1.2 million “likes” on his Facebook page) said that there was a “well thought out strategy behind the wave of refugees which Europe is currently facing.”

“I do not believe in a refugee emergency,” he said. “We are being faced with a planned, financed, and organized mass invasion.”

“The aim of this strategy is to replace Europeans with other nations to have masses of new workers who can be exploited for three euros per hour. The birth rate in Nigeria is many times higher than in Italy. Here are very simple people being moved from one continent to another, at the expense of the old Europe,” said Salvini.

Salvini also criticized the EU, which he likened to the Soviet Union. “You have to break down this Europe and rebuild it on work, and not on banks and [EU] regulations,” he said.

Earlier this year, Salvini led a mass demonstration in Rome against the nonwhite invasion, drawing tens of thousands of people to a huge rally in the capital city’s central Piazza del Popolo, where they demanded that the current far-left Italian government halt the influx of “immigrants.”

Salvini-in-Rome-02 Salvini-in-Rome-01

He has become one of Italy’s most popular political leaders, with a personal approval rating of over 33 percent, a feat virtually without precedent in modern Italy.

Salvini became leader of the Lega Nord in December after defeating party founder Umberto Bossi in a leadership election, and at the 2014–2015 regional elections, the party obtained 40.9% in Veneto, 20.3% in Liguria, 19.4% in Emilia-Romagna, 16.2% in Tuscany, 14.0% in Umbria and 13.0% in Marche, marking its best ever results in those regions.

The party also now controls the offices of the following regional presidents in Italy:

Lombardy (10,002,615 inhabitants): Roberto Maroni;

Veneto (4,927,596 inhabitants): Luca Zaia (In 2015, Zaia was re-elected with over 50 percent of the vote).

It also controls the following provincial presidents positions:

Padua (Veneto, 938,296 inhabitants): Enoch Soranzo;

Udine (Friuli-VG, 536,180 inhabitants): Pietro Fontanini.

And has the mayorships of the following cities with over 50,000 inhabitants:

Padua (Veneto, 211,210 inhabitants): Massimo Bitonci;

Varese (Lombardy, 80,857 inhabitants): Attilio Fontana;

Vigevano (Lombardy, 63,442 inhabitants): Andrea Sala;

Rovigo (Veneto, 52,170 inhabitants): Massimo Bergamin.

* After winning re-election as governor of the northern Italian region of Veneto, Luca Zaia gave a press interview saying that the sight of Africans would have a “devastating effect” on the tourism industry, and called on local officials across his region to begin clearing all reception centers and other housing occupied by invaders near tourist areas.

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  1. If only the birth rate in africa was a tiny fraction of that in europe??? How different the world would be. Shame the least industrious humans are sex mad.

    1. Dianna,That’s the frighting,and the big problem with this planed removal by diluting the indigenous people,as the Italian gentleman called Mr Salvini has correctly pointed out,strange how such an obvious happening to most people,cannot apparently be seen by all the mostly highly educated people controlling the EU,or expensively educated, but they do see,and prove it’s all planed,African women average seven children when they are in their own countries,Bangladeshi women average three,Pakistani women average five,Europeans average only one point something,there’s the answer for our future.

      1. eddy: These invaders are mostly Muslim, which makes it many times worse than if they were non Muslim. The Muslim religion requires Muslims to have as many children as they can to carry out an immigration jihad, which if they die in the process like they do trying to get here in boats, that they will get the same rewards in their false heaven as if they were fighting and murdering. Well, there are a few Christians, but these Muslim invaders, throw them out of the boat to drown. Plus, I don’t think it should be the responsibility of the country being invaded to have to go rescue them, to bring them in and endanger their own people and country. So, actually, it is the European people who are in a humanitarian crisis, caused by their own leaders and there is no one rescuing them. This rescuing at sea shows how prepared they were to go out and find them. It seems to me they must know a boat is coming ahead of time, making it possible to locate so many of them when otherwise it would be close to impossible to do so.

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