James Foley Murder: The Deadly Combination of Nonwhite Immigration and Pro-Israeli Foreign Policy

The brutal murder of American journalist James Foley is the direct result of the West’s insane twin policies of allowing mass immigration into white countries combined with blatantly pro-Israeli foreign policies—the latter of which has served to incite the Muslim world into a paroxysm of hate against Europeans.


Controlled media reports have described Foley’s murderer as “British” and as “speaking with a London accent.” In reality, the murderer’s voice speaks with what is known as a “Jafaican” accent—a mix of English, Bangladeshi, and West Indian (Jamaican) accents.

This “accent” has already replaced the traditional “cockney” accent of East London after massive nonwhite immigration ethnically cleansed that area of white British people.

There are thousands of young Muslims, first or second generation, living in Britain who are either sympathetic to the aims of the Islamic State (IS, or as it was previously known, ISIS) and some estimates say that fully one-fifth of the more than 2,000 estimated “foreign fighters” currently in Iraq and Syria are “from Britain.”

Furthermore, it is claimed, hundreds of these now militarily-trained Muslims are already back in Britain, ready to pursue their jihad in Europe.

Messages written on Twitter by the so-called “British” jihadists before the release of the Foley murder video showed that many had prior knowledge of the killing.  For example, Reyaad Khan, 20, a former college student from Cardiff, Wales, who has been in Syria for several months, tweeted in advance a picture of Foley’s severed head.

Nasser Muthana, 20, who travelled to Syria with Khan and his younger brother Aseel, 17, also tweeted comments about the murder, mocking Americans in general.

One active Twitter account holder is London-born IS recruit Khadijah Dare tweeted a picture of her and her “Swedish” husband along with a message saying that “I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist![sic]”

Khadijah Dare with her so-called “Swedish” husband, IS fighter Abu Bakr.
Khadijah Dare with her so-called “Swedish” husband, IS fighter Abu Bakr.

Western liberalism has therefore, through its open borders immigration policy, encouraged and allowed millions of Third Worlders to pour into previously European nations in the name of “equality.”

Now, these same liberals are facing the consequences of their own actions: the fact that these transplanted Third Worlders have not miraculously transformed into dark-skinned versions of Europeans, but have largely remained Third World in attitude, behavior, and actions.

To make this situation even worse, the strict control by the Jewish lobby of the US and UK governments in particular, have created the situation whereby those nations have unconditionally supported the state of Israel (even though that nation has immigration policies diametrically opposed to the same ones that the US and UK have).

This unconditional support for Israel has served to incite the entire Muslim world against Americans and British people—by definition, white people—who they, correctly, perceive as supporting the murderous, racist, ethnic-cleansing activities of the Jews-only state.

The insanity of the situation is such that now, having taken part in the mass murder of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, having backed Islamist fanatics in Syria (only because the Syrian government is an enemy of Israel), and having backed the Jews-only state while it murders Palestinians left right and center, these same western governments have encouraged these now-thoroughly radicalized and western–hating Muslims to move to Europe and America as “refugees.”

It is, as Enoch Powell once said, like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

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  1. It is amazing that millions of us white people throughout Europe and the USA work hard and pay taxes all our life’s towards a system that treats us like second class citizens and is actively working towards our destruction. Oh how I would love to see Tony Blair etc in those videos.

  2. I am old enough to remember that before 1950 no one in my country or the USA had ever heard of an Islamic Muslim Fundamentalist Terrorist. In fact back then the only Muslim I knew about was Aladdin, and he featured only in story books for children. This situation changed when we in the west allowed that parasitic tribe of chosenites, the Jews to steal Arab land and assisted them in murdering and torturing Arab women and children. We would have fewer Muslims living in our nations if the Jews did not force them out of their homes in the middle-east. Those I have spoken too would be very happy to return provided the Jews left them alone.

    The solution is simple. Stop all foreign aid to the parasitic state of Israel. Remove all Jews from Israel and place them in Madagascar, after all Jews love diversity and Madagascar would give them all the diversity they need. Make the Jews work rather than get others to work for them. Return Palestine to the Arabs and expatriate all Muslims back to a “Jew-free” Middle East.

    And for the Jews and all their western collaborators I have a Biblical prophecy – As ye sow so shall ye reap!!

    1. quote: “And for the Jews and all their western collaborators I have a Biblical prophecy – As ye sow so shall ye reap!!”
      Coudn`t agree more….Let`s hope we don`t have to wait too long.

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