January–August 2018: 406,000 Nonwhite Invader-Refugees Have Demanded Europeans Give them Food and Money

The nonwhite invasion of Europe continues without pause, and in the first eight months of 2018, just over 406,000 “applications for international protection”—that is, demands for food, money, and shelter—were lodged by fake refugees in the European Union, new figures show.

According to the latest “asylum statistics” issued by the EU’s European Asylum Office (EASO), just above 48,000 “applications for international protection” were lodged in EU during August, bringing the total for the year to date to 406,000.

Applications lodged by “self-claimed unaccompanied minors (UAMs)” accounted for about three percent of the August total, and a third of these UAMs originated from just two countries: Afghanistan (18 percent) and Pakistan (13 percent), the EASO figures revealed.

“The highest concentration of self-claimed UAMs, however, continued to be among applicants from Vietnam (13 percent of all Vietnamese applicants claimed to be UAMs), followed by those from Eritrea, Ethiopia and The Gambia (9 percent each).

The main countries of origin of applicants in August were Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran.

Overall, Syrians lodged fewer applications (-15 %), whereas Iraqis lodged more applications (+12 %) than during the previous month.

Turkish nationals continued to be one the largest groups of applicants in the EU. Iranians lodged increasing numbers of applications (+ 19 percent) for the third consecutive month, reaching the highest level so far in 2018.

Significantly, there has been a fall in applications during August by Nigerians (-453, -21 percent) and Eritreans (-346, -20 percent), with both groups lodging “fewer applications than at any other point so far this year.” This decline is likely due to the new Italian government’s refusal to allow the leftist fake charity invader taxi service ships to operate as before.

At the same time, the EASO statement said, EU countries issued 43,725 “decisions at first instance in August,” about a thousand more than in July.

Most of the decisions continued to be issued to applicants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan. In fact, two fifths of all first-instance decisions related to citizens from these five countries of origin. Of these citizenships, all but Pakistanis were issued more decisions in August compared to July.

The overall EU recognition rate for decisions issued between March and August was 33 percent, down from 35 percent in the previous semester. More or less two thirds of all positive decisions granted refugee status, with the remainder granting subsidiary protection.

Among citizenships with the most decisions, the highest recognition rates in the past six months were for nationals of Syria (85 percent), Yemen (83 percent), Eritrea (82 percent) and Palestine (73 percent).

At the end of August, there were 378,490 applications awaiting a decision in first instance. However, Eurostat data relating to the first four months of 2018 suggest that the overall number of cases pending at all instances in EU countries has been at least double the number of cases pending at first instance.

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  1. How I hate the appalling misuse of that word ‘protection’ in this context.

    It’s not up to western states to ‘protect’ anyone – let alone an alien.

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