Japan Accepts 0.25% of Fake Refugees

Japan has accepted just 28 out of 10,901 Third World scroungers pretending to be refugees, according to figures published by that country’s Ministry of Justice.

The applications came from 79 countries, with Indonesia topping the list with 1,829, followed by Nepal (1,451), the Philippines (1,412), and Turkey (1,143).

The 28 con artists who managed to persuade the usually wily Japanese that they were “refugees” instead of the fakers that they are, came from Afghanistan (7), Ethiopia (4), Eritrea (3), and Bangladesh (2).

In reality, none of these countries’ nationals are in any need of asylum.

In Afghanistan, large parts of that state are not under Taliban rule, and even gullible nations like Germany are deporting fake asylum seekers back to that country.

The same goes for Ethiopia and Eritrea, and Bangladesh of course has no “war” at all. It therefore remains a mystery how even the 28 “recognized asylum seekers” have managed to con their way into getting the Japanese to grant them refugee status.

In addition to the 28 invaders granted “refugee” status, the Japanese government also allowed a further 97 fakers to stay on “humanitarian grounds,” although they were not recognized as refugees.

The number of Third World scroungers trying their luck in Japan rose 44 percent in 2016 compared to 2105, when 7,586 invaders applied for asylum. Of that number, the Japanese government only accepted 27 as “genuine,” that is, 0.4 percent of the total.

Japan’s Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act states that anybody seeking asylum should “come directly from a territory where [their] life, physical security or physical freedom were threatened.”

This sensible provision prevents the large mass of swindlers and cheats, who have crossed dozens of safe countries to reach Japan, from applying for asylum.

This rule is in marked contrast to Europe and America, which take any Third Worlders from anywhere who just claims to be an asylum seeker, even if they come from territories in which they are under no threat at all.

After an “asylum seeker” is rejected in Japan, they are usually detained and deported back to their country of origin without further ado. It is estimated that Japan has a foreign-born resident population of less than 1.4 percent.

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  1. It’s all down to political correctness and the ridiculous fantasies of us all living happily together in a multicultural paradise (except for the minor detail that it’s proven to be unworkable). The “refugees” are virtually all from the Muslim world or black Africa, so to criticise them is to be racist or Islamophobic. Were they Christians, or white Zimbabwean farmers escaping Mugab’s thugs, there would be no demonstrations, or liberals and Democrats screaming to let them in.

    Countries like Japan or Russia which have no political correctness or policies of multiculturalism have no problem in saying “No. We don’t want you or need you and you’re not getting in. Try to enter illegally and see what happens.” It’s called looking after your own people.

  2. Don’t do it Japan!!

    Once you allow the thin end of the wedge into your country the lefties will force the doors wide open & the 3rd world will flood your country & obliterate your culture.

    Do not weaken!

  3. Another point is that even those ‘successful’ swindlers cannot and do not claim a single penny out of the Japanese in ‘social security’.

  4. Interesting how after a meeting of Abe and Merkel last week they have begun taking “refugees” , Big mistake Japan, you will never be able to say no after this .

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